I Bought Myself A Girlfriend

Hey! I’m Rodger. Have you ever made any rash purchases – the
ones where when you get back home, you felt petty for your own stupidity, and just go
back to the store and return the things you bought? Here’s the thing – I recently sort of
bought myself a girlfriend. No, I’m not a millionaire or anything. And the family I come from is pretty average
in terms of income, ‘cause my dad’s a carpenter and my mom’s an illustrator. We were not poor though. I mean, my parents could afford to send me
to college, where I’m studying now in my second year. You might ask where I got money for a girlfriend
though, and I’ll tell you: when I was 14 and dad and I went to the city to do his errands,
I saw an extremely awesome car. It was an Aston Martin, and it was one of
the latest models. And when I heard my dad’s sigh, which, I
thought was indicating his own unfulfilled dreams, I decided that when I grow up, I’ll
do everything in my power to provide my parents with a better life. For starters, I began looking for any way
to make a dollar whenever it was possible and I saved all the money I earned. At first, I was a helper in a flower shop,
run by our neighbor. Then I worked part-time at the carwash and
as a janitor in one of the local cafés, and as soon as I entered college, I started making
money as a teaching assistant. So, by the time this story happened, I managed
to save a few thousand dollars and was right away thinking of either starting any business
or investing it in the stock market. And that’s when I met Becky. Oh, she looked like a model or something,
with her perfect body, long blond hair, and big green eyes. For me, it was love at first sight, or a spark,
or whatever it’s called. But she obviously was not considering me as
a possible boyfriend. I’m not sure if she would have noticed me
at all if I hadn’t distinguished myself during our macroeconomics class, fending off
the professor’s questions. Anyway, as soon as she understood that I was
kinda smart, she began being friendly with me. And even though my fellas were saying that
she only needed me to do her homework, I didn’t mind, ‘cause I thought that this friend
zone would eventually give me an opportunity to ask her out. You would be amazed if you knew how many times
I tried to ask Becky on a date. But she was always in the middle of something
important. I knew that such a special girl deserved something
special, so I thought that maybe it was the way I was asking her out that didn’t actually
work. That’s why once, I mustered up all the courage
that I had and asked her on a date right in the middle of a lecture. I promised to make it a real fairy tale for
her if she said yes. People around us began giggling and hooting,
and the professor promised to arrange a personal fairytale for me in the form of a pop-quiz,
but all that didn’t matter, because Becky finally said “yes.” It turned out that it was extremely hard to
come up with a perfect scenario for a fairy tale date. All my friends were suggesting different classy
things, like a bouquet of roses and a walk in the park, but I desperately wanted to amaze
her. I thought it wouldn’t be a big deal if I
put my hand in my savings to, you know, make that evening totally memorable, and for that,
I definitely needed some money. So, on the big day, I ordered the flowers
to be delivered to her starting in the early morning and kept different bouquets coming
every hour till 6 P.M., when we were supposed to meet at a restaurant. After dinner, we went to a park, where a horse
and carriage were already waiting for us, and after a short ride, we sat together on
a park bench with a wonderful view of the night city and I gave her a nice silver bracelet. Yeah, I know, I might have been a little stupid
to risk that much, ‘cause she promised me nothing, but I was totally in love with Becky. And when she gave me a kiss I understood that
it was worth every dollar I spent. Of course, since that date, we became an actual
couple and during the whole next week from time to time, I heard other girls whispering
and gossiping about that night, which actually meant that Becky liked it so much that she
kept bragging to everyone about how romantic I was. I was totally happy with her and I basically
felt like I could fly. There was only one thing that didn’t bother
me at first, but at some point started to become very suspicious – Becky kept demanding
presents and surprises from me. And even though I knew that all girls like
experiencing that kind of stuff from time to time, I couldn’t help but think that
my girlfriend turned out to be quite a materialistic gist. I’ll explain a little. One day, Becky kept giving me hints that she
badly needed a beautiful and expensive dress, and it happened to be on sale, but she didn’t
have enough money and so on. So, I bought it for her. In the next two days, she asked me to go with
her to pick up a present for her friend who had a birthday coming up, and while doing
so, she found some nice shoes to match that dress I bought earlier. So, I bought them, and that stupid present
for a friend of hers. A month into our relationship, she said it
was our first anniversary and so on, so… you know, I had to spend some money again. Yes, I know, I should’ve talked to her about
that, it’s just, I loved her and couldn’t resist when she started using that baby-talk
and stuff. Anyway, then spring break came and I really
wanted to visit my family back in my hometown. I told Becky about that and she really surprised
me by saying that she also wanted to come, to be introduced to my mom and dad. This was quite unexpected and totally awesome,
so I bought two tickets instead of one and called mom to say that I wouldn’t be coming
alone. I saw how nervous and anxious Becky was in
the airplane, and she kept asking what she should do to please my mom and what topics
my dad liked to discuss and stuff like that. And when we arrived to my house, I noticed
that my parents were also, sort of, getting ready, to entertain us. Everything was sparkling and fresh flowers
were everywhere, and I suddenly felt like I could really become one family with Becky
someday and I even saw a picture in my head of how we would come here every Christmas… But you know what was strange? Becky seemed to be surprised by what she was
seeing, I mean, the house, and my parents, but not in a good way. As soon as she entered the house it seemed
to me that she had an expression of disgust on her face as if something smelled bad there. And when my mom hugged her, saying that it
was nice to meet her, she barely smiled and said nothing. She was silent during the whole dinner and
practically ate nothing, although everything was really delicious and I saw that my mom
had spent hours cooking the whole meal. And then Becky simply said that she had to
get back to college and left the table. The next day she demanded that I drop her
off at the airport. Everybody was so confused, especially me,
taking into account that she was the one who suggested we come here together. I rushed to talk to her and even though I
felt really offended, I tried to sound calm. She, on the other hand, turned hysterical
and started accusing me of lying to her by saying something like I came from a wealthy
family just to have a relationship with her. And now it turned out that my family could
barely afford to have a decent meal on the table. This made me really angry. Normally, I don’t let anybody talk like
that about my parents, but that time I happened to fall in love with that somebody and just
really didn’t want to lose her after a simple misunderstanding. I tried to explain to Becky that I wasn’t
a liar and that her behavior was inappropriate, but she didn’t want to listen. So, she just left and I stayed there, at a
total loss for words. Of course, after the break was over I had
to get back to college and I was pretty sure that Becky had already spread the word about
my dishonesty and other nasty stuff. But something totally opposite happened right
on the first day we saw each other. She rushed to me and started apologizing for
being rude with my parents, and she said that she regretted what she had done the moment
she left my house and many other really surprising things. Honestly, at that moment, I seriously thought
that she might be suffering from a bipolar disorder or something, ‘cause she really
behaved like a totally different girl. This made me happy though since I was still
in love with her and missed her badly. Later that day when I told my fellas about
the amazing change in Becky’s attitude (they already knew about our far from being a nice
trip to my parents story), one of them – Sam, made a confession and after that things, sort
of, fell into place. He said that soon after Becky returned, he
heard her telling her girlfriends some pretty crappy things about my family and our home. As a good friend, he couldn’t let her do
that, and in an attempt to protect me he came up with a story that my family was extremely
rich and that day, when she saw that house that she didn’t like that much, it was a
simple test for her in order for me to find out whether she was a gold digger or not. Judging by her behavior, he told her that
she failed it. I couldn’t believe that this was true. It actually meant that the girl I cared so
much about had changed her mind not because she regretted that she dumped me, but because
she thought that I was rich. This also meant that she initially wasn’t
hooked on me, but on the money I spent to amaze her. Sam also said that he didn’t want her to
come back to me, but he just wanted to teach her a lesson or something. Now, as y’all might have guessed, Becky is
the one who is trying to keep our relationship intact. Truly, I don’t have any money for expensive
gifts anymore – I spent most of it during the first month of our relationship, so now
I’m again kinda saving hard to fulfill my dreams. I’m still into Becky, even after everything
I know about her. I just hope that maybe someday, when the time
comes for me to reveal the truth, she will already be in love with me, and not with my
mythical money. Did you think this could ever happen? Leave your answers in the comments and don’t
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