How to: Water Your Plants

Hi everyone, its Elizabeth from Flowers
Talk Tivoli and welcome to my kitchen one of the questions we get asked all
the time at the shop is how do I water my plants? a lot of people think that
giving plans a little bit of water here and there is the right thing to do or oh
I’ll water my plants whenever I think of it, that can do a little bit more harm
than good for your plants. Plants prefer to dry out really well between waterings
except for ferns they like to be kept relatively moist and consistent with
their watering, but most tropicals like to dry out between waterings. So I
thought I would just jump on here do a quick little video for you so you can
see how I water plants at home. So I’ve already gone ahead and filled my sink
both basins with luke warm to cooler water I don’t use hot water I don’t use
cold water so lukewarm to cool water I’ve already filled and we like to let
plants gurgle so we like them to soak up water from the bottom and we also like
to water them from the top if you’re only gonna water your plant from the top
if your soil is really tight the water is just going to run across the top down
the sides of the pot and at the bottom and you’re gonna think you’ve given your
plants are really good water the key to proper watering is to keep the plants in
their growers pots so these plastic pots here that you buy your plants from us
they come in from the growers their best to stay in those they’ve got great holes
in the bottom for drainage and then you can really you really don’t have the
chance of over watering it like if it was in a pot that didn’t have any
drainage and you don’t know how much you watered it you don’t know how much water
sitting at the bottom of it if the plants are sitting in too much water it
can cause root rot and then your plants are pretty much pretty much done at that
point once they get root rot so we suggest doing is again putting the
couple of inches of lukewarm water in the base of your sink and then take your
sprayer hose and then just going across the top of the plants depending on the
size of the pot you could do this for like 30 seconds you could do it for a
couple of minutes but just make sure it gets really nice
and saturated also water on the leaves is really great too it cleans off all
the dust helps with photosynthesis and then also makes your plants lot shinier
also. Larger plants you could do this in the bathtub or the shower, that’s what I
do with my large ficus and my large schefflera, I put them in the shower and
then I let them sit there for a couple minutes let the water pour down from the
top let them get nice water all over their leaves and I noticed the next day
they’re just they’re so happy and their leaves are nice and shiny. So depending on the size of the
plant you can let your plants sit there for a couple of minutes and again
letting the water soak up from the bottom and then you just take your
little guys out shake them off really really well, shake shake shake shake shake shake and
then just pop them back into their decorative pot like that and then let it
sit with the sense of areas and the Zizi plants they can go for a couple weeks
without watering but with the monster is the ficus plants they’re an 8 to 10 inch
size like these ones here I suggest putting this in your sink probably every
10 to 14 days or so it’s better to again give them a good good good soap as
opposed a little bits of water here and there you’re not gonna have to water
them as often and you’re gonna know that your plants are getting the the water
that they really need if you guys have any questions about plants flowers
anything come visit us at the shop we’d be more than happy to answer any of
your of your plant questions so again thank you so much for watching and we’ll
see you at the shop!

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