Keeping Up With The Powerpuff Girls | Lele Pons

>>NARRATOR: Sugar. Spice. And everything nice. These were the ingredients chosen to
create the perfect little girl. But Professor Utonium accidentally added an extra ingredient to the concoction. Chemical X. Thus, The Powderpuff Girls were born! Blossom! Bubbles! And… Buttercup! Have dedicated their lives to fighting crime and the forces of evil!>>BLOSSOM: Hi. I’m Blossom.>>BUBBLES: Hi, um, I’m Bubbles.>>BUTTERCUP: What’s up? I’m Buttercup.>>BLOSSOM: I love my sisters.>>BUTTERCUP: We’re not even sisters! Why am I here?>>BUBBLES: I love flying with them…>>BUTTERCUP: It’s hard flying with these hoes.>>BLOSSOM: But, I don’t really like Buttercup that much.>>BUBBLES: I just don’t like Blossom.>>BUTTERCUP: I can not stand Bubbles! That [bleep] is dumb!>>BLOSSOM: As you all know, I’m the leader.>>BUBBLES: She thinks she’s the leader because of her bow.>>BLOSSOM: Okay.>>BUBBLES: [Bleep].>>BLOSSOM: I got this. I’m the leader!>>BUBBLES & BUTTERCUP: OH!>>CURTIS LEPORE: Oh. This [bleep] is dead! [BUBBLES & BUTTERCUP CHEERING]>>BUTTERCUP: You all don’t understand how dumb Bubbles is. You notice hoe eats her hair? You know what time Bubbles flew to the
wrong [bleep] fight. We was in Paris. This [bleep] is in Spain. She likes to help old people cross the street. She’s dumb…>>BUBBLES: You look great! And you know what? Life is so beautiful. And we should always enjoy. We shouldn’t be alone. There! So you have to look both sides…>>BLOSSOM: I really, really, think that we should kick Buttercup out of our sisterhood.>>BUTTERCUP: What she say?>>BLOSSOM: She really needs to calm down. She’s always talking about “killing [bleep].”>>BUTTERCUP: Imma kill this [bleep]!>>BLOSSOM: We have super powers. You don’t need a glock!>>BUTTERCUP: I don’t need to use my powers! I got a glock!>>BLOSSOM: She’s a little aggressive.>>GUY: Thank you!>>BUTTERCUP: Oh [bleep] no! Mother [bleep]! Didn’t I save you? Give me your wallet. Say “Thank you Buttercup.”>>GUY: Thank you Buttercup.>>BUTTERCUP: Skip you little [bleep]. SKIP MOTHER [BLEEP]! For the record..>>BUBBLES: In conclusion…>>BLOSSOM: We all know..>>BUBBLES, BUTTERCUP & BLOSSOM: I’m everybody’s favorite. [exit music]

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