Lovers In Bloom | 무궁화 꽃이 피었습니다 EP.7 [SUB : ENG,CHN,IND / 2017.06.13]

How may we help you, sir? Who was it? Who brought my son here in handcuffs? Who? I did, sir. You? Dad! Be quiet. Zip it and stay put. Get on your knees right now. Pardon? Get on your knees and apologize to my son. He has scrapes and bruises because you used excessive force. Yet you call yourself a police officer? At the time of the arrest, Hyeonsu was… Now, now. Please calm down, sir. Are you in charge here? Senior Inspector Lee Gyoseok, don’t you train your squad properly? Your rudeness isn’t appreciated here. Who are you? Do you know who I am? I’m a lawyer at Korea Law Firm. So you’re not here as Park Hyeonsu’s guardian? What? I’m here as a citizen of Korea, okay? What’s with all of you? You’re not the police. You’re thugs. Were you given public authority to do this? You’re one big mess, aren’t you? That’s uncalled for. Hey, shut it. Never mind that. You get on your knees right now. I can’t do that. You can’t? I’m giving you a chance to apologize but you can’t do it? You need to be taught a lesson, don’t you? I swear on my honor I didn’t use excessive force. Your honor? Give me a break. How dare you lie to my face? I’m telling you the truth. Excuse me? How dare you? Don’t do anything you’ll regret. If you keep this up, it’ll be obstruction of justice. Listen, I’m a lawyer. Don’t lecture me on the law. Then you must know that while you can file a complaint, you can be charged with disorderly conduct if you take it too far. What did you say, punk? And that would be defamation. Twerp… I can assure you we didn’t use excessive force, so please go. Fine. Okay. I’ll start with her and teach all of you a lesson, so mark my words. Officer Choi, open the door so he can go. Yes, sir. Let me reiterate. I won’t sit back, so brace yourselves! What mayhem. What mayhem. Don’t get caught up and start your duties. That was uncalled for. Officer Mu, are you okay? No. Officer Mu, patrol. We’re off. Take it easy. We’re off. Good grief. I have a bad feeling about this. Very bad feeling. (Episode 7) – Wait up. / – Careful or you’ll hurt yourself. 3 rules when on foot patrol. Walk slowly, smile and approach, and engage citizens. Do it right. Yes, sir. Ma’am, let me help you. Oh my. How nice of you. Oh, wow. Thank you. 1, 2, 3. I was thirsty. Thank you. Things like that happen all the time. Right. Probably wasn’t what you imagined being a cop was like. Dealing with drunkards every night and towing illegally parked cars during the day… Being a cop seemed pathetic and dull. But you no longer feel that way? It was exhilarating when we caught the motorcycle thieves. I felt like I’d become a real cop. My heart was pounding so hard that I thought it’d explode. But getting this was better. When the kids gave us this. It was way better than getting a violent offender. I felt a surge of something very warm here. I was so happy I wanted to dance. It was the first time I felt that way. At first, I thought you were overly fussy. It didn’t seem necessary. You annoyed me. I annoyed you? But the kids thanked us. How crazy is that? I don’t think I would’ve done it even if I were grateful. They were truly remorseful and we accepted their apology. And so it was a happy ending. I know how scary these things can be at their age. They were brave and shouldn’t have gotten hurt. But that father ruined everything. Again, you’re going overboard. The nurse will be here soon, so I’ll go placate Grandma, and I’ll give this to Haechan. It’s so sweet. Grandma, Dad got this yesterday for you. Here you go. It’s very sweet and tasty. Here. Ah. Just leave it here instead of pestering me. I’m sorry about yesterday. But please stop saying such things too. What did I say? Implying I don’t earn my keep. There’s so much I do around here. It must look like I sit around doing nothing. I didn’t mean anything by it. What about you? You always say you raised Taejin on your back. Excuse me? But that’s the truth, Grandma. I cooked, did the laundry, and was practically his mom. You didn’t cook or do the laundry. I did all that. All you did was put on flashy makeup and chase boys. Grandma, should we gather our relatives and ask? Saying we’re the head family of our household, you drove me like a maid. A maid? What did I make you do? The dishes! I had to do the heaps of dishes after every ancestral rite. You had to earn your keep. Fine, okay. Grandma, the nurse will be here soon, so don’t stay angry, okay? Be nice and gentle, okay? Is this a blind date? It’s very hard to find in live-in nurses. Oh, my. She must be here. Welcome. Thank you for coming. Sure. Come with me. I’ll show you around. Yes, hello? What? You want me back as a security guard? I heard you saved Chairman Jin. So you want me to work there again? That’s what Chairman Jin wants. Forget about it. That Chairman Jin fellow isn’t my type. Okay. O Lord, did I really shoot this masterpiece? You crazy fool. How could I work for you if I weren’t crazy? You told me to go crazy. It came out well. Good job. I fell for such compliments and have been your lackey for years. You cheeky sod. I don’t care for your tone. Hello, Bora. Bora, we love the strawberry jam. I’ll be right there. This will be even better with music. Wow. I’m excited. You should’ve gone into acting. The camera loves you. I hear that a lot. Oh. We’ve been asked to do a magazine shoot. Would you be interested? Well… It’ll be nice to make money. We can’t pay you a lot. It’s okay. That client of yours… He’s not causing any more trouble? No. Although I don’t know why he changed his mind. Well… He must be grateful you were willing to do the work even if you sustained losses. But he’s not the type to do that. I don’t know then. What’s this nice smell? Oh. I smell cinnamon… Wow. This smells amazing. What kind of pie is this? American pie? No. It’s apple pie. The movie made quite an impression on me. All men think about are things like that. Will you bring that over so I can take pictures of it? Okay. Ow, it’s hot. Oh, no. Are you okay? – Come here. / – Okay. Oh, no. Here, here. – Are you okay? / – Yes, I’m fine. I’m sorry. I forgot to tell you to wear oven mitts. It’s not some random ointment, right? This is specifically for burns. My hands are always suffering as I work with knives and fire everyday. Cooking is more dangerous than I thought. My mom cooks for me and yet it never occurred to me. So thank her whenever you eat. I will. Burglary reported. Suspect on the run with $500 of stolen cash. No, no, no. They’re still radioing it in. He’s fleeing toward Gangbyeonbuk-ro. Suspect is in a white T-shirt and jeans with dyed blond hair. Hey, this is more important. You should tend to this case first. What’s keeping you? Yes, sir. No, no. Down here. Change the patrol car number. Geez. No, no, no. You don’t do it yourself. Use the command number to issue a command. Officer Mu, you must get a unit dispatched ASAP when there’s a situation. What in the world are you doing? Good grief. Cham 2 will respond. How many on foot patrol? We have a 112 report. We need to move fast to catch a motorcycle. What happened? I’m sorry, sir. Chamsuri Station, please check vehicle registration. Good grief. The patrol car dispatch is all messed up. Issue the command properly. Yes, ma’am. – We’re off. / – Okay. Officer Mu, hang in there. We’re off. Take it easy. Be safe. Wow. You’re always so courteous. I’m sorry, sir. My goodness. Why are you sorry? It was a compliment, a compliment. Officer Mu, come with me. Pull yourself together. I’m sorry, sir. Why are you so distracted? You’re nervous and bumbling because you don’t have situation duty down 100%! How long have you been on the job? I’m in my second month, sir. So why don’t you still know the area layout? I’m sorry, sir. Why? Is it because of what happened earlier? So you must’ve used excessive force. No, I didn’t, sir. Then stop making mistakes worrying over useless things. Yes, sir. Yeah. Why worry prematurely? I didn’t do anything wrong. Wow. So tasty and sweet. Nothing beats instant coffee. 2, 2, 2. Of course. 2 teaspoons each of coffee, sugar, and cream. So if you work as a housekeeper, what’ll happen with your part-time work at my store? As small as it is, shouldn’t you stay on until I find a replacement? But it’s not set in stone yet. If I get the job, I’ll buy lunch and help you out when I can. They say the richer the house, the less work there is. You’ll probably just be doing some cleaning. That would be a relief. I would do anything for money. Geez. Given my situation, I’d dance downtown in my undies if I had to. That would be quite a sight. Go ahead. I’ll come watch. Pay up and I’ll be happy to oblige. So what does the family do? I don’t know. I heard they’re very rich. But they must be picky seeing how they keep getting new help. Word is, the matriarch’s not the official wife. Why would you share such useless gossip? Whatever. Anyway, start paying me back once you begin making money. Geez. How heartless are you? I’m sorry. But I’m hard up too as the store’s always empty. Don’t blame me. Blame that wretch Oh Gyeonga. It appalls me whenever I think about her. She skinned a flea for its hide. My precious money. That wretched woman. But Ms. Oh, what are you doing? Daikon radishes are cheap. All you have to do is cut them up and season them, so why waste good money? Why’d you go to such trouble when we can’t pay you more? My goodness. It’s no trouble at all. – Did the nurse come? / – Yes. How is she? How should I know? We have to see. But there are first impressions. I thought she was fine, but you know how particular Grandma is. I hope Grandmother takes to her. Why? Is someone ill? My grandma. She fell and fractured her pelvis, so she’s bedridden. It must be tough. People don’t know how hard it is. My mom got hip surgery, so I know as I’ve been through it. Oh, really? Yes. It’s tough on the patient, and it’s also tough on the caregiver. Sounds like your grandma’s fussy. She’s rather particular. Then it’s even harder. Even the mild-mannered become testy. Here. Give it a taste. Yum. It’s good. Let’s see. Me too. Me too. I must have a knack for cooking. People say everything I make is good. Let me have another piece. It’s better than what we buy. Hello. We’re Dami Planning. Hello. We’re Dami Planning. Hello. We’re Dami Planning. Hello. We’re Dami Planning. Dami Planning will meet your expectations with anything you have us do. How did it go? It’ll be taken care of today. Good. We’re Dami Planning. Dami Planning will meet your expectations with anything you have us do. Anything? Anyone? Yes, sir. You left out “by any means necessary.” We did think about it, but we left it out as that could possibly include unsavory means. I think one must resort to whatever means necessary. You see your business cards strewn about? Pick them all up before you leave. Don’t worry. I’ll pick them all up. We’re Dami Planning. We’ll be at your service with the very best. Why are you having black bean noodles despite your stomach problems? I get indigestion when I lose money and do just fine when I make money. My organs are in sync with the ups and downs of my finances. Good grief. I picked a contractor for the shopping complex. Work will start in a few days. How much will we make off this? Not a lot. Maybe $1 million? Really? Say, does Jaehui really not cut it? Geez. They say the viper in the bed chamber is powerful. How dare you? I told you not to hit me on the head. I’m dumb enough as it is. I’ll get even stupider! Man. Bora’s smarts are useless too. Both my kids are just duds. How will I get to hold a grandchild at this rate? Is there any woman who’s not blinded by money? If there was, I’d marry her right away. Like our mother. Watch it. Were you talking about me? No, of course not. Not even remotely. Oh, we were talking about President Nam. So it’s been taken care of, right? Yes, of course. I held myself back from killing him. Mercilessly evicting a tenant… That’s my specialty. Excuse me then. What was Dohyeon’s mom like? Huh? Why are you asking me that out of the blue? Just. It might’ve been nice if Dohyeon had been showered with his birth mom’s love. My goodness. You have good hearing. Don’t mind what that idiot says. How can I not? I care about him. He’ll come to see that in time, okay? I scheduled a physical for you next week, so keep your schedule open. Why am I getting a physical all of a sudden? You need to live long so I don’t get kicked out. Who would kick you out? Good grief. Why am I so jumpy? Oh Chullae, your spring days are over. Pull yourself together. Darn it. Dad. I can’t take it. Why? What is it? The nurse called. She’s quitting. What? I must stop her before she leaves. Man… Grandmother’s so fussy. This is why a man shouldn’t live at his in-laws’. I’m walking on eggshells everyday. But who can you blame, Kang Baekho? Money’s always the culprit. Okay. Let’s make money. Let’s make money. Grandma, where’s the nurse? I let her go. Why? She does as she pleases. Why waste money on someone like that? You’re the infirmed and she’s the nurse, a professional nurse. So how could you ask her to do housework? Any nurse would’ve refused. Then she can’t work here. No one needs her. I need her. Me. No. I don’t need her. You do. You’re sick. The sick need help. How will you manage without a caregiver? I’ll just die. Why say something you don’t mean? Excuse me? Please stop, both of you! Don’t you dare talk to Grandma like that again. I’m done here. You deal with it, Dad. Why weren’t you a bit more patient? Fine. I’m sorry. I committed a mortal sin. You should take your medicine. I’ll go get water. Have I been ill for a year or even 100 days? You’re all up in arms after only a few days. They’re all useless. I’m back. Mom. Uri. You’re still up, sweet pea? Yes. I was waiting for you. Wow. No one loves me more than you. Pat me on the back. Pat, pat, pat, pat. All set? All set. This is what I live for. Did you eat? I’m hungry. What’s with the ribs? Uri said she wanted it. You did? Did you have a lot of ribs? Yes. Good job. Long time no see. Let’s say hello once in a while. Who are you? Geez. You’re pouting like a little girl. Are you sulking? Yes, I’m sulking. So what? What’s with you? I’m gloating because I’m the breadwinner. Geez. Why bring that up again? You’re so petty. You’re ashamed, aren’t you? I am. Here. Here. What’s this? For the shirt. You’ll have to compensate him or get him a new one. This is it? There’s another 0 from my heart. It’s fine. Thank you for the thought. It’s not fine. Take it. Geez. I’ll take care of it. Use that to buy food instead of skipping meals. I may not be able to help the family yet, but I do take care of myself. Take it. I know. So take even better care of yourself. Wow. Something’s bothering you these days, right? Huh? No. Why? Sure there is. You and I are twins. I can feel it on a telepathic level. It’s because you cause me grief. I’ll help out when my client pays me. Wow. I smell money. Like Mom says, slowly but surely, right? So hang in there a bit longer, okay? I’m fine. Mom’s healthy, and I have you and Uri. What would bother me? Nothing’s bothering me at all. Then I’m relieved. Hey. Taejin, Taejin. Come, come. Why are you outside? It’s awful in there right now. Grandma fired the nurse, so your sister threw a fit. It’s one big mess right now. It happens all the time. R-Right. But this time, Father lost his temper too. And at Grandma no less. Dad did? Yes. Wow. So Grandma must’ve been very upset as she’s very distressed. And think about how upset Father must be. But Huijin’s taking all this out of me, so imagine my discomfort. But if you walk away, who am I talking to? Taejin. I’m not done yet. Dad, I’m home. Oh, hi. You must be tired, so turn in. Okay. Good night, Dad. You too. Haechan, did you hear anything from Hyeonsu? About what? He didn’t even come to cram school today. Really? His mom and dad fight all the time. Anyway, Hyeonsu hates his dad. He says he’s super scary. Why? She won’t eat? She’s protesting. I’ll take it. I don’t get why she’s becoming such a baby. Did she hurt her head when she fell? Will she end up getting dementia? No, no, no, no. Um, Mom, have a little even if you don’t have an appetite. I’m all set. It’s better not to eat when my stomach’s upset. Otherwise, I can get sick. But if you don’t eat at all… Then should I make you porridge? Or is there something you’d like? Just tell me. I should die soon. Mom, will you keep saying that? Get the nurse back. Knock instead of barging in whenever you want to. I’m in no mood to be courteous. How long will it last this time? 3 days? 3 days won’t cut it. You messed with my precious son. I’m sorry. I have something to show you. Do you remember this picture? I turned you into a princess with my favorite skirt and headband. What about it? I’ll post this on all police-related social media networks. Go ahead. They’ll say I’m pretty. Then how about this? A nude picture of you. I’ll make 3 demands so you can make up for what you did. I won’t cave. Excuse me? I won’t fall for your threats anymore. I’m done with them. Do you think I’m bluffing? No, I think you’re serious, very serious. Yet you won’t do as I say? That’s why I won’t. I was kidding, but I got you, right? No, not at all. You’re scared. Think what you will. Fine, okay, little brother. Have a good day. Why do I get this terrible feeling? Revenge is my ammo. What? Ms. Mu has been sued for excessive force? And what’s the assault photo online?

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  1. I think the grandmother that's sick needs to be more….. grateful I mean some people are dieing because they couldn't afford to go to a hospital.

    ( I almost finished the episode and I'm just like why can't she just be…….. grateful like AHAHAH)

  2. How is 1 million not a lot of money? Be grateful! Some people are living off cup noodle right now!!!😡

  3. I'm into this drama, but I'm quite confused for the characters names. I know some of their names but not all. I'm sure I'll figure it out when it's about ep 30 or something

  4. The sister is actually kind of annoying me. Her brother was doing his job, I'm sorry ur son ended up helping his friend steal and got caught. Shes ugh😩 whatever it's just a drama

  5. I don't even know why I keep getting confused by the plot when I read synopsis at least 5 times, but still end up being confused when narrative changes.I only know Goonghwa & Taejin plot mostly but the substories keep throwing me off…aigoo. 😔

  6. said it last episode that kids dad is an ass he probably treats his son and wife like absolute shit why is he so mad he got off scott free his son stole something thats not his his dad needs to cash me outside how bow dat hes a complete ass his dumb dumb bubble gum blow pop headed ass

  7. Is this a melodrama because its not a melodrama without one of the 4 ahjussi and it has one of them so… yes? no idk?

  8. their mangos are good looking and tasty too ,but in our country they use formalin in all fruits and sell them with lies + china dumbps their Chinese man made food in Bangladesh 🙁 .


  10. that guy is so stubid at the beginning those are police he can't just go in and make trouble saying kneel to my son right now 😕😕😕

  11. I would of let that Lawyer touch/grab the female off icier then arrest him on the spot with the CCTV footage used against him in the court of law.

  12. This old lady is frustrating. So fussy, wants to pick at any and everything. Curses herself to die, makes everyone feels uncomfortable. Like please that's not how you live an old life.

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  15. this grandma reminds me of mine. I do love my grandma but the way she acts is just irritating, starving herself and when trying to talk with her she would always say it hurts or I want to quickly die. why don't they consider their children's feelings

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