Hello all friends, How are you doing? We meet again and today is Sunday and we are all home. Therefore, this evening I want to cook 2 dishes Cambodian lime soup with lobster tail and either fry or grill beef ribs. My sister went shopping for the meat I am now pulling out this lobster tail I bought a big box from Costco. Inside there are a lot of lobster tail I don’t know how many, it will depend on the weight. The box contains 5 lbs costing at $116 USD. That’s how it looks like when you open it up. They are frozen. I just take out what I need let it defrost then use it. I want to use it to make lime soup allow it to defrost to make it easy to handle. The total amount of tails will vary depending on each lobster tail weight. I can go get it fresh but sometime it is a hassle to go out and get it fresh especially when I have 2 small kids. Carry them left and right and I don’t have much time either. So I buy these frozen ones and keep in the freezer it’s ready available when I want to eat it. I took out 5 lobster tails. I want cut it into chunks and make a soup out of it. Have some soup to slurp. Got the lobster tail now I’m going to gather
more ingredients from my garden. I got some lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, and the Thai basil. These lemongrass were planted last year Recently, I asked my Mom to help
me make lemongrass paste so she cut off a lot of it. Then she covered them in soil and they start to grow out again. It was too clumped up so it was not as healthy. She said I have to use it or dig some out to make room then the stalk will grow more and bigger. She saved some to make it easier for me to use. Actually, this much here is plenty for my family. I have to make lemongrass paste
in order to keep them longer. I got 4 stalks. I think that’s enough. Now I’m going to pluck some kaffir leaves. I heard that the old leaves are more fragrant. Lemongrass and kaffir leaves. Now let’s pick some Thai basil. This year my Thai basil
is growing better than last year. Last year it grew very short and stump. This year the stem and the leaves are bigger. I try to cut off the stems that are flowering. In my area they die in the winter so I have to plant it again every year. Now I want to pick some chili peppers. I have some frozen already because every year I get a good chili harvest to keep and eat into the following year but since I am outside already I might as well pick some fresh ones. Got some green ones too. Herbs and other ingredients put it together and it’s enough for a soup. Actually, today Nov. 2nd, is the day they officially allowed people who wants to go crabbing for Dungeness crab. It’s the season opening day. Therefore, there’s a lot of people out crabbing today. My brother asked us to go too but since we didn’t plant ahead I did not go. I am craving for some crab but check this out… I was cooking yesterday and open up a jar and got a cut. So I can’t eat crab since I cannot crack it. Wearing gloves to do it is not the same. That’s why we decided to just eat soup instead. Next week once it heel, then will have crabs. It’s not that painful but since it’s freshly cut, it stings. I don’t want any infections either. Might as wait, since I able to. Hello again all friends, Yesterday I started vlogging on making my lobster tail soup but in the evening my sibling invited us for dinner so I did not have to be in my kitchen to cook. Now I’m doing so today. This is the meat that I mentioned my sister went to get. It’s short ribs. I bought it from Costco. 4. 6 lbs almost 5 lbs $7 USD per pound so it’s $33 USD for this package. My lobster tails are completely defrost making this easier. No need to soak it in water. Nice and dry. This is onion and green onions marinate them with the short ribs too. These are beef ribs that has been sliced width-wise. Width or length-wise, I’m not sure as my Khmer is not good. Switching the tray to the flat one so that the marinate goes in the meat nice and good. Now starting to prepare the marinade. This is Korean BBQ sauce. I use this and add some more ingredients. Add black pepper, and some salt because to us the Korean BBQ is a bit sweet. The meat looks just a little bit when still in the package But once the slices are separated, there’s a lot. Now I am going to start making lobster tail lime soup. Ingredients are galanga, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, the chilies are optional. Like always, because we have kids in the house we like to add quail eggs when making lime soup or other types of soup. Also to have some vegetables, I am adding mushrooms. Slice them like this. For the herbs,
I have Thai basil from the garden yesterday and some green onions. I also like sawtooth herb but I don’t have any today. Yesterday I was going to make it and enjoy together because those working were off. But since it didn’t happen today they went back to work my husband and my brother-in-law. We are saving some for them we just don’t get to all gather at the table so this evening will just be the girls enjoying. A viewer mentioned that they didn’t see my husband in my latest vlogs like I mentioned, lately he has been working and he’s working the evening schedule that’s why he has not been able to join us like when I took the kids out trick-or-treating. He was still at work. When the weekends comes around he assist the contractor here and there. That’s why he’s always busy. The Thai basil and onions has been chopped. I forgot to show earlier, but you also need some limes. Squeeze and reserve the juice. As for the lobster tail, to make it easier to eat I will cut it all the way down the middle with a scissor, making it easier to remove the meat then cut it into 3 pieces. Like I just said, to make eating easier I cut the shell like this then cut it in sections. Lobster tails now cut into pieces. Now I start to cook. Moments ago I squeeze the lime and reserved the juice and I still have the skin so I cut them into small pieces and use them to clean the garabage disposal. Just place them in there and turn the garbage disposal on and it will clean and also makes it smell nice. When turning on the garbage disposal use cold running water. That’s it. My water is rapidly boiling add lemongrass, galanga, and kaffir leaves. I am saving some kaffir leaves to add it at the end for a more stronger fragrance. Add some salt. Cover with a lid. The ingredients that was added earlier has released it’s flavor and aroma now add more ingredients like chicken powder, sugar, and fish sauce. I’m just eyeballing it right now just to get some flavor on the broth later I will taste and adjust accordingly. The lobster tail will add in last because they cook fast. I do not want it to be chewy. The next ingredients are the mushrooms and the quail eggs. This is just me, but the most delicious lime soup is the one with sharp flavors. Meaning, if it’s sour, it’s really on the spot and salty and spicy. If the flavors are not sharp or bland it does not go well with me I will have to season it some more. To get that sharp sour taste you have to make it a bit salty. When it’s salty, you add the lime juice it’s delicious. If it’s bland, adding the lime juice
will not make it as delicious. The mushrooms and quail eggs
has been cooking for awhile now now I am going to add the lobster tail There’s water in here that’s why I am not pouring them in. Just add them a few moments ago it turned red already. It does not take much time I’m now just waiting for it to come back to a boil then will give it a taste and turn off the heat. That’s it. It’s now boiling so I’m going to taste it. It’s a bit sweet so I’m going to add more fish sauce like said, to get that sharp sour taste the soup has to have a salty base. I want to taste the saltiness so that I can turn the heat off add the lime juice and herbs. Then consider it done. OK, all set. I can turn the heat off now. These are the reserved kaffir lime leaves. Thai basil and green onions. Last add the lime juice. Probably have to adjust later but that’s it for now. We also have a chili and fish sauce made just for dipping and use as a sauce. Now time to cook these meat. We have chose to pan fry it as it’s quick. You can also grill or BBQ it. We didn’t even add sugar but the marinade is already sweet that’s why it browns really fast. Lobster tail lime soup eaten with fish sauce, chilies and herbs These are the short ribs all cooked. Look at Eli he is hooked with a new song. Mommy, I’m here vlog Naly too. He stood still in place when he heard that song. I have some leftover short ribs so today I want to try cooking it in the air fryer. Using 400 degrees but not 27 mins Just put 5 to 10 mins and check it constantly. Once it’s nice and brown, then it’s cook. We finished the lobster tail soup and I have some papaya left in the fridge so I’m going to make some papaya salad and eat with the short ribs. Hand shred papaya tastes better than
shredding with the tool. The tool shred faster but the strands are uniform If hand shred, you get some thin and some thick strands and it taste good. It just takes more time. The papaya is shredded and ingredients to make the salad are garlic, and chilies from the garden, and some green tomatoes as vegetables too I have some lemons in the fridge so I use it Lemons to me taste a bit sweet. Sweeter than limes. This is crab paste. As for the salted crab, I like this brand. It’s good. I also have fish sauce and sugar. A big plate is now done. Does it look good? I’m salivating just looking at it. Now I’m starting to enjoy my lunch. After trying this in the Air Fryer it is much better than frying in the pan. First, it does not burn as much, second, it does not smoke or smell much in the house. If you want to try I recommend the air fryer and not on the pan. Papaya salad with salted crab. 10 chilies and green tomatoes from the garden. Good? I’ve shared my recipe for this already if you are interested, check it out in my channel. I’m going to have some now. See what’s in my hand? This is a cherimoya fruit that I planted. It’s the first and only fruit in this year. Yesterday I came outside to check my plants and saw this one on the ground. Right there. When I saw it, OMG! I was instantly depressed. So very sad. I’ve asked around in Facebook gardening group to find out if I can ripen it on the counter so now I am going to try that. Maybe because it’s the first and only fruit that’s why it dropped? Here is where the stem is. There are no animal marks and this part still looks good. It fell all the sudden not sure if it was heavy or because the change in weather or what. If any viewer friends have experience and encounter such problems please let me know what I did wrong to cause it to drop prematurely. But I am also happy to get to this point I didn’t even think it would fruit at all I am hoping next year where I can apply my experience I learned this year. Yesterday I came out and try to learn how to pollinate my passion fruit flowers to try and get it to fruit There’s a lot of flower but most does not set fruit and after watching Youtube it looks easy to pollinate more so than pollinating cherimoya because there is no need to wait
for gender change on a passion flower. They said to use this flap that is by my thumb and rub it against these top things. The issue now is that this flower does not have pollen. It suppose to have yellow pollen right here. Now I have to get pollen from a different flower. This one where my hand is I hand pollinate yesterday. It’s easy to remember as this is close to the fruit Let’s see if my hand pollinate is successful. I saw another flower but it’s the same it does not have any pollen not sure why, or maybe it’s not mature yet to produce pollen. I have to continue looking. Now I saw another flower I pick it off to check and see and I notice there’s some pollen on there. They are tiny, you can hardly see. You have to touch and rub it. I rubbed it on my black sweater so you can all see it. It’s of yellow color. I have to use that pollen to rub it. I cannot show you right now as I am holding the camera in one hand. OK, I’ve hand pollinated 4-5 flowers Will see in the next few days if there’s any signs that it will bear fruit. Now let’s turn to my Mandarin oranges that I planted I saw the color change at a glance. It’s now grown this much. Here’s the variety. OK, I’m going to end this vlog here for now. Also this month is November and it’s Naly’s birth month I am going to share with you some of Naly’s videos captured when she was younger See you in the next episode. Thank you for watching. Bye-bye.


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