Loom Knit a Flower with a Flower Loom | The Flat Hat Flower by Loomahat

Hey guys today I want to show you how to
loom knit these flowers using the twelve peg Knifty knitter flower loom. It’s
pretty easy. Just grab your two strands of yarn and wrap them around the outer
peg or you can put a knot if you want. Then start counterclockwise wrapping
your yarn around the pegs. This loom is a little problematic in that the pegs do
come out so try to push them down every so often as you continue to work. I try
to leave a little space for the second row of yarn. I don’t push them all the
way down but I do leave enough space so that I can pull this bottom over two
more loops and over the top. and just keep going
around. On this last one I’ll grab it, bring it over and you can hold on to it
and this will be the first one that you loom. Just make sure that you push
your peg down so that it doesn’t go anywhere when you’re ready. In fact it
could hold it with one finger especially the first one. Okay and then just pull
from the bottom up and keep going you’re going to need to go around this loom and
do the same thing several times. I don’t care too much for counting. It’s about
six times. The best thing to do is that when you’re knitting comes here to this
border, you know you’re done with your first part of the brim of your flower,
which is this part right here. Okay so just keep going until you’ve reached
that point. Okay so now you’ve loom knitted
the first part of your brim and you see where you can see it on this edge. So
you’re going to grab this curled up part, right here, which is like the very, very
back of that brim and you’re going to bring it over. If you want this to be
thicker, like this one, just make it a little longer. Just make it so it comes
out one or two more rolls over that one, over this one. Okay
so just pull it back over to the front and find that loop and put it over your
peg. Okay and just keep going. You’re basically making a loom hat. what this is
going to be is just a flat blue hat. Just continue to do that,
putting the loops over the peg and then just make sure that you have the same
amount of loops as you do pegs. So you shouldn’t have any leftovers and by now
you should have pulled that string that was on the outer peg. You should have
pulled it loose and you could just kind of hide it in there. If or you could
leave it out and you could use it and I’ll show you how you can use that, okay.
I’m going to leave mine out and just keep going, okay. Now you’re ready to start looming again,
so grab the bottom loop over the top and over that top peg and start looming
again. You’re going to need to go around in the same way that you did at the
beginning which is until it reaches this bottom part here. You’re going to
continue to loom if you want it to be really thick like this then don’t make
this too long as you’re going around only go around the circle to get right
to that frame. If you want it to be a little puffier then you can make it
longer. You can adjust it as you want. again because I don’t like the count I
just use mine, this brim on the bottom, to tell me when to start or when to stop.
When you’ve done this with the brim, this first roll can be a little hard to do so
hold on to that top one because it’s going to be looser on the brim of hats.
That top one is always a little looser and a little harder too. So just again
push down your pegs so they don’t fly off while you’re trying to do this and
hold on to that top loop so that it doesn’t come off. Once you’ve gone
around then you’re starting again counterclockwise wrapping your yarn
around the loom. Keep doing that again until you’ve reached at least this
bottom room like rim of this loop like you did the first time to make this part
of the brim, okay. Keep going. Now once you’ve gotten back to this brim
or rim of your loom after loom knitting and you’re on your last row you could
take and I’ve already started but you take that leftover string and come
almost completely around and cut your yarn. Then put it on a yarn
needle and you’re going to start to pull your hat, which is really a your little
flower, which is really a flat hat and and start pulling it off and it starts
to gather. Sometimes you have to help them needle a little bit and just
pull it off and gather. If you wanted to do two colors, when you finish the brim
and you started looping it on the pegs, if you wanted to do the second color you
would have just cut your yarn and tie the second color and that gives you this
kind of flower. In this particular case we stayed with one flower, with one color
for our flower. Okay once you pulled it up completely off, just pull like you
would a hat. Then this is where it gets a little funny, you have to start
pulling it, okay. You need a flat surface . As you can see it starts to
create that flower. Just keep pulling and smashing and pulling and smashing and
just go around in a circle around that frame and bring it over, okay. Like I said
to squash it and it works better if you put it again on a flat surface. But
there’s your flower. You can take this extra yarn and just take it to the back
and then you could decide what you want to do with your flower from this point.
You could put a button, you can tie with your extra yarn. If you have two like
this you can use this to put it through your hat and tie it. In this particular
case I would take this and put it through my hat. Then use the yarn
needle to sew my hat, sew my flower to the little hat okay. There you go, your
little flower. See you next time.

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