I Bought Everything Advertised To Me In One Day

Guess what the plus in
Lamps Plus is? Diamond panthers. ( music playing ) Hey, GMM, this is Jordan. For today’s experiment
we are going to buy everything we see an add for using Rhett and Link’s
corporate card. Whether it be on a billboard,
in a commercial. So, obviously there’s
some caveats to this. We can’t buy cars.
No plane tickets. This is “Good Mythical Morning,”
not “Oprah.” God, I wish I worked for Oprah. For the most part,
if there’s a thing we can buy, we will buy it. This is something you’ll
learn about me over the course of this
segment, I am a boring man. And you are watching,
“CBS This Morning.” Okay, I’m not sure what
this is a commercial for. There’s people just riding
bikes, jumping in a pond. Oh, cold sore medication? I’ve been dying to get
my hands on the 316. Tylenol, slowly dissolving. Herbal Essences. No gluten, that’s good. I wish this was an add
for that puppy. This is Claritin. Apparently, a smokey eye
can get too smokey. I’m a Keurig man myself. I know people say
it’s wasteful. Dulce De Leche pancakes. “Kevin Can Wait.” My favorite show
that I’ve never seen. All right, so we wrote down
everything we saw, we bought it online, now it’s time to hit the road
to work. Uh, we’re going to
the GMM offices and we’re gonna buy
everything we see an ad for along the way. All right, I’ve gone four
seconds without seeing an add. I think that’s a record
for today. Oh, okay, up here on the left,
a billboard for
“Ready Player One” which is something that I was
going to see because I am a pudgy white guy
in my mid-thirties. “YMI Jeans.
Wanna betta butt?” I mean, I think I have
a pretty nice butt as far as butts go. Oh, okay. It looks like
Lamps Plus is advertising a half off sale. Let’s do it.
Let’s get a half-off lamp.
That’s a great deal. Sorry Rhett and Link.
I’m actually gonna be a little late into
the office. I guess the beef wellington
segment will have to wait
till I get there. Guess what the plus
in Lamps Plus is? Diamond panthers. Looks like there’s some
adds for the “Aladdin” at the Pantages. So I had to stop at
the Pantages, grab my ticket to “Aladdin.” I’m gonna be seeing
that tonight. So, yeah, I guess
Rhett and Link, I’m gonna be
a little bit later. Hope you guys have fun
shooting each other with T-shirt cannons. We got hit with this add
for Acai bowl! I’m gonna taka a couple
bites of this and then head to the office. Okay, it’s the first beverage
add I think I’ve seen today. Hubert’s Lemonade. Winks at me like that
one uncle did at Thanksgiving. I can’t believe there’s
free STD checks. I guess I’m getting
tested for syphilis. Got a big ol’ billboard
for Coors Light. I think I haven’t had
a Coors Light since… I was gonna say college
but I think realistically
Sunday. I was gonna try and play it off like I would never touch
a Coors Light. I actually do.
I’ll mess with a Coors Light. Okay, here is a flower shop. As a single man, I haven’t
anyone to give these to. But you know,
these are for me. This liquor store I am
pulling into has an add for RockStar
Energy drink and Jack Daniel’s
Fine Tennessee Spirits. You can look forward
to me puking. Hey, just got out of
the liquor store. Got this Hubert’s Lemonade. Tall boy of Coors Light. RockStar.
Jack Daniel’s. And of course,
a scratch off Lotto ticket. If I hit it big,
I will just quit, and not do the rest
of the segment. All right. No.
I didn’t win. So I think we’ll just
get going to the office. Del Taco, some great ads
in their window. We’re also going to grab
everything else – that they are advertising.
– Clerk: Welcome to Del Taco. I’ll take the, uh, two for four
beer batter fish tacos. – Uh-huh.
– Two for five jumbo shrimp
tacos. Can I just have one of
everything on your 69 cent
and under menu? So, yeah, I seem like
a psychopath. Or maybe just someone
who’s going to a fun party. You know what?
That’s what I’m going with. Um, I actually went back home. Today’s kind of a wash,
I don’t think I would make it
into the office. Rhett and Link,
I hope you’re having fun naming fake dinosaurs? I’m gonna try to make
a dent in this Del Taco, uh, I’m gonna go online
and buy everything I saw on an ad for today. Uh, and also just kind of
check out my email, social media, stuff like that. Uh, oh, boy,
a lot of junk mail. Livin Skynard,
a tribute to Lynyrd Skynyrd. It’s July 19th
at the Orange County Fair. Starbucks?
They have a blonde espresso. Best Buy, boy, a laptop. Say! Thanks a lot
Rhett and Link. And ad for Hotels.com. For tonight for “Aladdin”
I’m crashin’ in Burbank. Man, it’s been a long day
of buying everything advertised to me,
so I will see you when
all of my stuff comes. I am in my beautiful
Burbank Hotel suite, and on the bed is my haul. So there’s a lot of
over the counter medication, including some pain relief, which I will definitely need after my side-split from
watching “Kevin Can Wait.” He’s sitting on the roof. That’s not where you sit. “Wanna Betta Butt Jeans.” Oh, okay, I think I can make
the “Wanna Betta Butt Jeans”
fit. I don’t know that it’s
significantly “betta.” I’ve got my Green Mountain
coffee pods. See if I can eat a couple of
these and get internet famous. The uh, Dulce De Leche pancakes
from Denny’s. God, what kind of amazing
monster eats this for breakfast. Now I can wipe off with
a little Neutrogena. It’s a little weird being
in a hotel room with
a leaf blower. Dude, I got a Dell. “Dude, you’re getting a–” Do you remember those
commercials? Uh, great news for everybody. I passed my syphilis test. Staying up all night
studying it for it. Abreva cold sore medication. I’ll probably just leave this
in Link’s dressing room. What I’m gonna do is just
put a little bit of every drink that was advertised to me
in one glass. I call it a corporate card. ( groans )
Oh, this sucks. And of course, maybe my
favorite item that
we bought today. Diamond panther from Lamps Plus. – Thanks Rhett and Link.
– ( knocking ) Oh. It’s actually room service. No, that’s technically not
part of the experiment, but I, uh, still have
the corporate card, so– God, I hope someone’s been
blurring these numbers. Rhett:
Stick around, because the only
thing better than news bloopers is a game about news bloopers. Link: You don’t need to buy
everything advertised to you, just the stuff we advertise
to you. Like these T-shirts from
our Amazon store.

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