Longtime Greenville flower shop closes

FOR MANY PEOPLE… “HOUSEPLANT” HAS BEEN THE GO-TO FLOWER SHOP IN GREENVILLE SINCE 1975. BUT THE OWNER FEELS IT’S TIME TO CLOSE THE DOORS. WYFF NEWS 4’S ALLYSON POWELL VISITED WITH HER… TO FIND OUT WHY. SHE’S GERMAN…WITH A LITTLE BIT OF SOUTHERN TWANG… “I can say ya’ll ” Clip 14 KAREN PURVIS MOVED TO AMERICA IN HER EARLY TWENTIES… AND BROUGHT A LITTLE BIT OF EUROPE WITH HER… ” I started the Houseplant in 1975″ “I missed those beautiful European flower shops and at that time, there maybe was one nursery for outdoor plants in Greenville” Clip 14 SHE HAS HAD A LOVE OF FLOWERS SINCE CHILDHOOD. BECAUSE OF THAT…SHE TAUGHT HERSELF HOW TO MAKE ARRANGEMENTS. GATHERING INSPIRATION FROM ALL AROUND HER. “think about the colors you see outside, blue blue sky and orange and red and yellow I mean nobody does it better than mother nature.” Clip 14 “Karen’s been making arrangements like this one for almost 4 decades, that’s what made the decision to close the store, so difficult.” LIL GLENN IS A LIFELONG CUSTOMER OF HOUSEPLANT… SHE SAYS SHE’S NOT SURE WHAT SHE’LL DO. “She is truly an artist and it comes through in her shop, In the houseplant, in every facet of it and it’s what we’ll miss. ” Clip 65 “I’m sad but there’s a point in your life where you say this is the point where I want to move on and do something different” Clip 14 KAREN SAYS CLIENTS LIKE LIL, ARE WHAT MAKE SAYING GOODBYE SO HARD… AND FOR THEM, SHE HAS ONE LAST MESSAGE… “Goodbye in German..what is that? Goodbye.. “Clip 14 ALLYSON POWELL, WYFF NEWS 4 IN GREENVILLE. KAREN SAYS SHE PLANS TO BUILD A HOUSE IN THE MOUNTAINS AND TRAVEL AFTER RETIREMENT. AND WHILE SHE HASN’T SET AN EXACT

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