How Tribute Store Benefits Funeral Homes and Families

Hi, I’m Vance Vlasak with Frazer Consultants. I’m a senior sales consultant here. And today I’m going to talk to you about
our Tribute Store. I think one of the big advantages of the Tribute
Store for the funeral home is the fact that we’re able to bypass all the big-box flower
shops like Teleflora, FTD and 1-800-Flowers. We’re actually able to work with any of your
local florists of choice. And if you have multiple florists you like
to work with, we can easily rotate those order through on an even basis between those florists. By working with your local flower shops of
choice, we can help eliminate orders going to the flower shops you’d prefer them not
to go to. If you have multiple locations of your funeral
home, we actually set up each of your locations as its own, individual store, so each location
can have different florists from city to city. With so many ways to order flowers online
these days, families will find a way to order them online whether you have it on your website
or not. By having the Tribute Store activated on your
website, is going to give you the most control for where these orders are going. Another advantage for the flower shops is
that we’re typically able to increase the volume of orders you’re getting on an annual
basis. The majority of the orders that we do capture
are coming from out-of-town folks. So that tells us that your local folks are
still going direct to your local flower shops and their local flower shops of choice. But the out-of-town folks don’t typically
know those local flower shops. So, by directing these orders to the funeral
home website, we’ll get them to that local flower shop of choice. One of the biggest advantages with the Tribute
Store compared to big-box flower shops is the fact that we have no contracts. There’s no monthly fees, there’s no annual
fees, or wire transfer fees to the flower shop. The flower shop also has full control over
the prices that are going to be displayed on the website. They also have control over which arrangements
will be displayed. While we do have 180 different arrangements
that are available, not all of them have to be used. Another advantage of the flowers shops is
the fact that we do all of the customer service side of things for them as well as any administrative
work. So, we take care of all credit card processing,
we collect and remit the applicable taxes. With the customer service, we have an 800
number that’s manned by our staff from 6 a.m. until midnight central time. There’s a live chat feature. They can also email for help as well. If you’d like to learn more about our Tribute
Store, please click on the link below.

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