How to Take Pine Pollen Tincture

Hello I’m Logan Christopher from Lost Empire Herbs and in this video we’re talking about Pine Pollen Tincture. Now tincture is an alcohol extract of an herb, in this case pine pollen and what this does with the pine pollen which is known for its hormonal supporting effects, is it draws out those hormones then when you take the texture allows them to enter more directly into the bloodstream. That’s what the smaller amount you can get even supercharged effects in that department. So how to use the tincture? Just squeeze, we recommend a dropperful like this, pour it under the tongue, hold it there for 15 to 30 seconds. I’m just gonna swallow it so I can continue talking and do that once or twice a day. Some people like to do with the natural flow of testosterone as well, so guys so taking it in the morning, taking in the afternoon, taking it in the evening. Now you can work with even higher dose than that, so a lot of people experiment I’ve heard of people taking up to eight dropper fulls a day – that can be a bit much, so really you got to find what works for you. Because this stuff is pretty powerful hormonally, we do recommend that you cycle with it to some degree. So that can mean taking a whole bottle, then laying off it for a week or two, or taking it for a couple weeks then stopping for a week, something like that. A lot of different ways you can play with it but you gotta find what works for you. So yeah when you’re taking a bigger dose like that, then definitely that it’s similar to our mega dose with the pine pollen powder as we see the pine pollen powder as more of a food, that’s something you can definitely take longer term and take more of, this here’s a bit more powerful androgenicly, so we definitely recommend that cycling, but that being said there are times when you can take more, see what it does for you. In addition the stuff definitely could fall under our morning would guarantee there, can have the same effect so especially if you take a couple dropper fulls before bed, it’s gonna be great way to test it out and see how this works out for you. The Pine Pollen Tincture is generally only recommended for men and only for 30 and over, that’s because this stuff is pretty potent in that department, but feel free to try it out otherwise, we know actually some women have had great results taking this, but doing it with much smaller dosages like a drop or two. It can really just have that hormonal action with a tiny tiny amount. We do highly recommend you take this, lot of guys need that hormonal support, that testosterone support and this stuff can do it in a 100% percent natural way. So hey if you’re checking out this video, there’s gonna be link around here that’ll take you to our website. On our website we have tons more details about this, you can read about pine pollen, customer reviews, all kinds more information. And I highly recommend you pick up a bottle or two today.

12 thoughts on “How to Take Pine Pollen Tincture

  1. is it ok to tongkhat ali along with it? if so can I take both Safely at least twice or more a day, daily??

  2. Ive been reading that you should take the Pine Pollen Tincture on an empty stomach. Is this something you recommend, if so, how long before you can eat? Thank you for posting great videos!

  3. Is pine pollen a stimulant? Will it make your heart beat faster? …that's what red ginseng (Korean) did to my husband and it made his penis feel numb and not be-able to get hard! How much of the powder of pine pollen should a man take for erectile dysfunction and how long? Thank you!

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