KLM’s B787-10 Dreamliner: Orange Blossom, The Movie

In a world… …where we roam the skies… …something blue has arrived. Powered by engines so efficient… …it makes our mechanics weak in the knees. Seating not one, not two… …but three hundred and forty-four passengers. Offering them less noise disturbance… …lower carbon emissions… …and loads of ingenious onboard innovations. It marks the dawn of another hundred years of… …K-L-M. The newest member of the family. The 787-10. It’s big. It’s blue. It’s coming soon to an airport near you!

88 thoughts on “KLM’s B787-10 Dreamliner: Orange Blossom, The Movie

  1. Absolutely excellent! We're proud in the USA of the KLM / Boeing relationship and may they both stay together another 100 years!! 😘

  2. The 787-10 is amazing, I got the model airplane of the KLM 787-10 100 years livery. It’s great. I hope I can one day be a passenger of the KLM 787-10

  3. I am a refugee in Holland and I have a Dutch residence. I want to study at the Dutch KLM Aviation Academy. However, the aviation studies are very expensive. But since I am a refugee in the Netherlands, will the Dutch government fill in the partial tuition fees?
    After that, can I work in the Dutch aviation business after graduation?
    I have someone who has enough information to give me some information because I want to fulfill my life's dream.

  4. In a world, where the designers of KLM could not design a better livery for the very first airline to turn 100….

  5. Welcome 787-10! Hope it’s a success. BUT, farewell KLM 747!!!!! 😰😥😓😪😭 Queen Of the Skies 747, We will always love you and miss your grace, reliability, safety, and nobility every day. We will think of you when you are retired. Sniff. Waaaaah!!!!(me crying)😭

  6. Last year flied with the Boeing 777-300 to Bali. KLM is a very nice and delicious airplane company. And on the end of the flight al the passengers gets a delft blue houses.

    Thank you KLM

  7. I flew on the 787-9 in 2017 from KUL-AMS…12 hours 25 min. First time on KLM and first time on the Dreamliner. It was simply epic!!

  8. Idk why probably because i have never flighted with klm but every time i wait ten seconds after hearing “KLM” it reminds me of the tenireifee accident

  9. If it’s called ‘Orange Blossom’ you should have given it the orange nose livery like on that 777-300!

  10. Compliment to the Dutch KLM engineers, to always keeping planes safe. Especially the old combo queen birds…….. A thumbs up for them wouldn't hurt……

  11. My first time ever on a dream liner was from Amsterdam to Toronto.

    The 787 – 8 was amazing and extremely clean. I have been on airplanes my whole life. Over 50 times and KLM is always the go to.

  12. A little of 💩 on this coment as i received on my life.
    I do not recommend anyone to fly in this company. Lemur rabbits and monkeys have never had wings, with the exception of bats. Invert in caged or tortured birds, or creating discomfort and t among citizens is not good advice. Tell the truth klm … What is the basis of your financing? Can you less respect "the balance"? MEROVINGIOS 😖😠

  13. Pésimo es poco!!!
    Me marcaron un no show cuando por teléfono avisé que no iba a tomar una conexión, y en la llamada me dicen que no había problema que podía continuar después con mi viaje de regreso normal.
    Y cuando llegó la hora del viaje de vuelta me dicen que mi vuelo ha sido cancelado y por culpa de ellos pase 3 noches con mis dos hijos de 2 y 5 años durmiendo en el piso del aeropuerto de Madrid y ninguna respuesta.
    Salvo que cancelara la módica multa de 3000€ o que comprara nuevos boletos por 2200€ tarifas que me parecen absurdos!
    Llevaré esto a donde sea necesario al ministerio de transporte, Aerocivil o asociación internacional de Transporte Aéreo IATA.

    Ladrones !!!!

  14. Happy 100 years KLM!!! At this occasion I made a little film in the link below.
    Hope you enjoy and happy birthday again!

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