Learn #Ikebana: Yellow Spring feeling floral arrangement with Forsythia and Lisianthus

well hello and welcome to another video
of Ikebana Beautiful my name is Desiree Castelijn and I’m arranging today in
this small container. I put some kenzans in it. The kanzans I have at home. A bigger one and smaller one all together. It looks
like this. This morning I had a walk with my dogs in woods and I saw some
beautiful branches and I cut them and took them home and now I’m going to
arrange with them you will see what it becomes. So at first I pick my scissors and go to work. Beautiful color branches I love them
take some leaves off some thin branches and then I measure a little bit
for the length of the stem and then the first one goes in like this. Then the
second one. Also measuring it a little bit, so I have the good length of the
branches. Put some leaves off and here I go The second one goes in.
And flowers are still tumbling down. Here I’am. Hi-di-hi. So next branch.
I have some more here. Beautiful branches with colors in yellow. Yellow is a trendy color. Next year you will see lots of yellow in the shops and here is third
one. here it goes and then
we go further with all kind of stems I like this stems. I worked with it in another
video. Maybe you’ve seen it already maybe you would like to see it just take a
look at the other videos and then you see what I mean by that. this is frittelaria. here –
beautiful – you can’t see it so closely I put it here a little bit here I go it should be a spring feeling when you
see this arrangement you should feel spring so we put a lot of spring in it. I hope you already feel a little bit of
spring hope it’s not too boring for you because
I don’t talk that much when I arrange but you can see what I’m making
en than enjoying just a little bit while I’m making it. Today it’s a real sunny
day in Holland. Not so warm with a nice spring feeling outside. So I took my
dogs to the woods and then we saw this branch and my biggest dog. He liked the
smell of flowers so he tried to eat some flowers. I hope you like the colors because the
yellow is not what I used to arrange in. It is yellow and green. Not only yellow. It has a greenish thing in it. just another one of that beautiful
fritillaria. Take an other stem. So you can see more of that beautiful flowers. I like
them a lot this kind of flowers picking the right spot for it just pick some grasses. They real
fragile but so beautiful to arrange I can put them on a side like this and than keep watching them with their head tumbling. such a beautiful texture that’s why I
bought them because of their texture beautiful fragile texture and there you
have it and let’s see if I should complete it with something something
else so I looked at it and I think it’s not complete with another flower in it.
I’m cutting it now you will see the difference. I think I need one more flower. You can see the difference. It’s too high. I have to take so some of.
Far too high. I said that it in the other video cutting is the most difficult thing. Cutting your flowers in flower arranging. Because you dare to cut flowers. I think this
is pretty and I need one more one more of the same color
one more accent. A little bit lower. More to cut. Yes and there you have it this beautiful
spring arrangement. Enjoy it!

6 thoughts on “Learn #Ikebana: Yellow Spring feeling floral arrangement with Forsythia and Lisianthus

  1. Dear Desiree…lovely arrangement and cost saving too. But i wonder what really you used to hold the flower? It's not like a sponge, right? and it looks like steel brush to me thought. It is something something specifically for flower?

  2. Beautiful arrangement😍😍😍 Wish you said something about the baby cat we hear being tortured in the background. 🤣😂🤣 JK. Sure you probably just took in a kitten or bird.

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