Japan’s GIANT flower park! – Hitachi Seaside Park in Ibaraki

One of my favourite about Japan is how much attention Japanese people put on the seasons changing and fall has finally arrived! So we’re gonna celebrate by going to Hitachi Seaside Park which is a park in Ibaraki, to see the kochia flowers Because they’re apparently in full bloom now, so they should be very beautiful! Are you excited? Yes! Is kochia your favourite flower? It might be! We’re in Tokyo Station now and we’re gonna go ahead and by your tickets and jump on the bus to get to the park! It’s about two hours away from Tokyo, but there’s a direct bus there, so it’s easy! [JPN] To Kaihin-Koen Iriguchi St. [JPN] One? Two tickets! Two tickets towards Kaihin-Koen Irigkuchi, which is where the park is located Round trip 3800YEN for two people Going on an adventure! This bus has a nice feature of free wi-fi up to twelve hours, so you can go to park and back again four times and keep using the internet for useless things even… Hitachi Seaside Park! Oh, hey Kris! Spotted our first patch of flowers! This one’s really small… This park has about 300 hectares so there’s a lot more flowers to come So we’ve found the main attraction of the park at this time of the year which is mid-October These are the kochia flowers! They are blooming right now! They’re in full bloom right now, they’re so red and fluffy and I just wanna…. In Frozen, the little gnomes that get up and start walking… they look like they’re about to get up and start… start singing! Cool thing about this
park is that throughout the year you have different types of flowers blooming in different times, so every time you visit, it’s gonna look slightly different! We made for the ideal
time, cuz they’re all so red and fully bloomed! There’s one late bloomer! This park is located
on the east coast of Japan, so this over there is the Pacific Ocean! it’s pretty cool! Time after time you get met with the situation where you find that Japanese people really know how to celebrate things, individual things things that in America I would’ve never thought about! For example, I’ve never ever went to see the kochia blossom in the States I don’t even know when they blossom! and here I am! So awesome to be taught to appreciate things like this WOW, Kasia is really appreciating these fruits! She doesn’t even know I’m filming her! It’s completely unstaged! I kinda thought we’re going to be in and out of the park pretty fast but we’ve already been here for over two hours and the ONLY thing we’ve seen so far are these kochia we just keep taking pictures and looking at everything from different angles and the sunshine is completely different than 5 minutes ago and this is only one part of about 300
hectares [IN PL] Nice pumpkins! When you live in the city, especially a hectic city like Tokyo, you’re kind of detached from nature so it is especially nice seeing Japanese people
being able to take the time to appreciate nature the way they do It’s really kinda innocent and serene when you see all these people just calmly taking pictures of flowers not being in a hurry people of all ages and genders there’s a lot of dogs too a lot of dogs too, a lot of dogs, a lot of dressed up dogs So pretty! It’s like I’m on a jungle adventure! I was just going to get some cheesecake and now I’m on this like… Indiana Jones adventure! There’s going to be a cannon ball rolling at me soon or sth! this place is so nice, when they told
us that we’d have like 5 hours in the park I was expecting to be super bored but we’re almost out of time and we’ve seen maybe 1/5 of the park? Dang! The birds, and then there’s water
in the background… and the sun is like, ideal today so it’s like a cool day but the sun keeps your back warm Man, that’s a good place to practice with camera! I always love getting away from the city, so these types of trips are my favourite, you can listen to nothing I think I’ve never enjoyed flower-viewing as much as today Kris wasn’t too thrilled
about the flower concept at first and now he can’t stop filming! To check out more videos
from Ibaraki Prefecture, which is located right next to Tokyo but has a completely
different climate, check out IbakiraTV! which is linked in the description! Make sure to
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