17 thoughts on “JISOO – YUKI NO HANA / SNOW FLOWER color coded lyrics 가사 | ENG, KAN, ROM

  1. The vocal range of jisoo is not very high and the fact that they force it to treat high notes can cause damage, just as it is obvious that it can enlarge it and even reach soprano notes but YG DOESN'T DO IT AND FORCE IT TO SING CLARITY WITHOUT HAVE SO MUCH EXPERIENCE WITH THAT KIND OF NOTES MAKING IT LOOK LIKE SHOUTING 🙁

    Yuki no hana is the best song she has sung, it sounds very beautiful with her voice bell, YG must value Jisoo and if he wants to make her sing high notes he should train her in that area, he should take advantage of this mezzo-soprano and bring out her unique one, and rare (in good sense), voice

  2. 댓글 외국인들은 잘부른다고 난린데 한국인들은 못까서 안달이네 ㅋ 이정도면 휼륭하지 ㅋㅋ 박효신 눈의꽃 생각하지 말고 원곡 듣고와라

  3. It's tour only video with most of 1 millón Views!!! AND it's of JISOO!!! POWER OF SHE!!! I SO PROUD OF SHE!! LOVE IT!! 😍😍😍😭😭

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