Insane Flower Trick | JUNK DRAWER MAGIC

– Hello and welcome
to Junk Drawer Magic – Where we teach you
magic out of things you can find in
your junk drawer. – And out of things you
can find in your garbage. – Walker, is this
really necessary? – Of course it’s necessary.
Garbage is the ultimate junk. – Gross. – Don’t be so quick to judge. What looks like trash
might actually be something completely different. See this straw? – Uh-huh – I’m just going to plant it and– – Whoa! That’s so cool – Thanks. And we’ll show
you how to do it next. Ready to turn your
trash into treasure? – Who threw this cool stuff out? Is this real? – Let’s go to the junk
drawer. (magical sound) For this trick you’ll
need: two green straws, a fake flower, a
flat rubber band, a green Sharpie, a round
bead, a hot glue gun, thread, a
handkerchief, scissors, and a flower pot with dirt. Start with your scissors
and one of the straws. Cut the straw down
the side all the way. Then, shove it inside
the other straw. You now have an
extra strong straw. Next, take your rubber
band and cut it. Then color the rubber band
green with your Sharpie. Next, remove the fake flower
from the stem like this. Put a little hot glue on
the back of the flower and stick it to the rubber band. Secure the flower in place
with your thread like this. Then tie a long piece of thread to the end of the rubber band. Feed this thread down
the center of the straw. Then pull the thread
so the rubber band comes out the other side. Now take your bead and
guide it down the thread and onto your rubber band. Now just cut off the thread and tie a knot with
the rubber band. And cut off any
excess rubber band. Finally, make sure the flower
pot is right in front of you. That’s all the prep,
now for the trick. Start by holding
the straw like this with your flower and
bead hidden in your hand. Put the straw in the pot
and drape the handkerchief over the pot, but before
you completely drape it, let go of the bead
and the flower. The force of the rubber band
will pop the flower into place. Now just pull the
handkerchief away. Your audience will be amazed when you reveal the
flower out of no where. And that’s the trick. – Nice! I’m ready to try it. (upbeat theme music) Thanks for watching
Junk Drawer Magic. – You really can find
cool stuff in the trash. – (screams) I think I
see something moving. – Remember, don’t
judge the trash Akira. Maybe it’s a friendly mouse. (screams) It is not
a friendly mouse! I hate the trash! Help!

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