Joseph: King of Dreams – Bloom (+ Lyrics)

You’ve seen the damage words can do When full of thoughtless pride Now heed the wiser voice in you That calls to be your guide The flowers reaching for the sun Are all uniquely blessed But though each is special Not a one is better than the rest Bloom, bloom. May you know The wisdom only time breeds There’s room, bloom, and you’ll grow To follow where your heart leads Bloom and may you bring Your colors to the vast bouquet There’s room, bloom. Learn one thing Your gifts are meant to give away

9 thoughts on “Joseph: King of Dreams – Bloom (+ Lyrics)

  1. Its a great saying: what when you are conscious of your dreams , whatever situation and whatever happens on outside will not matter to you. So what are You dreaming? Please wrote somebody what dreams you have and able to share

  2. I love the story of Joseph its one of my favorites from Genesis in the Old Testament. 📿💒💐💐 The King 👑 of dreams that's beautiful!!

  3. It’s incredibly sad. This was the last time Joseph ever saw his mother. If Jacob wasn’t a bad father, he’d still be with his family.

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