Ikebana Japans Bloemstuk 🌷 | Tulpen Bloemschikken – Pasen Tutorial

hello everyone , nice that you are watching this is a easter video I will make an Ikebana so that is a Japanese style , flower arrangement and then for easter lets start what you need for this is a clipper a good one because these easter branches are pretty sturdy I have two colors of tulips it can also work with 1 color and Danny is also here and this is a real Japanese vase a Ikebana vase I found out with this one that the glaze is not all good so I have put the pin , this thing you can put all the branches in here I have put it inside a glass dish so the water stays here and not really in the vase it started to leak because a little piece of glaze is missing but if you buy one it should be fine and of course you could also this was something you got with a desert, you can also put the pin in here like this and maybe decorate this then you can also do it like that and Japanese style is actually very simple I have actually way to much here I maybe need , 3, 4, 5 flowers and branches not more the rest will go into a vase and I will give some away I first will put some water in here already so the water can go well everywhere and that way you can also check when it stands make sure it is wet, fill every day where I start with is to find a nice branch from this one this one is very cool it goes all sides I don’t know if you can see it , it is very big I think I will use this one will put it aside so when you have a branch that you like then see how long you want it to be I don’t want it too long otherwise it gets not so stable because it needs to stand on its own then you look like this how high you want it keep in mind when it is straight I think I will cut it here and then slant same as with flowers here we go and then you find a spot in the pin and then you push it in and the best is when you put it a bit to the back from the pin so you can put infront the tulips wiggle a bit in the pin be carefull for your hands when you slip you are in the pins like so, now it is nice from the window look now it is pretty stable it won’t fall nice Danny! yes! now I can cozy behind the branch , it stays well you can cut the death ends that is not so nice look well , also here then get the pretty tulips there is food with it you could also put it in here that is fine yes look for a tulip that is not open too much like not this one it is a waste when you put this in now before you know it is finished look for one with nice leaves I think a bit in the center those are a bit firmer like this one is very pretty this also pretty Danny is trying to show something in the back then you can look again for how long you want it to be pretty I think I will let this one long, because the branch is also pretty long but also clip slant and a bit shorter like so see where I put this one I think a bit on the side it is also a fun watching game what you like then we look for another one and when you have one that is packed up like this then you can always remove a leave or like this bend it look I take this off then I can make is shorter then it will stand shorter that is food for the flowers Danny that is food for the flowers food for the flowers? I want to open it no don’t open it like so then we will get the orange orange also pretty orange flowers I like that one do you want to have a flower? this one here you go ” thank you! ( in English)” when you are used to full bouquets it is pretty difficult to keep this basic so try to think, as less as possible we will look with this one and mostly with this you have uneven numbers I think I will remove a leave here and keep it short and then put it here yes you need to keep in mind that you cannot put it in again too often then the stem will break and I think it is finished now thank you for watching to this video I hope you liked it and maybe you will also make this kind of pretty flower arrangement at home leave a comment down below in the comments so I know if you made it or what you think of it do the thumbs up of the video and subscribe if you haven’t already then I see you again at the next videos bye bye bye bye `1 aprial easter giveway online (the netherlands only)

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  1. Pasen WINACTIE op : www.leylafashion.nl Vanaf 01-04-2017 ( NL alleen ).

    Laat me weten wat je van deze tutorial vond! Let me know what you think about this tutorial! THANKS! <3

  2. i like I love Ikebana
    many years ago I arranged Ikebanas for my dear daughter
    have nice day
    Peace and Love in the Light
    Your Friend

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