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  1. Interesting to actually know the words to this lovely opera piece. The English translation seems a bit inaccurate at times however. For example "L'oiseau chante" shouldn't it be "The bird SINGS" and not "sleeps"?

  2. I just wanted to let everyone know I haven't really studied french for long and the mistakes are probably everywhere… I didn't expect it to hit over 1000 views so I'm really sorry about that!! I've decided to add captions to areas with mistakes that people have pointed out. Thank you for the help 🙂

  3. Amira's rendition has brighter overtones, which I rather like.

  4. I dedicate this to all the ladies I would love to make passionate love to the song I dedicate this to the next women I meet

  5. Dear Lily, thank you so much for including the English subtitles in this video and sharing it. I love this song. I can't even express my gratitude and appreciation for this video with French and English subtitles… a million times, thank you. I will listen again and again xoxo

  6. Hello and quite a good job for the French lyrics and translation.

    Actually, little mistakes still remaining here and there, but not big ones. Being a French native (and so speaker ^^), it seems logical to give you a hand to perfect the whole.

    The main one being the omission of a few apostrophes ("l'onde frémissante" ; "d'une main nonchalante" ; "l'oiseau chante" ; "s'empare de moi" ; "d'effroi"). You also could add the accent to A, in "À leur ville maudite" as you used it in another sentence. And also take care of the commas, many are missing changing the meaning actually as far as French is concerned. Take also notice that "dôme épais" means "thick dome" 🙂 And eventually, it isn't "ou, pres des cygnes aux ailes de neige" but "Oui, près des cygnes" (Yes, near the swans).

    The totality of the lyrics below (have you excluded the very beginning of the duet on purpose ? "Viens Mallika, les lianes en fleurs, jettent déjà leur ombre, etc…"

    From the recitative :

    Recitative #1

    Viens Mallika, les lianes en fleurs jettent déjà leur ombre
    Sur le ruisseau sacré qui coule, calme et sombre,
    Éveillé par le chant des oiseaux tapageurs !
    Oh ! Maîtresse,
    C'est l'heure où je te vois sourire,
    L'heure bénie où je puis lire
    Dans le coeur toujours fermé de Lakmé

    Aria :
    Sous le dôme épais
    Où le blanc jasmin
    À la rose s'assemble,
    Sur la rive en fleurs,
    Riant au matin
    Viens, descendons ensemble.
    Doucement, glissons ;
    De son flot charmant,
    Suivons le courant,
    Fuyant ; dans l'ombre frémissante,
    D'une main nonchalante,
    Viens, gagnons le bord
    Où la source dort.
    Et l'oiseau, l'oiseau chante.
    Sous le dôme épais,
    Sous le blanc jasmin,
    Ah ! Descendons ensemble !

    Recitative #2
    Mais, je ne sais quelle crainte subite
    S'empare de moi,
    Quand mon père va seul
    À leur ville maudite,
    Je tremble, je tremble d'effroi !
    Pour que le Dieu Ganeça le protège,
    Jusqu'à l'étang où s'ébattent joyeux
    Les cygnes aux ailes de neige,
    Allons cueillir les lotus bleus.
    Oui, près des cygnes aux ailes de neige,
    Allons cueillir les lotus bleus

    Back to the song

    And to hear a great version of the duet, have a look at the one recorded by Sabine Devieilhe & Marianne Crebassa (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C1ZL5AxmK_A) really inspiring in my opinion 🙂 Thanks for posting the karaoké.

  7. Thank you for the translation… you give a beautiful gift to strangers! May life give you back poetic jasmines and roses that beautify your life for ever!

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