Hello, this is Bryce. Hey, this
is Julie. Are all these for you? Yeah, they are. Okay. Okay. Okay, thank you. Today is an appreciation post for Nells. We’re going to fill this with flowers
and a few other things. It’s going to be good. Nellie’s favorite flower is a
sunflower. So he had to throw that in. I’m debating just laying here until Nellie comes home Just like “oh!” “nothing…what are you doin?” Just… Oh, weird. It’s a hundred long-stem
roses. What am I doing? Okay. This is the first part of the
shipment coming in. We’ve got more. The last time I did a surprise like this
was when I filled our house with puppies and by house I mean an actual house, not this motor home that is
currently our house that we live in. That was also when I had
that nasty beard. So, uh, I really wish someone would have told me, like at least given me your
opinion that I needed to shave it, that it was gross and I
should get rid of it. Anyway. Now here we are with this surprise. That
was the last surprise I did for Nells. The last surprise she did for
me was that we were pregnant. Now you’re probably thinking, how
can you be surprised you’re pregnant. You played a role in that. You’re
right, and I did my role in that, but I didn’t know we were pregnant. And if you haven’t seen
a video that’ll be here, you can check it on the link down
below in the description as well. We’re expecting baby number two in
fact, we also just uploaded a video, about baby’s gender. You should
watch that if you haven’t seen it. And here we are now. But let’s go back to almost two years ago
when we were about to have baby number one our channel, the whole reason we created “The Jurgys” was to inspire families to travel and adventure more together. Whatever
your family may be, you. So we thought if we do an adventure
in every state that’ll give people no excuse, we’ll show them something fun they
can do with their friends and family. Literally within a couple
hours drive from their home. We went from our home to 200 square
feet, full couch, full couch, dinette, small kitchen, small
bedroom. I say we get it. Nonstop our minds were focused
on this 50 state trip. There was just so much involved
in it that hasn’t been on camera. Our relationship of this happy couple
happy family was still there and strong, but also there was more components at
it of like business partners and travel agents part of this TV show and they
had all this other stuff going in. It was exciting of that’s going on at
the same time that Nell’s is trying to heal. She’s trying to figure out
how to breastfeed. Very sore. I won’t even pretend to know what that’s
like to go through those adjustments and all that same time. We don’t know where we’re staying two
nights from now over 18 months like were always on the move. It was just a lot and so today I wanted
to make a day of appreciation for her. Avie’s first bite I uploaded a video…it was public for a few hours, got like 6,000 views and I quickly
pulled it just saying, Hey, if Nellie has touched you in any way
for you to send something for her, I’m going to incorporate
anything that’s sent. Even if it’s just one
letter in this surprise, video’s not going on our
channel page, just uploading it. She’s not going to be on YouTube today.
You can’t make up for lost moments. And that’s not what I’m trying to do here. You can’t go a year without
giving appreciation to your
spouse and then saying, Hey, here’s 5,000 flowers to show my
appreciation for all that past time. That’s not what this is. This isn’t
building credit for the future tomorrow. I need to love her too and
share my appreciation for
her there as well. So I’ll, I’m just rambling right now.
I’m sorry. I’m excited. Anyway, I’m excited to have you be part
of this, to share this with. Got flowers in the drawers and the
cabinets. I’m stepping on flowers. Huge. Shout out to for sponsoring this video. Thank you so much guys for being a
part of this appreciation day for Nells. In fact, you should follow them on Instagram
because they’re doing a big giveaway for Valentines and they have other great
stuff coming out in the future. Also, check us out at the druggies
after you follow them. Um, and they’re also doing a big 20%
off discount on their entire site. So for anyone watching this video,
there’s a link in the description. If you’re watching on
your phone or on desktop, go into the description that link that
goes to their site and give you 20% off anything. And they do
offer same day delivery. So if you’re just remembering
or you’re like, ah, I really should get something for
so-and-so for Valentine’s and whatever. I know, I know we all got roped
into this holiday if you need it. They got you covered and they
should be here soon. Final touch. Handwrittens always cause, Oh Bryce, why in your world. Where are these from? the heck [inaudible]
where’s your secret camera? Okay, what is it? What is happening right now? This is going on. This is crazy sauce. Great. No, I want to just lay down. Yeah, of course I am. I’m pregnant. Does my mom know you were doing this? She’s like, let’s go hit target.
What’d you get? Can you explain? And how did I not know about this? We
all pulled it off. All these packages. Of course. Some of them are from Sydney. I’m Ash, Adam and max. Yeah, I’ve won. I don’t even know how
you can pull something off like this. How did you, Oh, you got in your mouth. Dearest Nellie. Our friendship
started so it’s not even emotionally. I don’t have any emotional. The day that video came out I was in
the middle of waiting for a miracle or waiting for a miscarriage and we’re
praying for us and I knew it wasn’t a, I’m praying for you and
then you actually don’t. I knew you were taking time out
of your day to pray over us. We actually prayed for them
off and you remember that friend that just meant so much to me. Thank you guys. Help for us.
Thank you Ash for sending that. We hope to meet you guys someday for
real and we did pray for them a lot. We did pray for you a lot and ate. It was around the time of year. You got a lot of flowers and cards. We friends keep her roses or chocolates. I just wanted to say you are a positive
energy and dedication with your family has been so inspiring. Songs. Cool slide, right? Dan
is his YouTube channel. He wants some chocolate. They’re very
good for you, but daddy got him. Look, this one’s a shape of a heart. You’re welcome. Nellie. Even though we have not met, I want to thank you so much for sharing
your family with us. They are Mary, your strength and courage to put your
life for all living in the good life RV. I know they, my name is Tammy. I have subscribed to your channel and
love watching your videos make me feel happy and I have to smile
tomorrow. You can have one a day. One a day. It was good.
Huh? You ate that theory cause I don’t want to give her kids
treats myself. You can if you want. If I had ever so refreshing that you guys
see all the wonder in the world as you do this adventure, your
daughter’s learning so much. I always keep this sense of wonder
over life. It’s the goal. I’m alone. I can cry. Holy moly. There’s a lot.
I don’t even know what to do next. No, only this image of the temple was
drawn by a friend. It’s an original, just like your singing would have you
believe that you’re lacking and not enough air and more than enough love. You
more chill. I love Jen Makin. Whoa. This is from you did a while ago. Yeah. Yeah. I’ve had him saved in the
RV. No idea. Where did you put them? I hadn’t made my one wheel
compartment out there. Do you want to keep reading
alone or do you want me to, it’s easier to read without
you cause then I can cry. Should we go give these to people? Okay. Okay. Hello. Hi. I want to thank
you for being you women at VidCon. I feel connected to all of these
over. He hasn’t filed like Bryce. I know Leah was making this juncture
and all for you to journal, add photos, views, however you want. How
crazy it is. She explained a little, gosh and Kim Milburn “you’re the greatest” it’s a cheese grater It is refreshing to see that there are
still good people in the world to really make my hearts in my home. I can’t handle all this Merriam
….. haha this has to be from Germany. or
something inspired me to explore more. Maybe I am a bit like you, 15
years old. We love Germany. Jen Coleman, Nevada or Jersey. Jessica Graves, John Williams, California, Adam Harris. do not bend .haha I was starting to I personally been through my
share of mental struggles. Can’t explain to you how much you’ve
helped me enjoy life a little bit more. PS. Do what you wish with the gift.
I always liked the comparison of Nellie and Lara Croft, Tomb
Raider original film, cell limited edition presentation. Hey,
if I can be compared to Laura Croft, man I can do anything There’s so many people who
have perfect lives online, but support and to share that we’re all
imperfect and we’ll have to fight to be happy and positive. This is crazy. It’s hard to believe. I’ve been
watching you guys for two years already. I started it when you did the
collab with what’s inside. After I watched that video,
I start at the beginning. You were the first person that
made me believe myself again. What time I started watching your video
as it was looking at venture through you thinking that I was as close I would
ever get venture just cause the doctors told me how they thought it would be, didn’t mean they had to make it so and I
honestly did not expect an answer back. I mean at that time you were coming up
on 200K subs and I was just one you did answer was February,
2018 you can turn me on. He kept at me and I didn’t want to
let you down so I kept going though. You pushing me to be better I might still be in that
basement in Minnesota on my cane. That cane had been a part
of me for five years. Have more confidence than ever
now and not thank you enough. I hope this letter shows you have, how much you’ve done for me. Well
that was a good one. Jen am I like dreaming right now? I just want to like do this for
every single person in the world. And if everybody got a letter like this,
letters like this one. So their life, if they could manage to get through
anything your husband sure does love you. You both have inspired me. In insane amount of ways primarily
knowing what love is should look like. So thank you know Nellie,
without knowing it, you can show me what a truly strong
women and mothers should look like. Also telling me that there’s no excuse to live your life to the absolute fullest. Make me excited to be a
mother one day. That is so precious, man. If I can just make women
feel like they can be wonderful, they’re worth, that’s incredible. Yosemite National Parks.
Oh, my favorite place in the world. Oh, a lot of letters to go. It’s crazy to think that you don’t think
you are having an effect on people or your family or anything, but it goes to show that the
simplest things can change someone’s life. So it matters who you are,
matters what you share. People like you make the world a better
place. What a good follow up. Super good handwriting The Lord is using you in a big way. Literally all I want. Thank
you for being a vessel. You are a shining light in this dark world Age 11 Molina, you have
better handwriting than most. I’m going to grab all these
letters. Oh yeah, see it is there. It’s a little, but
it’s there. Take all these. I feel like I should go around and gift these to people, these flowers cause I
can’t use all of these. I would be fun to deliver them to
Lake or nursing home or women’s shelter. Cutest little card I ever did. See
Maddie Searle. It’s nice to watch a young couple’s growth. You’re going
to be a great love your kid. You’re going to be great. Barbara Germany Dear Nells this little
calendar shall bring you and Avalyn this some little joy until Christmas.
Sorry, Bryce got this to me way later than Christmas But I will do this next Christmas
Kathleen, Robert Michigan. Can’t wait to full-time RV.
Thanks for being so inspiring. So I’m in the RV and had been like crying
a ton because Bryce is so sweet and you’re also sweet when I look at you, I see an amazing, beautiful woman if that
radiates Love. Tina! Thank you everybody who wrote
all these letters to me. I have tons of letters here. Anytime you have incredible support
systems and boxes and packages, it’s endless and your goals are epic. Thank you for including us on your journey.
I honestly just encourage everybody. If there’s somebody you know who’s down
or you haven’t talked to in a while to write a letter, there’s like flowers coming out of the cupboards.
Thank you everybody. I love all of you. If it’s the best, it’s so funny. I literally was praying like
yesterday about how like dark this world is. And it’s like, “Am I doing enough?” like how do I help all these bad
things that are going on like I just want to be light and just the Lord to
help me to know how to do that. Well these letters, ooooh man. This is the last one
from Bryce. I’m pretty sure it’s the last one. Never received so many flowers. He could
have just gotten me this huge bouquet. it’s HUGE. Its got like 100 roses in there. Can’t express in words How much I appreciate doing life with you. How much I appreciate
you doing life with me. Thank you from all my existence
for your love, patience, [inaudible] I can’t read this. We’ve gone
through a storm together. Now let’s enjoy the flowers [inaudible] flowers by Nells and Samon We’re giving these roses to a lady in my church who is battling a rare aggressive cancer Who is like SO amazing


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