Is Your Bud About To Blossom?

Now this tree was outside my room. Yes, I attacked it. Here’s the thing. All right now, this
flower is only on here because this was attached to a vine that was giving it life from within. So Christ comes to live in us and He
gives us life from deep within us and we we really don’t comprehend how dependent
this little branches on that vine. See, all it does really just to hang
there and everything else comes to it. We’ll see we need to learn how to just
be sure that we’re hanging on the vine. God, I’m nothing without You. Now there’s a bunch a little buds on
here that you know what, are never gonna bloom. You know why? Because now it’s off the
vine. I wonder how many possibilities… Okay maybe you help maybe you have one
flowering success and so now that success has gotten you off the vine.
Now you’re so busy taking care of your success. Amen. That now you have no time for the
hanging vine anything anymore. I remember years I just walked around, “God, You gotta help me. God, help me.” I mean I start to feel like I was like
some kind of a mental case. I mean I was I don’t even know what I
needed help with but I just felt so overwhelmed. I mean vision I had was
completely stupid. Why what I think that this could ever happen to me. Why would I
think that God wanted to use me, a totally unqualified,
educated woman what half a brain from Fenton, Missouri.
Who did I think I was? Oh yea… you’re gonna. I just went around, “God you gotta help me. God help
help help help me.” well I was hanging on the vine. Let me
tell you I was hanging on the vine. I mean I was believing God for anybody. I
didn’t care if there were two people to call me and ask me come and speak. Just anybody. Well then I started getting
a little success. Well, then… if I would get too far off that vine, man
everything would start to shut down. And then I’d have to… “I’m sorry, Lord.” You’ve got to always keep Him first.
He’s not happy with second place. He’s only only gonna have first place.

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