How do I look today without bangs? – So pretty
– So pretty (IZ*ONE did a camera rehearsal and
is now watching the video of it!) Did you watch it, guys? Min-ju winked
when she went like this… We get meet our WIZ*ONE now! Finally! I’m so excited! I get to show my hair cut
for the first time! So nervous! I’ll look only at our fans’ faces So pretty! (Chaewon copies Yujin’s part) – Who are we?
Can you hear that? Wow! Yes! Yes! Can you hear it? Are you embarrassed?
I heard everything Let’s say good luck again! (The first performance
of FIESTA for WIZ*ONE!) (Eunbi loves Yena so much) What should I do about this? Get up! I’m so tired Chaewon, you said to sit Wow! I look good in here,
I like the lighting Minju, you look so pretty It’s my first time wearing pigtails Eunbi wrote the lyrics
and compose the song She’s a genius! The song is called ‘SPACESHIP’! How do we look in hats? (Hitomi and Sakura are
showing ‘SPACESHIP’ dance moves) Show us your love, WIZ*ONE! – Show us your love
– See you later Hi Which song will we perform next? SPACESHIP! SPACESHIP! I’m wearing ponytails I’m wearing a hair band (Yujin and Wonyoung’s
‘SPACESHIP’ dance moves) Perfect! See you later This is the dress for ‘SPACESHIP’ One group is wearing dark blue
and the other is wearing light blue I’m wearing dark blue Look right here!
She’s wearing light blue Eunbi wrote this song! It feels like the expansion of the song
‘Airplane’ from our HEART*IZ album The Airplane evolved
into a spaceship! I don’t know what will come next What comes after spaceship? I’m an alien right now! (Eunbi showed up with blue hands) What happened? What happened? The songwriter needs to be an alien I agree,
she’s our leader Should I wink when we say
“eun” or when I say “ha”? I look like a flight attendant…
with this hat What about me? You look… – You look like a guardian
– Like a warrior (We are the guardians
of the universe?) Praise the songwriter! (IZ*ONE gave a lovely performance
of ‘SPACESHIP’ written by Eunbi) This is the first song
dedicated to WIZ*ONE I wrote it with WIZ*ONE in my mind it’s very meaningful to IZ*ONE Please give a lot of love
for ‘SPACESHIP’ Who did you wear this flower for? This is for…WIZ*ONE Guess what we are doing right now We’ll perform ‘Hey. Bae. Like it.’ We are about to perform ‘Hey. Bae. Like it.’ We just performed ‘Hey. Bae. Like it.’ Performing ‘Hey. Bae. Like it.’ makes me
feel happier every time. I feel so thankful to WIZ*ONE for screaming and cheering for us! Thank you for supporting us…
and coming here since early morning We’ll be back No one is opening the door (IZ*ONE’s charming
AYAYAYA performance!) Great indeed! Let us give our best until the end! – Our fans were so great
– They really were It means so much to us We got to show a new side of us,
I hope you like it Who do you think has
this strong, warm, and great voice? Our WIZ*ONE does! Our WIZ*ONE was cheering
very loudly for us! (Wonyoung suddenly
runs towards Yena!) Don’t come! I came looking for Yena So annoying! (Yena is looking
for Nike, Adidas, and Puma) Give me one! When we become more active,
we’ll get to see WIZ*ONE more That’s right I love how we get to see them a lot! I’m happy to get to meet you! Let’s see each other often (A cute performance of SO CURIOUS) (Thank you, WIZ*ONE, for staying
with us! FIESTA starts now!) Okay! That is it for our comeback WIZ*ONE, we thank you so much
for spending the whole day with us! We worked very hard to show you great performances, so please
let’s see each other more often! Thank you, WIZ*ONE!

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  1. they cant handle singing live with their OWN VOICE. Honestly why they debuy these nasty girls based on looks who havr zero talent at all. Other group at least if they lipsync, i head them singing liven. Izone on the other hand, lipsync all the fucking time

  2. 아이즈원 요즘 바이러스 조심하고
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  13. 0:48 IZ*ONE walking past a poster for Produce 48. I wasn't going to bother pointing this out but then I noticed that it happens at exactly 48 seconds. Witchcraft! 😄

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