I CONCEAL MY PARENTS. I am the worst daughter in the world

Hello everyone. I’m Shirley. And I’m 14 years old. My parents and I live in a small house on
the outskirts. Our house is nice and cozy, but I always wanted
to live in a big house. Like my classmates who have luxurious and
beautiful houses. Next week is my birthday, and I can’t invite
any of my friends because I’m embarrassed about my parents. The fact is that they work as gardeners for
the family of my rich classmate Julia. Fortunately she is a very tactful and well-educated
girl, so she doesn’t tell anyone about this. Her huge house is located on the main street
of our town. It is surrounded by a hedge of roses, which
my mom and dad care for. Everyone knows them as gardeners from the
local rich. But I hide from everyone that I’m their daughter. I study at the most prestigious school in
the city. And naturally all my classmates are from very
wealthy families. Someone’s parents are businessmen or doctors,
others have their own car dealerships. Previously, we also had our own flower shop. And then the crisis came and now my parents
are simple gardeners. I really love my mom and dad, just like they
love me. But when one of my classmates sees us together,
I feel terribly embarrassed. At breakfast my mother asked how many people
I want to invite to my 15th birthday. And I said that for some reason I didn’t want
to celebrate. Although in fact I really wanted to have a
big celebration: with balloons, cake and with a lot of friends. But my old house and my parents, who always
wear coveralls, didn’t fit into the picture of an ideal birthday. The next day I saw Julia’s mother brought
her to school. A classmate was in the same school uniform
as I was. Parents always bought me an expensive uniform
so that I didn’t differ from other classmates. And her mother was very beautiful, well-groomed,
in an expensive dress and high-heeled shoes. She drove a car herself. And I arrived on a school bus. Oh, how I also wanted to come to classes by
car and with such a beautiful mom. But my mom couldn’t afford to buy expensive
dresses, and we didn’t have a car at all. We sold it at the same time with our store. That day the classroom teacher at the school
announced a parent-teacher meeting for children to come with their parents. Usually meetings were held without children
and I didn’t pay attention to them. And now I had to introduce everyone to my
parents. I was ready to fall through the ground. Is it really that in a few days everyone will
find out that my parents are gardeners? I decided that I would pretend to have a cold. And that I wouldn’t go to the meeting. Although it makes no difference, because everyone
will understand that these are my parents. I had to confess everything to mom and dad. I said that I didn’t want all my classmates
to know that my parents are ordinary gardeners. Mom burst into tears and took offense at me,
and Dad frowned terribly and started a serious conversation. He said that I was an ungrateful daughter. He and my mother do everything possible to
ensure that I studied at a prestigious school and dressed no worse than my classmates. That is why they always wear the same clothes. And then I felt terribly ashamed, because
these are my dear mother and father. They try so hard just for my sake, and I’m
really an ungrateful daughter. For birthday they presented me with a gorgeous
dress, which I had long dreamed of. I was extremely happy with such a gift. But then I realized that I didn’t deserve
it. I took it and returned it to the store, and
on recieved money I bought the best dress for mom and a shirt for my father. Because they never bought anything for themselves
because of me. I gave presents to my parents and apologized
for everything. Of course they forgave me. The next day we all went to the meeting together. Mom in the new dress was the most beautiful,
and dad put on my shirt and looked as if he again became the owner of the store. I was extremely proud of my parents and was
grateful to them for everything that they do for me. I realized that it’s absolutely not important
where my parents work and how they look like. They are the best for me and I love them madly. I want to say that we must be attentive to
parents, appreciate everything they do for us. No need to be selfish and think only of yourself. Thanks to our mothers and fathers we were
born, it is thanks to them we have what to eat and what to wear. Put your likes under the video if you also
think so and love your parents. If parents cannot afford to buy the most expensive
clothes and iPhones for us, this is not a reason to reproach them, and even more so
ashamed of them. Subscribe to the channel if you like my story. And send yours to see them on this channel. And remember: Our parents work hard and try
only for our sake. And we must support them in everything and
be grateful.

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