lily-rose depp makeup transformation tutorial 2019!

hey it’s Jackie and welcome back to my
channel for today’s tutorial we’re doing another celebrity recreation and I am so
obsessed with French American Beauty Lily Rose step about a year ago I think
I did this recreation of her Met Gala look it was very bold and girly and you
guys seemed to really like it so I thought I would do an updated look that
she recently wore I mean Lily Rose death looks like a straight-up
princess and it was really fun to try to get this look down so if you enjoy it
make sure you give it a big thumbs up and subscribe and without like you know
all the bling-bling all of this I got off Amazon by the way um I think it’s
pretty wearable for either upcoming holiday parties or fall if you like to
wear a bold eye and leave me a comment down below your favorite celebrity is
for beauty inspiration I definitely look to Lily Rose debt
because we both have a point around face shape so it’s nice to see what her
makeup artist does and then I definitely grab some of those tips and tricks and
yeah you guys commenting your fav clubs will definitely give me more info for
videos and let’s get started with this look the first product I’m using to prep
my skin is the L’Oreal serum I did a promo for this tutorial over on
Instagram that was sponsored by L’Oreal skin and I have been reaching for this a
ton it has 1.5 hyaluronic acid which sounds really scary like the acid part
but it is great for the skin and it keeps you hydrated it’s also anti-aging
and while my skin looks pretty young still my forehead totally has fine line
so I like to use anti-aging products to lessen that look and another L’Oreal
product I’m using is the True Match Lumi foundation this foundation I think I
used all of 2017 it’s still one of my favorites I think my top foundations are
L’Oreal Lumi Revlon Colorstay definitely benefit hello happy on the
list and then high-end probably Charlotte Tilbury light wonder they’re
all light to medium coverage so that’s the type of foundation that I like most
and to make any foundation look even more natural you can take the serum and
add some drops in and it’ll be more like a tinted moisturizer when you mix it
together this is great to do for the center of
the face if you don’t need a lot of coverage because people look you in the
eyes generally so it does give the illusion of a lot less makeup for
everywhere else and then my favorite concealer is L’Oreal True Match I often
go to bright with my concealer from the whole um highlight contour trend and I
end up looking too pale so I’m keeping it pretty much in my shade and then I’ll
deepen up the surrounding skin it with bronzer and blush also you can see me
using the it cosmetics brush in pretty much every video it is pricey but I
definitely recommend it I’ve had it for years
it lasts way longer than going through several Beauty blenders and I’ve blended
the lighter shade up my forehead to make it a bit bigger like Lily I think it’s
fun doing these videos with slightly different contouring each time to suit
my different inspirations because everyone is so uniquely beautiful so
remember that your combo of features is unique to you and you don’t have to
change anything I just like this part it’s kind of a fun challenge with the
contour and cheekbone time I’m using a medium caramel toned matte powder
usually I go in with Too Faced Houla caramel but it was a bit too dark for
this Lily look so I went with this face powder from Sephora and I sculpted in a
rounded motion under my cheekbones and under the jaw line a bit down my neck
onto my shoulders there and I’m sorry I always look naked I find when I wear
colored clothes it can change the lighting a bit and it’s harder to color
correct so that’s my reasoning and that I was gonna bronze the area for a
strapless dress anyway and some nose contour I’m starting with this warmer
powder I’m creating a smaller more downturned tip shadowing between the
eyes into a thinner nose bridge and I never really use a medium tone shade to
start the contour but it looks really good with this and then the deeper
contour shade so that you don’t use too much intensity with the contour on the
first go so I’m just adding in the little divots like Lily with my feminine
quad sculpting powder and deep I need to find a true dupe for this it’s so
expensive the Kevon upon one but it is my go-to and I really can work with
anything drugstore I think most drugstore products are great quality
nowadays the only hard product for me to find is contour
shades so let me know if you have a good recommendation that I’m missing out on
and giving those rounded bold cheekbones I did a similar contour in the Blair
Waldorf tutorial I think Lily and Leighton definitely
have quite similar features and we’re getting there
I’m going pretty bold on blush and I love Milani blushes they are so
luxurious feeling without the price tag and they last forever and I love using
two blushes but with mineralized flushes you get kind of that two dimensional
look without using two products so I’m just sweeping this deeper peachy toned
blush up the cheekbones and my go to highlight is usually the Charlotte
Tilbury a beauty light wand I went with something a little less shiny I wanted
it to be a bit more subtle this time so I’m using Mac skin finish I’m gonna have
to check the shade I think it’s lightscapade and I haven’t picked this
up in a while and I just added a touch to my nose and cheek like my ends bow
I’m working with L’Oreal on Instagram over the past a couple months and I
promoted the unbelief a brow with this post you can see so here you can see
they’re super bold brows but with this look I wanted it to be a little less
intense so I just used less product and I wanted to see more skin through the
brow and instead of using the shade Burnett like I used on Instagram I’m
using the shade light Burnett this product is a very quick and easy brow
product to use you can just leave it like this or go in with a pencil – I
like the precisely my brow by benefit for those little strokes and the
unbelief of brow it does come with a spoolie to brush out by the way I just
ended up using the benefit spoolie because I was already using the pencil
and the eyeshadows are super easy you can find so many pellets with the maroon
and purpley shade I’m using mainly it so I have this kissed palette here Urban
Decay Naked Cherie Maybelline mini palette literally any price point has
these shades that I’m working with so with a deep maroon first I’m creating a
bold rounded crease shape and we’re fading into an intense v4
warning this is not going to be the most blended eye shadow look because I want
to fake that deeper set eyes so the harsher line helps get that look down
but you can blend out as much as you want for your own eye shape and again to
deepen up the eyes i’m using this deep matte purpley gray or purple brown in
the inner corner for a rounded exaggerated crease and with a little
less product on the brush I am darkening the outer V but in the softer way I tend
to make the shadow mistake of bringing it up higher than I actually want so I
love using the Loreal concealer as a makeup eraser it’s really great with a
sponge and then you can just wipe off the sponge so you don’t put excess
shadow on your face next time we’re trying to conceal but another similar
product for kind of those makeup touch-ups is anastacio pro pencil that
one is great for our shadow brow or even lipliner touch-ups as long as it’s in
your perfect shade for the lid go in with a mainly white with some gold shift
to it shadow or highlighter I used Electress a lacrosse yeah by NARS which
is one of their highlighters and bam I got brown eyes now I said I was gonna do
a giveaway with these contacts and a video a while back like obviously new
ones but they were the same pair that you see on screen but then I got some
feedback from a couple of you guys being concerned because some people do have
sensitive eyes that they might not know they have or need a prescription because
mine don’t have any prescription in them so I thought it was best not to pick a
winner for that giveaway I really didn’t think about it like that I just ordered
one pair and I got two so I thought it would be nice to give us everyone a pair
but I always appreciate your feedback because I didn’t think of that side of
it so we’ll have these contacts link below if you want to look more into them
but yeah I always send giveaway winner stuff I don’t like just randomly say it
and not do it unless it’s a company who’s actually sending it out and not me
so I’m sorry to disappoint anyone with that news but I heard your concerns and
I thought I would play it safe but anyways I’m finishing up with a bold
liner and this little step of dragging the liner in the tear duct for a sharper
shape is so smoldering I love it a little bit of mascara I went with the
lash paradise and it reminds me of the dress Lily war with the iridescent pinky
packaging and this is a dupe for the Too Faced better than sex I don’t like
wearing tons of mascara so just a couple swipes for me and the eyes are done for
lips I wanted to try the chocolate scented Loreal Pro matte liquid
lipsticks I saw Katie from hello Katie show these on her Instagram stories and
while they are not in Canada I don’t think I bought a couple when I was in
the States and I know they’re on Amazon too but basically they’re a liquid lip
that are all chocolate themed and they smell like chocolate this one’s called a
bittersweet and I find the applicator easy to use as a lip liner and it has
great staying power tapping into the lips to blend and then topping off with
a peachy nude and in the other lily-rose Depp look I
used a half Chanel makeup because she is the face of Chanel and then half
drugstore so check that out to see a bunch of really beautiful Chanel
products I literally only own those Chanel products I bought for that video
so I didn’t want to use all the same stuff again
but vote in the poll what type of makeup you buy most I have a Luxury Collection
most re most free mostly of Charlotte Tilbury but I do use drugstore and like
benefit two-faced price range probably more often and okay so this hair I don’t
know why I filmed it so sideways I’ve been in a bit of a rush when I have been
filming because I’m trying to pre film but anyway I tossed it back into a sort
of flattened to ballerina bun just using bobby pins while leaving out some curls
in a center part I fix up the girls with the bubble wand
from nume this is actually called a pearl wand I just have always always
filled in a bubble wand and this is how my version turned out I couldn’t see
pictures from the back so I just kind of went with this and I think it looks
really put together and a very princess-like
and then my fake fancy outfit is just two scarves I got off Amazon but the
color is one of my favorite colors I love pastels and it’s a pretty good
match to Lily’s dress and I really hope you enjoyed this look I hope you enjoyed this lily-rose Depp
look and if you did make sure you give it a thumbs up and subscribe as always
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those vlogs and there are lots of fun so be sure to check them out I recently
went to South Korea and Paris so there’s some really cool clocks up on there I
don’t post every week or anything just just in any exciting time and I love it
when you guys tag me in your photos on Instagram or Twitter just show me your
look that you’ve recreated as well as when you’re wearing my merch so yeah
check it out you guys look so cute and I do have a link down below to my merch as
well as all of the products used in this video and I will see you guys in my next

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