I Used to Work at This Flower Shop as a Student, Now I Own It

It was Wednesday morning, I was
getting ready for my exams in university. And my boss was ringing me up. She’s like,
I’m selling the shop. I was like, ‘Okay…and?’ She was like, ‘Would you like
to have the shop?’ I love to talk about the flowers.
It started with my grandmother. She loved really unusual
flowers, like black tulips. If you are thinking, 1981, and somebody has a black tulip
for the garden. Oh my God, it’s just like,
amazing. The first year in business,
it was very, very challenging. But on the other hand, it was
kind of beautiful as well, because you’re starting off
something new. When I took over, we didn’t have
a website. So that was my priority. I wanted to bring a little bit
more new things. Or I was trying to bring in
something more continental, because the style
which we have in Europe, it’s absolutely different. Slowly, I changed things. It became more rustic,
a little bit more natural. Also I was trying to test
the customers as well. They might be like,
‘Oh, no, no. We are not buying it. Thanks
very much, I don’t want this.’ So I really had to play with it. But it’s nice, it’s a good,
fun thing to do. And after 5 years I finally
got to the stage when it’s like, Okay, like shop, how it looked
in the past, it’s so-so. But it’s 20 years old. Come on, let’s do
something fresh, something new. And just really make it me,
what is me? Since we changed the shop,
I just, it’s like coming home. I love to work here even more. What was challenging for me, it’s managing. Managing people –
I never did this before and I find it a bit tricky. Being a business owner, it comes
with more responsibilities of course. The paperwork, the marketing. When I was just working here,
I had to just come in and do my job and go home
at six o’clock, finish. But on the other hand,
if you want something and you’re passionate
about something, you just go for it.
And you don’t care if you don’t have a day off,
you don’t care if you don’t have
a few hours to go out. You just go for it and the first year
was all about that. Just push, push, push.

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