93 thoughts on “I Try Making Vegan Tacos Out Of Flowers

  1. I am not even vegan, I just love watching Merle make strange foods. So entertaining. Some of them look good – I would eat that taco!

  2. If you live in the US and have access to a WinCo (on the west coast) they have hibiscus in the bulk section for pretty good price😁

  3. I think what we learned from this and the other grape fruit peel episodes that if it tasted good before being cooked it’s gonna taste good after if not well it’s not gonna be good

  4. "We're gonna let these sit for 2 hours"
    10 seconds later in the video
    "Wow, this is like a super quick recipe"

  5. we have here different kinds of hibiscus, unfortunately we dont have the red color. we have, peach, yellow, orange, pink, and white. is it also edible?

  6. the way she says “today” sounds like from the movie 500 days of summer when summer read the greeting cards from tom, today you are a man mazel tov on your bar mitzvah

  7. Insanely disgusting…
    Also it contains zero nutritional content, humans are unable to ferment plants in our stomach, you are basically absorbing just water and sugar from Flowers.

  8. In Nigeria we use hibiscus to make a drink called Zobo… top 10 drink of all time 🙌🏽
    But I have to say this.. Hibiscus IS NOT VERY SWEET. Stop lying damn!!!!!

  9. I have an honest question, why do vegans and vegetarians try to achieve consistency and taste consistent with meat? If you have chosen to avoid something, why try to make everything you've chosen to eat into what you have chosen not to eat? 🤔

  10. Before watching the video:
    Oh hibiscus petal as a taco shell

    After watching the video:
    Ohhhh hibiscus as a meat


  11. funny, I randomly have 3 pounds of dried hibiscus flowers in my cubbord. I will try this, maybe I have a use for them now!

  12. 5:13 Humboldt resident here (California). "What the hell is that" is absolutely the response I expected.

    Any other "Humboldt" residents/students here from anywhere in the world? I know there's a county in Nevada, a city in Kansas, and a university in Berlin 🙂

  13. If the tumbnail flower you see is red with yellow pollen on a part of it then it is a hibiscus rosa sinensis with isn't used for culinary purposes but for decoration mostly among islanders and if the thumbnail flower you're seeing is a closed reddish-purple one then it is hibiscus sabdariffa which was used in the video as it is used for cooking and is also used to make a Caribbean favorite called sorrel.

  14. What an interesting recipe. I have three large and one small hibiscus bushes inside my house and I always leave the flowers on for quite a while. Then I take them down and dry them to make teas for my family and friends. I might try this recipe next time they all flower.
    I love all of my plants too. We have two 10ft banana trees, two lemon trees, all the hibiscuses, many orchids and a Nordic Pine that has been passed down three generations in my family. I also have three Aerogarden farms and three regular Aerogardens. I've been wanting to get another tree, but we have ran out of room somehow.

  15. I like that you can tell that Merle and Aria are in love Bc they subconsciously copy the other persons body language. One of them laughs the other laughs. One of them leans on the counter the other leans on the counter. And they’re ALWAYS looking at eachother.

  16. My family always made tacos de Jamaica they are delicious, but we make them completely different. A completely different process. I now make them for my family.

  17. Could I use fresh hibiscus flowers? Cause I have a garden full of them and also is it only limited to the red colour? Thank you 🤗

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