Is Bee Pollen Good on Candida Diet

Greetings. Eric Bakker, naturopath from New
Zealand, author of Candida Crusher and formulator of the Canxida range of products. Question
today I got from somebody in the States is “Is bee pollen good against Candida?”
Being a beekeeper myself, I love bee pollen. It’s a fantastic food. You can put these things
called pollen traps on your beehive. Pollen traps are quite interesting because when the
bee goes for these tiny little holes, it scrapes its back legs and the little pollen bags drop
off. I think it’s cruel to collect bee pollen because I think that bee pollen actually belongs
inside the beehive. It’s actually good food for the bees and especially for the baby bees
to eat. However, it is a very good dietary supplement to take.
Some people can react to bee pollen. I’ve had a few patients come back and report their
blood pressure elevated after taking it. It doesn’t contain honey, so it is safe to take
when you’ve got a yeast infection. So don’t confuse bee pollen and honey. It is an incredibly
powerful building food, bee pollen, because it contains so much goodness from plants.
It’s got all the B vitamins in it. It’s got copper in it. It’s got zinc in it. It’s got
biotin in it. It’s got many different kinds of minerals in it, including magnesium and
calcium. There is a lot of potassium in it. It is almost like a kind of super food to
eat. Research is interesting showing that people
who live some of the longest life spans have been beekeepers. They sell off all of their
honey to people, but then they keep the rubbish left for themselves, which often includes
bits of beeswax and pollen in it. Many people in different parts of the world who live to
100+ have been beekeepers. There is a bit of hope for me yet.
Do I recommend bee pollen for killing Candida or is it antifungal? No. I don’t. I do recommend
it as a boost for your health. I can see no harm in taking bee pollen. It’s excellent
for your health, but I don’t really believe it is going to kill the fungus itself. It’s
not anti. It’s a good health builder, but it’s not an antifungal. It has shown to have
some limited anti-bacterial qualities, but it has not really shown to be a strong antifungal
in its own right. Do I endorse bee pollen capsules? I do. I think they’re a great product
to take, but I think you could probably do a lot better if you’ve got a yeast infection
than spending your money on bee pollen supplements. But they are a good adjunct to overall good
health. That’s my take on bee pollen and yeast infection.
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11 thoughts on “Is Bee Pollen Good on Candida Diet

  1. Hello Dr.Bekker
    I want your opinion on how to do right the following:
    I want to introduce green apple, one a day in the morning because I need some carb. And then Bee Pollen. I found from a man very good and high quality Pollen, and I think it cannot do other than good with Candida. So I'm already taking good supplements and I feel the results and I don't want to screw everything, so can you give me a hand? Will be right if I rotate them , I one morning the apple, the next morning to drink one small cup pollen? What do you think is the best approach? Thank you.

  2. Hello Doctor, what about a Manuka Honey from New Zealand K Factor 16? Is it beneficial, or should one avoid it with Yeast Infection and Candida diet?

  3. Dear Doctor, do not bother to withdraw pollen bees, the age-old partnership between man and bees promoted new techniques that do not leave without food, for example in Brazil, for the carbohydrates created the sugar VHP purest and untreated, protein source, in Brazil developed several protein sources, each defined by its region and the type of vegetation, and the result is fantastic, the hive remains strong and healthy, especially in the more arid regions of the country, another great technique, plant several blossoms for all seasons, including winter, thanks to our climate, so that the bees have pollen all year.

    Our biggest battle are the pesticides and herbicides, Monsanto, Bayer and others, it is in these mosntros we should all focus our efforts. The less we use more pollen and bees have.

    Thank you very much for your information, strong hugs from your friends in Brazil.

  4. hi. i just read an article touting the benefits of using bee pollen as part of an anti candida diet. it claimed that bee pollen is anti-fungal. maybe it's greatest benefit is rebuilding the body from the damage caused by candida, & not from any anti-fungal properties which may b weak.

  5. Hi Eric, I would like to ask you about a brand of Manuka honey if it's good quality and not fake. It's Wedderspoon Raw KFactor 16.
    How much manuka honey can we eat on Candida diet? Thanks

  6. My main question is will the sweetness from honey in my coffee instead of sugar will the honey feed my Candida or will it not help it spread.

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