Magnolia flowers at dusk following a short spring

Magnolia flowersfilmed in Lincolnshire, England

75 thoughts on “Magnolia flowers at dusk following a short spring

  1. Magnolia flower is beautiful. Too bad they did not bloom as long this spring. Thank you for capturing the blooms and sharing

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  5. So sweet and beautiful video dear Nessy!!Maybe you are so sensitive!!!Magnolias symbolise
    two precious goods that are rare today dignity and nobility!!Ancient China all for women?(lol)
    Also very nice music!!Warm greetings, Leftis

  6. Beautiful flowers! We had a long winter here too this year and things are just now starting to warm up. Have a nice week 🙂

  7. My favourite jewellery brand is called magnolia. The owner was driving past a magnolia field and did it was the most beautiful thing she ever seen.

  8. Beauty is ephemeral…
    Thank you for your visit on my channel! I'm here to support you! 👍 I already pushed the red button! Thanks for sharing… full watched! Hope we'll stay connected 🙂

  9. WOW!!!! So pretty! I've filmed blossoms before. You are SO CLOSE to 1,000 subs. I'm sure you will make it this week. Congrats, my friend. 🙂

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  12. The flowers are big and pretty. 999, you are almost there for 1000. Someone clicks the red button please.

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  14. Congratulations my friend ! I am really happy that you made 1K, I was waiting for this day for you. Take care. All the blessings! <3 xxxx 🙂

  15. Oh man… those flowers are beautiful! I need some of them in my garden! Stopping by to show your channel some love!

  16. I love Magnolia flowers. I have a small tree in my garden. Nearly all of the flowers gone when I arrived back 🙁

  17. With such a short life you were lucky to have been there for the beauty and you have it on video to boot. Very nice Ms Nessy… Yeah!… you reached a milestone , congrats on 1000 you deserve it my dear friend!!

  18. WOW … GREAT my dear Nessy, thanks so much for this fantastic video …
    Greetings ans sub from Switzerland, Hans-Peter

  19. Hi Nessy, are these Magnolia flowers traditional spring flowers? I just started to learn a tiny bit about spring flowers, thanks for my mom. She showed me her spring flowers the other day. They are still going strong, but she mentioned that they don`t last too long beyond the spring. She also mentioned that the the same flowers will bloom again next year (without having to plant new ones). My mom`s spring flowers are a combination of yellow, orange and red – mostly orange, if I recalled correctly.

  20. Beautiful magnolia flowers, Nessy. Lovely share my friend. Watched in full and liked #64. Lotsa hugs, Rosie 🌹🌹🌹

  21. Thank you for supporting me and I am supporting you too. Beautiful flowers! Our magnolias are just starting to bloom now too in Western Tennessee.

  22. The splendour of nature and beautiful music!!  Thanks so much for sharing these happy moments. With love from Canada, Evy

  23. Какой красивый цветок я такой не видела раньше. Такие нежные. 🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼

  24. Beautiful flowers! I came by to see if you had a new video out, which you didn't, but I realized I hadn't seen this one yet. Glad I checked it out! 🙂

  25. Hey… you should know that I have been a subscriber of yours for quite a long time now, including today but when I sat down just now it said I was not subscribed. I just wanted to let you know that. Additionally it seems like you gained 6 today (since this afternoon) So congratulations on that!

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