Love Like Flower | Flower Ever After | Season 1 – EP.01 (Click CC for ENG sub)

The bread here was so good. Was it that good, Ji Won? You love anything
with a lot of calories. Let’s come here every day. I don’t think it’s a good idea.
We’ll get fat. Let’s come back after a few
months, with our friends. Fine. We are coming back later. Of course. -Do you think I’m fat now?
-No. -Really?
-Not at all. If we eat well,
it’s zero calories. You’re right. Excuse me. Do you have time tonight? What? I’ve been looking at you
for a long time… Sorry, but I have a boyfriend. Come on. Here. That is too bad. Today is my one-year-anniversary
with my boyfriend. And we’re good now. You are so cold to me. Okay, then. You must have
an amazing boyfriend. He is a 32-year-old worker, and just an average guy. Oh. An average guy. Did he prepare anything for you?
It’s your anniversary. I don’t know. I hope
he didn’t forget. Then how about I come back
when you finish, and you see me if your boyfriend
ends up forgetting? I have a lot of canned beer, and I have the season eight
of “Game of Thrones”. Wow. Yes? I’ll give it a thought. See you later. Oh gosh. I’m on my way. I’ll be there in 30 minutes. Okay. See you later. How many candles do you want? Seven. Is it an anniversary? A close friend of mine has her
anniversary with her boyfriend. Should I write their names? Well… Okay. Woong Choi, and Min Chae Go. Actually, today is also
my one-year-anniversary as well. I see. After turning 30, it gets quite
embarrassing to celebrate it. I see. So we just decided to
have some beer, and watch episode one of season
eight of “Game of Thrones”. Okay, I see. Here it is. Thank you. And this is our treat to you. Thank you. It is so pretty. I heard today’s your seventh
anniversary. Have a party. This is why I like you,
So Young. You have a good sense. That’s why you get a job
just after one try. You must be happy. You’ll get one too. Isn’t it your first day at work
tomorrow? Are you ready? Well… I’m ready. Your house is so nice and cute. How long have you two been
living together? Three years. Already? Wow. You’ve been dating seven years,
and live together. I want to have a relationship
like that. Living together
is not like dating. It’s just living. Hey, listen up. I really don’t want to live
together with you. I just really liked this house,
but the deposit was too much. That’s why I’m splitting it
with you. Okay, okay. You like this house. I… like you. Let’s say that’s why we are
living together. We’re not living together.
We’re just… in a share house. “Share house”? Let’s see… “House” means house. What does “share” mean? Forget it. Wow. It looks nice! -Just leave it there.
-I’m the one moving it. -Why? I like it here.
-I don’t. It’s not pretty. Leave it there, now. You go over there, then. Okay, fine. So, how is it living together?
Is it good? It’s fun. When are you going to stop? I’m going to keep doing it. I realized humor and mischief
come with life. I learned that patience is
needed for love. Gosh. Min Chae Go. Give me some toilet paper. I realized that humans are
social beings that need to help each other. What are you talking about?
I’m not following. She always uses difficult words. I can’t understand her
sometimes. What I mean is, I’m surprised that we haven’t
broken up yet. I know you like it, though. Then, are you two going
to get married? People keep saying that. I hear it a lot these days. I think it’s too early to get
married at 27. So what? You guys dated
for a long time. I guess I’m having a hard time
getting a job. Woong, should I just get
married to you? Marry? Isn’t that you can
expect from a rich man? I don’t have money. You always talk like that. You could have said,
“I’ll be the breadwinner.” “Let’s get married.” I don’t want to get married
without a job, anyways. What about you? If Woong proposes to you,
will you get married? I haven’t thought about it much. But if I were to,
wouldn’t I marry him? So Young. Do you want a piece? No, I just ate. I’m still full. It’s your anniversary today.
Where are you going? Do we have to go somewhere? What? Then what are you doing? Do we have to do something? Are you not doing anything? We’re just going to eat
this cake you brought. And have some beer
while watching television. Oh. Are all anniversaries like this? Why? Was it someone else’s
anniversary today? (Hyun Su Yoo
HR Team Assistant Manager) Hyun Su. There will be a new employee
coming in tomorrow. Please prepare. Okay. It must be
your anniversary today. (November 20th
One-Year-Anniversary) Will you marry your girlfriend? Soon. I’ll make sure to give you
a good present for your wedding. Thank you. -You look like a hanger.
-Stop it. Why? Guys, I’ll leave here.
I’m taking a taxi. Good luck on your first day
tomorrow. -Bye, So Young.
-Later. Let’s go. -It’s cold. Let’s go in quickly.
-So cold. Your clothes aren’t warm enough.
Hold on. Let’s see… Let’s go. That day, I saw two couples. Let’s go quickly. Min Chae. What? Will you really marry me
if I ask you to? -I don’t know.
-Why did you get so upset? What do you mean? You did. What are you saying? One couple is in their mid-20s. They’ve been together
for seven years. Hey! You’re still here? Your average boyfriend didn’t
forget his anniversary. I guess you can’t meet
the other guy. Let’s stop here. Okay. Is it not funny anymore? Yes. But are we really going to just
watch “Game of Thrones”? I wished, but… I’ve changed my mind. Wow. It wasn’t easy to get. The other was a one-year couple
at the marriageable age. That day was the anniversary
of both couples. They were good couples, who knew
how to celebrate a special day. Out of these two pairs,
only one gets married. (Flower Ever After) Today is a great day for love. You might meet the one
that you have been waiting for. Are you So Young Han? Yes. Hello. Nice to meet you. I am Manager
Hyun Su Yoo. And the next day, I met him
for the first time. (Today is a great day for love.
You might meet the one.) (OST: Yoon Ddan Ddan,
Jin Ah Kwon, Ailee) (Place Sponsorship:
CommComm Bakery Cafe) (Clothing Sponsorship)

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