so you want to force me to like kpop honestly , I dont have a k-pop fan friends so I try to lure my friends to like k-pop Hello guys, today I want to show k-pop to my friend my friend dont understad k-pop at all and now I want to show him a girlband/girl group that I like called IZ*ONE IZ*ONE IZ*ONE ice ice, one ice yea ice one they are they have 12 members 12 you won’t be bored, they all are beautiful they debuted around.. around 2 years ago (sorry if I’m wrong) and now they are k-pop have something they called comebacks and this is their newest comeback and you understand a litle bit about music so I want to know what you think about this yea I understand a little this is Fiesta IZ*ONE a brand name IZ*ONE Fiesta, yea FIESTA ok play well, they are um, this girlband is realy PERFECT this one my fav (Hii-chan

9 thoughts on “IZ*ONE (아이즈원) – ‘FIESTA’ MV | REACTION!!! [NON-KPOP FAN REACT TO KPOP]

  1. Klo komentar itu tentang music,video clip, dan coreografi nya.. ini komen bisanya liat fisik doang, cantik2.. yaeeeaalaah IZ*ONE..

  2. Thank you guys for watching! dont forget to like, share and subscribe!
    After this video my friend said that he want to cover the song, and I will make a video about it if he does!

    Please tell me what group I should show my friends so I can lure them to be a K-pop fans!

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