Live In The D: Show your love on Valentine’s Day with Viviano Flower Shops

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and if you still haven’t found that special gift to show that person in your life how much they mean to you there is still time our friends at Viviano flower shops can help you find the perfect one angela by tarik and sara coma sara are back with an amazing display of beautiful items flowers and gifts that you’ll find at Viviano flower shops first of all this display is amazing I was like can they redo this at my house it’s beautiful it’s beautiful so take us through what you’ve brought in well fantastic thanks so much for having us here today we have brought a variety of items so we’ve got something cute and little in this cute pink face with the little heart on there it’s fantastic little orchid plants something perfect for your desk or just a little foil a piece and of course one of our big showstoppers this is sweet dreams these are giveaway you can see it’s got the best flowers in her hydrangea rad roses lilies they’re not quite open yet but they’re gonna continue to keep opening as you bring them home and that’s perfect because once you get this as a gift it’s like the gift that keeps on givin because the flowers will bloom 100% I love it I also got the classic dozen red roses here with an upgraded beautiful vase and you can see on the other side there we’ve got so many different price points for loose bouquets if you’ve got enough faces at home no problem we’ve got a fabulous array of loose bouquets for you alright so here’s another question for you guys a lot of people get engaged on Valentine’s Day do you guys help with this well we have a full-service wedding and events sales team and all of our associates will help you plan your wedding from start to finish we can help with all of the decor with the florals the personal flowers the centerpieces whatever you need we’d love to provide a custom look for you and we take appointments at three of our different three out of our five locations for wedding so okay yes definitely come see us so let’s talk price points because you mentioned that you’ve got something for everyone you shouldn’t be intimidated right exactly so I always say keep in mind that we do have a whatever price point you’re trying to work around for Valentine’s Day please don’t be intimidated we have something for everyone we have bouquets that are right around the ten dollar price mark and some other things like you can come in and get some chocolates or some candles or different gifts art our shops are also shops as well so we have lots of different gifts that tailored to the unique styles and personalities of anyone on your list and and that was another thing that we wanted to touch on is Valentine’s Day is not just about the sweetheart in your life it’s about someone special that you’re thinking of whether it be your grandma or your neighbor or your child just make somebody feel special by doing something thoughtful for them I love that idea so how late keep people place orders for Valentine’s Day well we want you to call as soon as possible you can call it right now we have so many people standing by ready to take your phone like the hotline goodie all of our stores are well staffed and ready to take you as you’re walking in the store as well though of course the sooner the better we always are taking phone calls tomorrow we open at 7:30 a.m. so we are ready and prepared for this holiday okay and what time are you open until both of us all of our so we have five branch locations and they’re all open until 7 p.m. tonight so and we’re also yes and tomorrow as well and we are in also in Shelby Township and events and jokes too in addition to our 5 stores all right there you go to find the Viviano flower shop nearest you or to shop from home yo you can place our order online visit their website Viviano dot-com the most beautiful flowers they last forever you guys I love when I have these thank you so much

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