Kees Nijeboer (De Pollen, NL) owner of an impressive colony racing pigeons

My name is Kees Nijeboer, I grew up on this agricultural business here in De Pollen. It used to be a mixed dairy/sow farm. And at the time I acquired the company to make it a complete breeding sow farm. In 2012 at the young pigeon flight Mantes de Jolie, which counted for the national department, I won the first NPO. with a pigeon of Pieter Veenstra lines. That pigeon went to Pieter Veenstra at the time, and that way I got in touch with him more and more. I bought some pigeons over there, and on his advice I also went to Bas Verkerk and Willem de Bruijn They had the best racing pigeons in The Netherlands With the crossings of those pigeons I became very successful I still reap the benefits of that until now. A lot of people from this region have pigeons of mine, and race with them. One of the better references from this area, was in 2018, from Jonny Ekkel. The best young pigeon of The Netherlands comes from two pigeons that we’re born here. I bought this cock from Pieter Veenstra and paired it to a pigeon of Bas Verkerk, which we’re going to show in a little while. And this couple runs through my loft like a read thread The offspring of these pigeons are very good. There are many descendants which race weekly top prizes in the club, department and so on. The Sola team consists of the next pigeons. This is Blauwe Baron, which raced 2 times top 10 NPO in two weeks time. And his full sister, who raced first national sector 3 Troyes against over 17000 pigeons. And her littermate De Barones was the best ace pigeon of 2016. Here we have the hen of the Sola Team, the mother of Kleine Sola, de Verkerk hen. This hen gives, together with Luan top pigeons. But also with other cocks this hen gives very good race pigeons. Ive put this hen on multiple cocks, and it really runs like a read thread through my loft. For me this is just a top pigeon. This is little Sola. She’s maybe the best that was born from the Sola Team. She won in 2017 the first national Troyes of sector 3 against more than 17000 pigeons. I immediately started breeding with her because I thought she was a very good breeding pigeon. And that has since been shown. I have multiple children of Kleine Sola in my loft at the moment. They perform really well.

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