IFD Flower Trends Forecast 2020 with Dummen Orange

Flower Trends Forecast is presented by
International Floral Distributors and the Produce Marketing Association.
Natural and loose stylings of flower bouquets will be very popular in 2020,
consumers are also looking for muted and moody color tones in their flowers.
Dummen Orange is continually bringing new and exciting varieties to meet these
ever-changing expectations of the customer.
Dummen Orange is uniting the world throughout the language of flowers.
Black-Tie and Barefoot trend features these muted and hushed colors. “Copacabana”
carnations from Dummen Orange accentuates the light and delicate feel of this new
Boho chic theme. And in the strong and spirited palette of the Vibrant Vibe
trend the Dummen Orange “Mocha Sweet” carnations and the Pizazz” gerbera daisy
pair well with the bright colors and playful atmosphere found in the Vibrant
Vibe palette. Dummen Orange’s passion for excellence can
be seen in the stunning array of new and thrilling varieties of carnations, roses,
chrysanthemums and gerbera daisies from Dummen Orange. For more about the emerging
trends for living and decorating with cut flowers and plants visit www.FlowerTrendsForecast.com

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