Kasur Jomblo Pohon Cherry Ayunan dan Hewan Baru Cherry Blossom Festival – Durango Wild Lands

OK Welcome to the Hioz Gaming channel and this time this time, the Cherry Blossom Festival Event is back again Enter TV Enter TV hahaha event this event once appeared then what’s the difference with the old cherry event, bang? ok we just go straight Wow this all wears farmers’ clothes haha yes, at this event we were told to plant cherry for a moment how to grow cherry, bang? then where do the cherry seeds take, bang? You can take seeds here here, on assignment here we are given two cherry seeds we just plant this and this is a prize after harvesting cherry this is a cherry pattern and there is a cherry tree gift cherries can breed from small to large ok we just go straight what can you do at this event? we check in the “ALL” category type cherry, yes this is the result this is cherry food and bags from cherry yes, this is a cherry bag this is food this is popcorn cherry popcorn with corn ingredients this uses cherry too this requires bread dough ingredients and this is a cherry drink use milk This food is easy, making it easy too and here is a bag, he said here this bag is good great because it can have 20 lvl storage buffs just check ok we check the market cherry, ok ok we see storage capacity lv.20 this is a very big bag while the backpack is only lv.15 storage for food, there is no special buff. ordinary cherry this is no special buff all you have to do is bag this cherry bag, you have to make this ok ok we try planting cherry Here we have used farming equipment ok there is no vacant land it seems we are planting it here ok we accept ok ok, this is the seed we plant cherry seed ok just seed level 55 ok it takes 8 hours to plant cherry how much water do you need? ok 10 water ok we flush and we need fertilizer fertilizer is up liquid fertilizer, fermented fertilizer, dirt, etc. we use only manure, are more environmentally friendly ok woooooh Look at this there’s a cherry seed bonus present here if you are lucky ok now we give fertilizer we give fertilizer, how much? woh need a little only need a little fer ti only need one wkwkwkw and if you speed up, you need 139 gems which makes me curious about this update is this cherry blossom update Celebration animation after winning the battle has been removed yes I’m curious about this ok we just try it ok we change equipment first we call our animal vehicle animal gastornis magpie vehicle and weapons of weapons looking for parasaurolophus ok just meet the lizard, we just play lizards we try playing with lizards wooooh it can be like that huh so we got stuck again it looks easier to control character response looks more responsive ok this seems interesting, I get the taste if down from animals the response is still long ok we try to fight rhinos hit ok it looks easy How about this yes it looks smoother fighting movements there has been no celebration delay when winning battles What about the items on the store? and in this update there is a new package this package This is a special cherry blossom furniture package ok we check, this is a table bed and a flower vase and this is not just any furniture This furniture has a very good buff if we put it in the room the room will have a cherry buff set like this increase flawless crafting rate by 4% this means it helps us in crafting help increase flawless crafting rates like best creation by 4% and the duration of this buff is 30 minutes with cooldown for 4 hours so it can be activated every 4 hours yes this is useful for crafting in order for best creation to occur and this is the second package king cherry package yes, king cherry tree bonus but what matters here is not king cherry King Cherry here is just for decoration and here there are swings with fatigue drops 100 / min the effect is the same as a pond and this is not bosa sold cannot be registered on the market this is good king cherry tree package hardwood swing and the effects of hardwood swing are the same as ponds, overpowering items and animal updates this is a new animal, wooooo these phenacodus animals but costume in bear costume, no this is a wkwkwkw bee costume this animal has the ability similar to bonusaurus but this has additional skills, stamina recovery speed buff this buff This buff is useful for users of two handed weapons Because two handed weapons are wasteful of energy use stamina speed buff and the second skill has the same ability as bonusaurus, storage buff this is to increase storage briefly with this skill bag capacity can be up to 1 bag and the advantages besides bonu these are cute animals if put in a cage this animal will produce honey only this animal produces honey we compare this animal to have 300 bags what about bonu? bag 300, and the results are the same and this animal can be taken to fight ok it seems like that, and congratulations on planting cherry trees, wkwkwk I say goodbye tahanks for watching and see you next time

31 thoughts on “Kasur Jomblo Pohon Cherry Ayunan dan Hewan Baru Cherry Blossom Festival – Durango Wild Lands

  1. Bang gw auto like. Klo konten durango. Tolong bang bikinin konten penempatan sp. Buat player solo bang. Thanx. di tunggu nexst update bang

  2. Illustrious brother you know when they added the island of lava h and another question you know how I can assure that my crops do not die you know what influences there is if it is the land or the fertilizer

  3. Bang boleh beritahu saya bagaimana cara level up sepantas mungkin? Sekarang ini saya selalu buat mission sahaja.Ada cara lain?

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