I Want That, Marriage | Flower Ever After | Season 1 – EP.05 (Click CC for ENG sub)

Hyun Su, come here. Why? Why? (Flower Ever After) Is it your new place? Go to the right. It’s nice. You got a nice apartment. It’s nice. Hello? Yes, I’ve just arrived. No, it’s okay. My colleagues are helping me. I think it’s not going
to take that long. I’m still sorry. I’ll be there
as soon as I finish my work. Just take care of the big stuff.
I’ll help you with the rest. What if my stomach gets upset
after eating this? I’m already so nervous. You still need to have breakfast
to speak well. -Give me another one.
-Okay. What is your am… Ambi-t-ion as a… (What is your ambition…) I was always curious about
something. How did you get into
the sports major at our school? Doesn’t your major require
high scores of the CSAT? Me? I got in as a sports
specialty student. Don’t you still want to go back
to school? I managed to get through
as a specialty student, -but I can’t keep up anymore.
-You can try. I can help you. I’ll teach you
what you don’t know. -I don’t know. It’s okay.
-Don’t just shrug it off. You said it was hard being
a swimming teacher. -If you come back to school…
-We fight about this every time. Can’t we just not talk about it? -But we need to talk…
-For now, let’s finish your interview,
and then talk about it later. Okay. I let it go today, but we are definitely going to
talk about it later. Do you really want to go
do this internship thing? I do so much. That’s why I’m
applying for the third time. Why do you want to go? My qualification
isn’t outstanding right now. I couldn’t find a job, so I came
to graduate school. At this rate,
after graduation, It would be even more difficult
to find a job because of my age. But this internship abroad will make my resume look good. How many
will get the opportunity? Two or three people
from the school. It is pretty tough. This is for free. I forgot to
give you earlier. Thank you. Wow! Look at this. What is it? An upcoming opportunity
will bring good results. Is she here already? Hyun Su! What brings you two here? Are you already done moving in? We must have come too late. We couldn’t help you,
but we brought you some drinks. You didn’t have to. Come in. What do you think is your
greatest strength? And how can your strength contribute to
our internship program? I’m a very responsible and
detail-oriented person. I will do whatever it takes to
get my job done. I believe my work ethic can help
make the school look better. Okay. One last question. Previously, you applied to our internship program
twice and failed. Why do you think you didn’t
qualify before? What? We should be careful. Leave it there. Do it after you eat. -Okay.
-Okay. -Come here.
-Let’s go. Let’s get some food. It looks so good. -Come sit.
-It looks good. -Thank you for the meal.
-Thank you for the meal. Then I guess you will
live here after marriage. This place looks too big
for one person. Yes. If I get married later, we
would probably live here. It would be too complicated to
move out again. Lucky you. You already have
a house like this. I guess you saved up
a lot of money. It’s all from my loan. I want to get married
and live in a house like this. Chief, is it nice being
married? Of course it is.
Get married quickly. When did you first want
to get married to your wife? Me? From one moment on, it just felt
like she was the one for me. Oh my. That is so corny. It’s true. My ex-girlfriend behaved so well
in front of adults. Even my parents. So that’s when I thought
I should marry her. Just eat this. What about you? When do you want
to marry your girlfriend? When I take her back home. Every time I take her home,
I don’t want to leave. That’s when I think it would be
nice to live together. For me, it’s when we get
along well in bed. -What is that?
-Just kidding. My girlfriend is a great cook. Whenever she cooks tasty dishes,
I want to get married to her. What about you, Woong? One moment. -Hello?
-Woong, I’m screwed. Is it about your interview? How am I supposed to know why
I failed before? They should. The results aren’t even out yet.
Just wait a bit longer. No. It won’t work this time,
either. On top of all this, I just got
my period. I’m going to go crazy. The fortune cookie is
such a lie. Okay. Wait for me at home.
I just finished. See you soon. I have to go now. She is in a bad mood today, so
I have to be with her. Right. What you asked earlier… When I think my girlfriend
can’t live without me. That’s when I think
of marrying her. See you tomorrow. -It was good.
-Right? Chief, I have to go this way. -Okay, go ahead.
-Okay. -Get home safely.
-Bye. See you at work. -Hello.
-Oh, hi. Do you live here? I visited someone
who lives here. -Do you?
-No, my boyfriend lives here. Oh, I see. It’s so nice to run
into you here. -I have to go now, so…
-Okay. See you at the bakery. -Bye.
-Bye. Okay. Hyun Su, I’m here. You’re here. What did you bring? I can’t come to my boyfriend’s
new apartment with empty hands. These are bubble wraps. If you put these here, it’ll
make this place much warmer. Should I stick it here? I’ll help. You need a water sprayer. -Sprayer.
-I didn’t bring one. (Sanitary Pad) Isn’t it too big? Who cares? It’s okay
as long as it tastes good. -Do you want to bet?
-Sure. You make the pork stir-fry,
and I’ll make the stew. Let’s bet on
which one would taste better. The loser has to buy beer. -Okay.
-Okay. (Flavor Enhancer) It can’t taste bad with all that
in there. Who cares? You, too. The meat
and kimchi will make yours good. To the question of when people
want to get married the most, people answered like this. It’s good. It’s good. Yes. Who wins, then? Wouldn’t it be me? Who cares who wins? I’ll end up going to buy
the beer in the end. Hyun Su, buy some soju too. I want a mix of them. Why are you staring at me like
that? I love drinking with you. Fine. I’ll be right back. When they feel that they are the
best drink buddy to each other. Where are you? Come quickly. How would she live without me? When they feel that they
can’t live without each other. Come here. Why? He has something to say. It’s from me. What about Hyun Su? When you want to
marry your girlfriend? I don’t know. I don’t think I’ll ever get
bored with you around. When they feel they could live
a fun life together. Min Chae, I’m here. -Where are you crying this time?
-Woong! Look at this. I got so mad that I went
shopping today. Look. This was a dress
I wanted to get, but I saw it was on sale
for half the price. It was 35,000 won.
Isn’t it so nice? I guess the opportunity in that fortune cookie was this.
Shopping. I’m so happy. Hey. Your socks are… Woong, come here. Ta-da! I knew this would happen,
so I got three pairs for you. I did well, right? If people were to
be more honest, they would have said this. Woong, look at this. Actually, I can’t live
without that person. That’s why I wanted
to marry them. (Actually, I can’t live
without you.) (OST: Yoon Ddan Ddan, Kwon
Jin-ah, Ailee) (Place sponsorship: CommComm
Bakery Cafe) (Clothing sponsorship)

92 thoughts on “I Want That, Marriage | Flower Ever After | Season 1 – EP.05 (Click CC for ENG sub)

  1. uggh, i always envy with this series. i hope my partner in future like this. please don't be apart two couple! i feeling bad about 1 year couple, i hope they are getting married and this series has happy ending. two couple getting married and single woman discover her own partner.

  2. This is giving me Love Playlist feel all over again.
    I was kind of disappointed with the other productions that followed LP, but this one here is REALLY good.
    Its fluffy, its real life, its well written, the acting is really good, and its really making me reflect on my life.
    Only bad thing about it is that its making me feel even lonelier than I already feel.

  3. so i was excited to watch this as soon as i get a ad i said F*** then i found out what it was AND IT WAS A FREAKIN BARBIE ANIMATED AD AND I SAID worst ad tf ever

  4. I honestly love the 1 year couple so much. The more we see of them, the more i like them. Please let them make it. I will really hate the other girl if she causes a break up.

  5. so sweet couples, I want to marry a man who is more understanding than me. and more responsible and mature.

  6. I love the 7 years couple a lot ! But at the same time i guess the Gf is i don't know how ! I feel like she doesn't see if her Bf sad or happy .. 💔 his face is showing that he is a bit sad and disappointed but S H E C A N ' T S E E T H A T ! WHHHY

  7. I love that…. I wanna get married to. But I dont even have a guy in my life .
    9:41 these look amazing! Why these videos always make me hungry?!

  8. not be rude but the girl from the “1year couple” looks like nct johnny in female and the girl from the “7 years couple” looks like BP jennie

  9. Wait, I didn't get why Woong was surprised when he entered home? It wasn't her period or…?

  10. Ugh, it’s tragic but the lack of communication between the 7yrcouple will break them up if they don’t resolve it. You can’t just “not talk about it” or order food instead…

  11. OMG!! The 7-year couple is the best!❤️❤️ they are so comfortable with each other. I want that kind of relationship😊😊😘

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