[The hum of driving a car]
It’s New Kitten Day! (who doesn’t love kittieeeess) I am on my way to the Humane Society to pick up my new foster kittens and I’m so excited. Fun Fact: there are more than 3,500 animal shelters in the United States and only about 12 of them have a kitten nursery. That means the majority of animal shelters rely 100% on foster parents in order to save little kittens. But here in San Diego, our Humane Society does have a 24-hour, dedicated kitten nursery & that’s amazing! So it’s really to live in this comminty ’cause there’s such great services for kittens, but, let me tell you, it is mid June, it is the height of kitten season and even the San Diego Humane Society kitten nursery is *completely* overwhelmed with kittens. They don’t have unlimited space to take in every kitten that come in, so they still rely on foster homes, too. Kitten season here in California is so intense; it’s unlike anything I can describe. There are just kittens absolutely everywhere. There’s a huge need for all hands on deck, everybody needs to rally and get together, work with organizations, help each other out. Fact is, there are so many kittens who need foster care.(can i help?) Now, I’m new to San Diego, so I have never done this before, but today I get to go to the nursery and go “kitten shopping,” meaning I’m going to pick out my foster kittens! It’s gonna be awesome. So today we are going to go “kitten shopping” and we are going to meet the more than 160 kittens they have on site right now. I’m hoping to alleviate them of some of their more difficult cases, maybe some tiny neonates, or maybe special needs baby. I don’t really know, but whoever I get, I’m sure to love, so this is gonna be cool, we’re going “kitten shopping!” Okay, yay! Okay, oh my gosh, I’m so excited! What’s the strategy? Volunteer: So, we have 2 neonate areas, so we have some in this section, some in the next section. Most of our younger ones are in the far section. OK, that’s Taco. []
Oooo, Taco! Awwe. Oh, butterscotch kitten! [Continued cooing]
You’re a little butterscotch kitten; I love you! Ahhhh, Hii! Volunteer: This is what happens when you kitten shop.😘😘 KittenLady: Hiii everyone! ahhhhhh Volunteer: We have Mia— [Tiny Myurrr] KittenLady: What’re they feeding you, golf balls? [Small laugh] Did they feed you a golf ball? OMG this kitten is the cutest thing ever!!!!❤❤ [Chuckle]
Say, “Hello!” Hiiii! ] Hiii, youre so puny~! [Small, heart-melting meows in background] [Being murdered by cuteness] Oh, noo. [Chuckles & Cooing] Woooah-ooohh, okaaay
[Chuckles] Volunteer: He’s the cutest darn kitten in the world. KL: Oh-ho my g-d, that is a cute freakin’ kitten. V: Really is a very cute one. KL: Why you so wispy? V: But look at his eyes! He just has the tiny eyes. Friend: Yeah. Camera Person: Kitten Calendar KL: You are like— Friend: He’s like a kitten from the ’80s CP: Yeah, he’s an 80’s kitten calendar kitten. KL: He looks like he belongs on a sweater, or on like a [clicks tongue] trapper keeper. Friend: Oooh, yeah Oh my gosh [Unintelligible] [Smol, squeaky meows from orange kitten] Oh, come see me. We just got a call and they’re like, “We found a kitty” [Unintelligible dialogue & kitten Squeeaks KL & Crew: Ooooohhh my goooosh
[Kitten squeaks] Volunteer: Look at his little face. Hiii. [Kitten squeaks] [Continued in-love noises] V: But he would need a little care for the eyeballs. KL: Yeah V: These are some of our youngest ones. V: So the lady was watering her… herb garden… and watered… kittens,
[Kitten Squeaks] and then— KL: That’s how you make them grow! [Laughs]
CP: There ya go. V: —called the officers, and the officers went out and mom was nowhere to be seen, so they brought them in. V: So this is one, and I’ll show you the other, uh, 3.
[Continued Kitten Squeaks] Kinda look like beanie babies, obviously, KL: Awwwe, V: We got one— CP: Smaller than a beanie baby! V: And then we haave— [Squeaking handful of baby] [Enamored Squeals] [Softer meows] [Giggles] Awwwweeeee KL: Yeah, well I think that makes the most sense. Okay, we have a special baby we’re gonna meet. Ohhh! Hiii! [Such kitten, much squeak] I heard all about you! V: So she had 2 episodes, 3 where she, uhm— [Checks Parts]
—yes, she— —got a little, like, shaky and trembely. I don’t think it was a seizure, but it was like, a trembly episode where she was not completely with it. Then she came back and…. But she bites [or fights] the bottle really hard and you can see when she’s at rest she just shakes. She was just, uhm, found outside. KL: Found outside? V: Yeah, by herself KL: Hii! Hiiii~ It’s kinda hard, like when they’re this young because all kittens this young are shaky, but there’s like Kitten shakes and not normal shakes.
V: Yeah, so our vets are saying they’re intention tremors They’re thinking CH or some other neurological condition but her…She walks a lot better than a lot of our other CH kittens have. KL: Yeah V: So I think it’s mild if she has it. I just worry that it’s affecting her ability to, like, latch strongly [Cooing, Ooo-ing, Squeaking]
KL: Mhm. V: So I think she could do with some extra TLC.
KL: Yeah KL: I like her little buttons on her face. Friend: Awwe, she’s got a goatee! CP: Got a little button face! [Many Background Squeaks] KL: Ok, well, I want her for sure. Friend: You’re comin’ home with us! :3 CP: I’m interested in seeing her, like, really walkin’ around. We have a neurologist that we love and… [Sarcastically] KL: And we have a neurologist we *don’t* love that we could take her to! [Chuckles all around] [Laughing] KL: We’ll probably go to the one we love. Kitten: [Squeaking with vigor & reaching for KittenLady] [Higher-Pitched] KL: Hey, yeah, we’re gonna take you, don’t worry. We’re bustin’ outta this joint! [More Meows] KL: We’re Bustin’ Out! [All of the squeaky meows] Okaaaaayyy [Unintelligible dialogue] CP: She looks like…Frantic KL: Huh-huh hoooh my gosh, okay, okaaay. Okaaay. [Background] V: It once took like, 20 minutes to feed her and like…she made KL: Excuse me! Wow, that was a cool trick! Wooo, here we go! [Kitten continues talking] Pretty giirrrl. Here we go. [Volunteer asks something]
KL: Yeah, that’d be great Let’s go get our Herb Babies! [Excited Gasp] Hi teeny-tiny! I’m gonna bring you home now. That’s a stunning kitten. That’s a beautiful baby. Friend: Yeah, you are— Uh-oooh KL: Uh-oh! You went poopsie! You said this is a black kitten, but this is a black & yellow kitten. [Laughter] Okay, we had a poop-splosion. How long have they been separated from each other? V: We—They came into us nursing on each other, so they cam iiinn… KL: So they don’t know each other? V: They… They know each oth— They see each other because they get to be together while they’re being monitored, and then when they go back to bed, we separate them out. KL: Hi, baby! You wanna come home? Look at the little one eye is, like, halfway open. [Kitten squeaks while Camera Person says hi] CP: Okaay! KL: Hi, baby! [Soft Squeaks] Oh my g-d that’s a *good* lookin’ crew! Friend: Yeah, I like the variety pack. KL: Yeah. Okaay! Friend: Bye. Thank you, Jacqui! Jacqui: No problem, thank you guys! KL: Okay, so we are home and these are the kittens, we picked out. We got the 4 kittens who were found in an herb garden and we have named them Sage, Basil, Peppermint, and Rosemary. [Big Smooch]
MmmmmwuAH! And we got a little solo kitten who has a potential neurological condition, and we have named her Flower. [Flower gives a raspy meow] Flower, you sure are somethin’! So Flower is not part of the Herb Kittens, but she definitely lives in the same garden. [Cutesy Voice]
We love you already! [Captioned by TK]

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  2. The black and white one seems like it's attached to you as soon as you put it in the cage it was trying to get out but when you got it out it calmed down.

  3. It would be extremely tempting for me not to take all of then home…
    BTW, very good of you to go for the “special needs” kittens!!

  4. Omg it's too much cuteness in you're videos! I almost cried because it's so cute! It's an amazing job you are doing by the way❤️

  5. There's something adorable about seeing you fussing over those little kittens all tatted out and looking like a badass at the same time.

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