How to use Rhapis in flower arrangement? 棕竹怎麼用? FT-06

( Please choose Subtitles and Subscribe ) Welcome to the Floral Trivia , today I show you how to use Rhapis, it is also known as Five Fingers Palm We used Rhapis as a companion, its foliage was bigger, but before it was inserted into the foam,we should know how to deal with it We should not put Rhapis as long as it is, otherwise it will be easily displaced, and we usually cut it to 1 ” Do you know what is the difference between these two pieces of Rhapis? The leaves of this Rhapis growing downward , below the horizontal line, and the other leaves are growing up We should remove the inverted leaves for easy insertion of it Usually relatively large Rhapis will have inverted leaves In addition, there are two ways of cutting Rhapis. First, we push the Rhapis gently and cut it at the desired length. Second, we cut the leaves Rhapis piece by piece I first trim the top part of the middle one ,then each piece should be one inch shorter than the previous one , the other side is also the same method of pruning, resulting in this shape I cut the leaves of Rhapis to 1 and a half, and then inserted the whole leaf into the foam, it will be firm I will remove the inverted leaves of this Rhapis ,and then completely put into the foam firmly We can also put the Rhapis in the floral foam side Today, I have showed you how to use Rhapis ,first of all we have to know how to get rid of the inverted leaves, in addition, we have two ways to trim Rhapis In first method, I started by pruning the middle one and then cut each piece one inch shorter than the previous one The second method is to push the Rhapis up, and then cut in the required length In addition, we only need to reserve 1 inch leaf stems for insertion of foam. Everyone later use Rhapis should bear in mind the above main points

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