Hydrangea Flower Arrangements : Hydrangea Flower Arrangement Care

Okay and then to care for your hydrangea bowl
you want to make sure that it’s filled completely to the top with water. Because hydrangeas
do drink a lot of water. So every day you want to add water to it. And that’ll keep
them firm. If you feel the hydrangeas starting to get a little limp kind of like limp lettuce
that means they’re not drinking. So what you can do is gently pull the hydrangea out of
the arrangement if you have to, as it’s getting limp, pull it out, give it a fresh cut like
that, and then tuck it back into the water. That’s going to open up the stem and keep
the hydrangea firm and crisp looking. That’s going to keep it lasting longer and looking
fresher. Hydrangeas also come in a variety of different colors. These are some blue and
some white ones. But they come in greens and pinks. You can also buy some floral tints
and spray them whatever colors you want. If you’re do at a wedding and you need a particular
color you could tint the hydrangeas to match the bridesmaids dresses or whatever linens
you’re using on the tables. Just basically it’s a universal centerpiece with a nice combination
of flowers. And that’s how you keep the hydrangeas looking fresh and lasting longer.

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