How to Take Pine Pollen Capsules

I want to introduce to you our new pine
pollen capsules. And we’re at Lost Empire Herbs this is our first encapsulated
product with many more to come. But don’t worry just cuz we got capsules the
powder isn’t going anywhere. That tinctures aren’t going anywhere.
This is just something we have in addition. So for most of the people out
there in the supplement world, people are used to capsules right, I mean, that’s
what is out there in the world. The reason we’ve stuck with powders and
tinker’s is because there are reasons you want to take it to taste, the powder,
however, we understand not everyone’s there, not everyone’s ready for that. So
the capsules are available. If you want to just go on that maintenance dose, just
three capsules twice per day, really simple thing you can do. If you want to
do the mega dose protocol, we do recommend sticking with the powder. That would be something like 25 of these capsules. The bottle wouldn’t last very
long and it’s not the most cost-efficient way to do things. But if
you don’t like the taste of the pine pollen, that pie needs slightly bitter
taste that most people come to love after some time, and doing something like this is just way too much work for you, then certainly check out our capsules.
Like I said, we’re gonna have several other of our products our worst tasting
products. Tongkat Ali, Thor’s Hammer, everything’s, not everything, but a lot of
things are going into those capsules soon. So we have this selection of Pine Pollen. Look at more information over at where you can
find out about the difference between the powder, the capsules, the tinctures,
lots more on hormones and everything that pine pollen can do for you. Enjoy!

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