IFD Flower Trends Forecast 2020 with Smithers Oasis

Flower Trends Forecast is presented by
International Floral Distributors and The Produce Marketing Association.
Elegance and luxury are at the heart of the posh and polished trend style. Oasis
black midnight foam enhances the gilded flowers and foliage in the stunning and
high-end look. Lush tablescapes are an essential part of the posh and polished
traits. Using Oasis black midnight standing spheres anchor the table scape
providing a detailed and cultured feel that are essential to posh and polish
trend. The Oasis elegant bouquet holder contains rich jewel toned flowers that
are set against cream roses, to create an old-world timeless wedding bouquet.
Sophistication and luxury radiates in this trend. Let the products from Oasis
floral products help you make your next posh and polished event spectacular. For
more about the emerging trends for living and decorating with cut flowers
and plants visit www.FlowerTrendsForecast.com

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