Jennifer Lopez and Shakira Performing at the Super Bowl!

Live from New York City, it’s the Wendy Williams Show. ♪ Oh yeah ♪ ♪ Feel, feel, feel it ♪ ♪ Feel, feel it-it-it ♪ ♪ Feel it, feel it, feel it ♪ ♪ Let’s go, come on, you need it ♪ ♪ How you doin’? ♪ ♪ How-how-how-how you doin? ♪ Now, here’s Wendy. (audience cheers)
(dance music) (audience whoops) ♪ How you doin’? ♪ Thank you for watching. (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) Say hello to my co-hosts, my studio audience. How you doin’? How you doin’? I’m doin’ okay. Let’s get started. It’s time for Hot Topics, come on. (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) (deep bass music) If you wish hard enough, sometimes, wishes come true. Jennifer Lopez (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) and Shakira are gonna be co-headlining at the Super Bowl this year in Miami. Quite frankly, I don’t think that Jennifer needs a co-headliner. I love you, Shakira, but I think that Jen coulda handled this on her own. (audience murmurs)
(audience applauds) Just sayin’, just saying. Because now, how long is the halftime show going to be? (audience laughs) You know what I mean? I mean Jen’s got a lotta hits. Shakira’s got a lotta hits, although I only know “Hips Don’t Lie”. (audience laughs) No, but I know she’s an international superstar and she’s only 42 and she shakes it like nobody’s business and she’s beautiful. And Jennifer, the same thing. It’s just that I know more about Jen than I do about Shakira, and I just wish that Jen’s performance wasn’t interrupted with… (audience laughs) I mean I’m just saying. Like Jen can come out and then she brings everybody, Pitbull, Marc Anthony, LL Cool J, Cardi B, Ja Rule. (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) I mean where we goin’ with this? I don’t know who Shakira collabos with. I don’t even care. (audience laughs) But I’ll be there just because it’s gonna be a shake off, and that’s always interesting to watch, you know what I mean? I bet you both girls are totally juicing from now until the Super Bowl. (audience laughs) I bet you their crunch game and their lunge game is gonna be sick, ’cause it will be secret shake off. I mean Jen is gonna be 50 and Shakira’s only 42, or Jen just turned 50, Shakira’s only 42, but they both shake it, they’re both beautiful, they’re both really talented, they’re both Latin, one from Colombia and one from Puerto Rico, via the Bronx. (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) Right, via the Bronx. But everyone in Miami seems to be complaining that the Super Bowl committee didn’t take anybody from Miami. I mean I don’t even care. (audience laughs) Jennifer Lopez has never done a Super Bowl and this show was starting, we started that campaign years ago. It’s a crime. A crime. A crime. So why wouldn’t you have her there? I mean, I know Gloria Estefan is from Miami but she’s already done the Super Bowl. Uncle Luke, Luke, you know I love you, he’s not happy about Shakira and Jennifer bein’ in the zip code, period. (audience laughs) Take a look at what he had to say. I am so pissed right now that I really wanna use some profanity but I got a lot of kids that follow me on Instagram I’ve noticed these days. So all of a sudden, the NFL, y’all gonna bring in J Lo and somebody else. (audience laughs) And just totally disrespect all the entertainment, all the African-American entertainment in Miami, so we don’t exist. It ain’t about me. I don’t wanna perform. But you’re gonna bring in J Lo and the other girl, I don’t even know where she from. Nobody from Miami. (audience laughs) (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) Luke, you didn’t have to be disrespectful. (audience laughs) All right, then who should be performing for Miami, because she could also bring out, Jen can bring out Khalid. And Jen, huh? Flo Rida. Flo. Flo Rida. Yeah, I know. (Norman laughs) I like Flor Rida. Has he done music with her? Not that I can remember, no. Well then he has no business coming out. Exactly. (laughs) I’m talkin’ about collabo songs, like LL and J Lo have collabo’d before. Exactly.
You know what I mean? Right. What else does Shakira sing? ♪ Whenever, wherever ♪ (audience laughs) That’s all I think I know is “Whenever, Wherever”, “Hips Don’t Lie”, and I think I’m out. Do you know [Inaudible]? No, nothin’ on her. (laughs) Well Pitbull is already in talks to perform with J Lo. I mean it’s just gonna be an explosion (audience applauds) And so congratulations. Super Bowl is on February 2nd. My whole family lives in Miami now. I thought I was gonna go down there but now, all of a sudden, it sounds like it’s gonna be too crowded. I think I’d probably just rather watch from my apartment or somethin’, but I’ll be watching. I was stuck on the Giants this weekend. Oh yeah. I don’t know what I’ve become. Yeah. (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) Yeah. Congratulations to the Giants. Yeah. I was there. I was shocked. And there was nobody at home except for me and the cats. (audience laughs) So I coulda change the channel to anything, but I’m watching. And then I put both elbows on my knees and I’m into it, and I’m spillin’ food on the floor and I’m like damn, I don’t even know what I’m watching. I don’t even know why I was watching. (audience laughs) But I was there. Congratulations, Giants. (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) Yeah. And so Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are getting married today for the second time. Well they legally got married in a courthouse here in New York, the first time. That was a year ago. We didn’t think it’d last, but look at that. So they had the rehearsal dinner last night. I wanna thank the people of the for these beautiful pictures. She’s only 20 years old and she’s working it. How old is she? 22.
22? Same difference. (audience laughs) She’s working it. He looks, well that’s an awkward pose. See, he looks scared. But they’re getting married in South Carolina at this really exclusive place. And the place is a five-star big mansion type-lookin’, there it is, place. But the guests there are fuming because they were notified at the last minute through email that they can’t go to the pool, they can’t go to the spa, they can’t go to the restaurants. All that stuff’s gonna be closed for 48 hours to accommodate the wedding. (audience murmurs) So a lot of the guests are really pissed off about that. If I were a guest, I wouldn’t be pissed. No. Clap if you’d be pissed. (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) Well then you’re not true Hot Topic-nistas, because if you were then you’d understand. Now first of all, the hotel is gonna accommodate everybody with free food. And I’m sure they’re gonna be real nice to people because of the shutdown, ’cause they want their business back. I wouldn’t be upset because I’d be all, and first of all, forget the spa and the pool. I could sit in my room all day in this five-star place, as long as there’s batteries in the remote (audience laughs) and that free food keeps comin’. And I got a good view of the wedding. And then, look, look, look, and then maybe you slip on a negligee and you saunter down to the area. (audience laughs) (audience applauds) And you mingle. You mingle with them. Not if you have kids and all that other stuff, but say you’re a lone woman or just a couple with no kids there. Put on somethin’ and blend. (audience laughs) Get down in there and then if you can just get one selfie (audience laughs) or something. Perfect. And then you take it up with the hotel, how much you were inconvenienced and you make sure that the hotel comps you extra the next time you go back. That’s all. (audience applauds) I liked it. Now look, I don’t know what Lil Nas X is doing but listen, young man. I know you’re only 20 years old. I know that you’ve come out of the closet, plus you got the number one hit and so your life is a bit overwhelming right now, but this is not the time to step away from the music game. This is what he says he wants to do. He was set to perform at two music festivals over the weekend and both of them, he canceled at the last minute, his performance. Oh. Yes, oh yes, oh yes. So he tweeted on Friday, saying, “It’s been a wild last seven months “and I’m ready to take a little time off. “Sorry to everyone attending the Twitchcon,” I don’t know what that is, “or the Sandbox Festival, “I will not be there. “I love you guys and will make it up to you some way.” Well you know what, by the time you get around to makin’ it up, people are gonna forget who you are. (audience murmurs) (audience applauds) I’m just saying. And I get it, he’s probably very overwhelmed. The past seven months, like he said, have just been a worldwind, ’cause this kid was only posting YouTube videos one day and then the next day, he’s on the tip of everyone’s lips. But you’ve got to take advantage of this while you can because I do smell one-hit wonder from you. (audience laughs) Like that “Macarena” man. (audience applauds) But in life, sometimes all you need is one hit and that one hit can carry you through for the rest of your life. Ask Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock. (audience laughs) Because they do that “It Takes Two” song all around the world. Everyone loves it, they’re still getting work. You know what I mean? Ask that “Macarena” man. (audience laughs) He performs all the time. I don’t know whether he’s still tryin’ to put out new music. No one cares. They only wanna hear the “Macarena”. (audience laughs) And with you and the “Old Town Road” or whatever the song is called, Ride ‘Til the Wheels Fall Off. (audience laughs) Look, you cannot afford to take time off and be overwhelmed and paranoid. You have got to ride this into your mother’s retirement. (audience murmurs)
(audience applauds) Really though. Another weekend without seeing the Hustle movie. Aw. I know, I know. I had the movie times all laid out. I was just gonna go myself, just put on a fitted and some leggings and just go to the movies. And I started to lose the energy. And then all I wanted was Taco Bell. (audience laughs) And also, the cats, they’re now used to the whole apartment, and at one point, they were just upstairs. Aw. I know. They’re takin’ a nap next to a furry pillow and I got ’em. Look, ChitChat, the black one, who I told you was shady, is no longer shady. (audience laughs) I’ve got ChitChat eating right out of my hands. Aw. She cuddles, they love each other, they sleep on the headboard right here. They sleep right here on the bed. They now know how to get downstairs. They’re on the couches and everything. But they’re not breaking anything. And they don’t have real long hair so there’s not hair everyplace. And for whatever reason, the apartment definitely does not smell like cats. It smells like girls. It smells beautiful. (audience laughs) Beautiful and flowery. (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) And so last night, the weekend’s almost over. I finished watching Andy at Watch What Happens Live. Then I turn on the news and then I get a phone call from DJ Boof. Oh. (laughs) I’m like “What?” (laughs) “What?” He says, “I’m outside of your building.” Well I forgot that I told him, this thing with the Taco Bell. I just wanted just four tacos and I wanted to go myself but there’s not one in my neighborhood and I don’t have Grubhub or any of that Yelp stuff. I don’t even send an email so I don’t, but I didn’t wanna get in a cab and go. I thought that would be a real fat ass move, to just jump in a cab and go to Taco Bell and then eat in the cab comin’ back. I didn’t wanna do that either. (laughs) (audience applauds) So it’s Boof outside of my building telling me that he has dinner for me. I said, “It’s 10 o’clock at night.” He said, “Just open the door, “I gotta get to the club.” (audience laughs) So thank you, Boof. He bought ’em just the way I like ’em. (audience applauds) Yep. (laughs) I went to a book party last week and forgot to tell you guys about it. It’s this book right here. This book is so good. Be “Prepared Not Scared”. Your go-to guide for staying, what is it? (audience laughs) Safe in an unsafe world. (audience murmurs) Okay, so the guy’s name is Bill Stanton and it was at a really swanky place and there were a whole bunch of swanky people there, but Bill’s delivery is so me and you. The former head of the CIA was there, a whole bunch of high-powered attorneys, law enforcement and things like that. And this book really, ’cause you know I believe in the killer. If you’ve known me even through radio, the killer exists. I’m suspicious of everyone and I don’t take no shorts when it comes to law. And so I went to this and actually, it’s a really good book. It’s telling us in our language how to, when we go out shopping, girls, what we need to look out for. When we have our kids with us, what we need to look out for. When we’re in the house, and we think something suspicious or at the mall or the movies or something like that. So this is a really good book and I want to have, I’m gonna invite him to actually come on our show (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) to talk real talk with us about crime and how to avoid being a victim. He does a lotta security for a lot of entertainers and stuff, including he’s Sylvester Stallone’s right-hand man as well. But anyway, really good book. (audience applauds) Yeah. So anyway, so there’s good news for Kandi and Todd. Kandi’s 43 and Todd is 46 and they’re having a baby. (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) Yeah. She’s expecting a child through a surrogate, which, smart. (audience laughs) No one wants to tear your body up anymore. And they say it’s probably going to be a girl because the embryos that she had left over were both girl embryos. Last season, Kandi announced to us that she’s got these two female embryos left. I think it’s great. Riley’s not so happy about it though. Remember we covered this on Hot Topics and she talked about it on the show. Ace is three, their son together. And it was a difficult pregnancy for Kandi. And Riley is 16. Todd already has a daughter who’s 22, but Riley doesn’t want anymore kids in the family, like why you doin’ this. I agree. Only because (audience applauds) I mean I’m happy that Kandi and Todd are pregnant again but this waters down Riley’s inheritance, see? See? (audience laughs) For every child that they have, it gets watered down. So I don’t know whether that’s how Riley was thinking but at 16, I was certainly greasy enough to think that way, if my parents had money like that, it’s like really, really? (audience laughs) That’d be like me havin’ another child and young Kev lookin’ at me like Mom, really? (audience laughs) Really? Okay, but anyway but good for them. (audience applauds) I talked to NeNe on the phone over the weekend. We were talkin’ on the phone and it was two o’clock in the afternoon on Saturday. The runners were running past, with the run, the firemen and stuff like that. And so I stayed in all day on Saturday, but it was sunny and beautiful out. And I was talkin’ to NeNe on the phone. She was getting her hair and makeup done. She’s always doing something on the beautifying tip. And she said, “So what you doin’?” I said, “Well I’m plotting on a Taco Bell “and I’m goin’ to see the Hustle “and I’m going by myself ’cause it’s very uncomplicated. “You just jump in a cab and you go, “and maybe bring the Taco Bell in there and eat it, “and then leave the movie theater.” And so she says, “Well wait a moment because when I finish here, “I’m gonna fly up there to see you.” NeNe jumps on a plane from Atlanta like she’s jumping in a gypsy cab from the Bronx to Brooklyn. (audience laughs) I don’t get that. And I get mad. I’m like “Why don’t you sit down? “No, you don’t have to come up here “and no, I’m not making plans with you “because you might not make the plane and whatever. “You act like taking a plane is nothing,” but there’s some people who just love to travel, and NeNe’s one of those types of people. She wants to see the entire corner of every single city in the entire world. It’s exhausting. (audience applauds) Exhausting. And she never called back and she never did show up, which I assume but anyway. Cardi B, everybody, is taking over Paris Fashion Week. (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) She’s very stylish. I don’t know what that is but that’s a head-to-toe floral design and I don’t know what to make of it but you know what, fashion is fashion. Is this the Tom Brown corset and skirt? I don’t, oh no, that is. Oh that’s it, that’s it. Okay, and that. Clap if you like that. (some audience cheer)
(some audience applaud) It’s a lotta material. We’re not used to seeing her in a lotta material but okay. (audience laughs) Okay. People are more interested in Cardi’s bodyguard though, it seems. (audience murmurs) Okay, well no. (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) His name is Omar Price. The Bureau got his information. He’s Director of Security for Cardi B. I happen to have met him before, which I forgot. Yeah, he was at Jason Lee’s birthday party where Cardi was. He actually posted that picture, which I didn’t find out until this morning, on his own social media, which says, it was “When you finally meet your crush in real life.” Oh. (audience applauds) (audience cheers) And then I recall he did hang out like real close to me, to the point where I had to say to Jason Lee, I said, “Jason,” I said, “Cardi and you all’s friend “is real cute and stuff but I’m not here for that. “I’m here to have a good time. “I’ve already got somethin’ goin’ on.” Ooh. But thank you, young man. (laughs) (audience applauds) All right, a little louder, everybody, a little louder. (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) We’ve got more great show for everybody. Up next, we got the Inside Scoop on the latest drama with Britney Spears. So grab a snack and come on back. (dance music) (audience whoops) ♪ Feel, feel, feel it ♪ ♪ Feel, feel it-it ♪ ♪ Woo ♪

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  5. Not only is shakira amazing and talented than wendy could ever!
    She also has a big heart and helps the need tf wendy you are uncultured

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  40. Jajajajajaa esta vieja es bruta!! O no ve TV, debe ser porque se la pasa blanqueandose la piel. Queriendo ser rubia, debería estar orgullosa de su raza y no pretender ser de otro color, ahhh y gracias a Shakira supe que existía esa señora.

  41. You are such an ignorant and unrespectful person. You have to be thankful to Shakira, now the whole World is talking about You and your show that was only know for some states of the USA.

  42. I like J-Lo as an actress more then a singer, and for your info Wendy…Shakira doesn’t need J-Lo, she can put on her own show and had more relevant colabs!!!!! 💁🏻‍♀️

  43. Let me school you all about Shakira.. she is a International star, not only the USA exists.. she is known 🌏🌎🌍 she is done so many hits more than Jennifer! So for the douchebag that doesn’t know Shakira google it .. or you’ll find out when she performs. 💅🏽

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