Hydrangea Flower Arrangements : Hydrangea Flower Arrangement With Roses

Okay what you can do is add some nice roses
to your hydrangea bowl. Makes a nice centerpiece. It could be pretty for parties. At your home
or even a formal party. Just add your roses dotted in between the hydrangeas like that.
Again, you want to make sure you’re cutting each stem and just go in between the hydrangeas
like this and just leave the roses on the surface. And you just pick pretty colors that
go together. You can pretty much mix any colors you like. The red roses look real pretty with
the blue and the white. And again we’re just going to go around like that and we’re going
to tuck in some roses. And this is how you make a pretty centerpiece. It’s even elegant
enough for a wedding. You’re just going to go around like this making sure that your
flowers are down in the water. Cut them and tuck them in like that. And there you go.
Just beef up that bowl of hydrangeas and make it look richer. And that’s how you add roses
to your bowl of hydrangeas.

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