Kkotppang (Flower-shaped steamed buns: 꽃빵)

(chopping onion) – Hi, everybody. Today I’m going to show
you how to make kkotppang. Kkot is flowers in
Korean, so this is going to be steamed flower-shaped buns. This kkotppang is originated from China. When you go to Chinese restaurant in Korea, there is a long menu, in the menu there is always
buchu-jjapchae, and gochu-jjapchae. it’s a kind of stir-fry. Stir
fried green chili pepper, or stir-fried chives with pork, and we always order with this kkotppang. Because instead of eating with
rice, we eat it with kkotppang. So you can wrap this
in kkotppang and eat. Really pretty and fluffy! I mentioned the gochujjapchae,
buchujjapchae, but you can also eat with some dishes, something like stir-fried pork
or bulgogi. If you don’t feel like making rice, just make kkotppang. And just wrap this with kkotppang and eat. Very interesting, lets get started! Some of you guys always let me know that “oh, Maangchi I followed you steamed buns, steamed pork buns, but
buns are not rising.” I always say, ” check out your yeast. the yeast should be dissolved
in warm water not hot water.” So I’m going to really make
sure, this time, just for you guys to make really perfect temperature water. First, half a cup of water.
Let’s boil. It takes maybe a couple of minutes. So water is already boiling,
I’m going to turn off, and add one cup cold water, plus quarter cup. It’s right temperature. So this is lukewarm water,
I’m measuring 3/4 cup water. Half cup and quarter cup. Sugar one tablespoon,
and salt half teaspoon. And then stir this. And this is active dry
yeast. Two teaspoons. One, two. You see? Once I put this here, it looks like, little bubbles,
foams are created around here. It means it’s nice temperature for the yeast. (stirring) I will add two cups of flour. One, two. Then, mix. (mixing) So this dough is almost make one lump, I have to knead. Before kneading
I want to wash my hands. (water running) Now just with my clean
hands, I’m going to knead. Just for one minute. You don’t need to knead for a
long time, just one minute. Now dough ball is here,
and let it sit around one hour or one and a half hour. Check it one hour later. It has to rise to double in size. So I’ll just put it here. And there’s nothing much to do today, because I don’t need to prepare
any other stuff. All I can do is just
focusing on this making buns. So see you later! (cheery music) Let’s see! And then deflate,
and knead another minute. This time my dough is more smooth. And then cover and wait another hour. After that, we are going to
shape, and then we’re ready to cook. One hour passed! Look at this! Wow, it’s moving. Vegetable oil about two tablespoons. Let’s deflate! It kinda smells like yeast! And sprinkle some flour. And roll it out. I’ll make a large rectangle. This is my rolling pin made with marble, really, really heavy! If you guys don’t have this,
you still can use something else. What else can you use to
spread the dough like this? You can use the wine bottle! So this is around 13 inches
and this is around 14 inches. So I made 13 and 14 inches
rectangle. Let’s add vegetable oil, just
two tablespoon vegetable oil. Leave this edge around one inch, no oil. And then just
paint with oil. We still have around one
tablespoon leftover oil. And then, to make it more tasty, I will sprinkle some sugar. From this edge and pinch just a little bit like this, and roll. And here, there’s no oil so
we can pinch just easily. If oil is still there,
it’s not easy to seal. So pinch like this. This is my steamer basket. Steamer basket here. This is my cotton cloth,
I just wet my cotton cloth. So exactly in the center I’m going to
press down with my chopstick. Let’s oil this chopstick, like this. So pretty, hm? I’ll just put it here. And I will wait until these
are also rising again. It rose 40 minutes, nice! And put it here, water is boiling. Hemp cloth, because the water is boiling
and the steam going up and then the water will be dripping so
that surface of my buns is going to be ruined. 10 minutes steaming. All the preparation time takes time, but just the real cooking
time is only 10 minutes! (jazzy music) 10 minutes passed, done! Turn off. Oh my, plump, plump! Now it’s really really hot, I’m going to wait just a little bit. A few minutes, and then
just let me taste, yeah? Amazing, well well, swollen! Flower shaped buns, kkotppang.
We made kkotppang. Okay, let’s taste! Open this, unroll. Oh my, it’s like a pillow. Let me taste, okay roll again. Mmmm, this is very soft
and fluffy and also moist. This is good, really delicious! We just used only a few ingredients to make these really fluffy buns. Today we made kkotppang,
steamed flower shapped buns. You can keep this in the
freezer when it’s still fluffy just after cooling down,
and when you need it, steam it again. around 10 minutes, and then it will be
fluffy like this again. In my next video I’m going
to show you how to make something delicious that
you can eat with this, and meanwhile you just
make many, many batches and then enjoy yourself. Enjoy my recipe, see you next time. Bye~ (joyful music)

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    Maangchi, is this recipe same like mantou? Also Maangchi, I only have instant yeast. Do I still do the process to activate? I'm abit confuse between instant yeast and activate yeast. Please advice. Thank you.

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  15. Yeast is sort of fungi.
    Fungi can be dead by boiling water .
    Mix boiling water and cold water to make lukewarm water. Sugar helps yeast to be activated. Should add sugar.

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