How To Replace Pollen Filter on MG ZS 2002

How To Replace Pollen Filter on MG ZS I peter has spoken this quick video
showing you how to change the your cabin filter or pollen filter or particle
filters sometimes called on doing this on energies and S 2000 and 2002 Subaru
similar for Rover 45 something row before hundreds Honda Civics as well kind of milk to make sure you get the
right code number of your your model vehicle as it seems to be a lot of
variations and variance depending on the Macon year and that sort of thing I
think there’s two different types for this particular model originally got the
wrong one and hopefully this will be the right one ok good thing to do is take your old
when I just find out the the serial number on it and then matches up with
you ok so the images on this one it’s
located behind the glovebox so gotta take the glove box out first day that we
got a couple of screws 15,000 miles or holding cleaned believes
grit does dead flies so it’s not gonna work
additionally filter all that debris is getting into
the cabin cover How To Replace Pollen Filter on MG ZS and this was gonna will handle on it is
to pull it out as you can see how black is compared to
you want different so the one on the right side never going to work as
efficiently as the new one on the left checking your numbers serial numbers on
here there are marked on the top things from his X 987 I think that was the main
number looking for a replacement for writing those uppermost and on here its
direction of airflow as well just make sure that the new one goes in the same
way as you know mister writing promotion flows gonna designed the replacement of the one
other plastic casing on a good handle on this one hasn’t still this still
compatible with all these soon as properly designed to this but the wrong
dimensions and was never gonna fit all you need to do more than previously want
when you get these till to remove the old on getting hoover in there get the
Northland hoover although the muck and distant from inside the housing there
before you put the new one in important and they were surprised how much more
can do together pretty quick about the glove box lid is click that in
the 2006 the hinges back in and that’s basically it so readily available on
eBay you can do good searches on there probably the cheapest place I leave a
link for you in the description should take you straight to section on ebay
pollen filters so enjoy this video is useful for his helpful comments in the
in the boxes below to hear feedback so How To Replace Pollen Filter on MG ZS

8 thoughts on “How To Replace Pollen Filter on MG ZS 2002

  1. Great video Pete, please do those of us with a thirst for MG ZS knowledge a HUGE favour and keep them coming.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Very clear. I'd been putting this off, and I suspect the lack of airflow is why the resistors have now burnt out for speeds 1 and 2 on the cooling fan. I'll tackle it now though

  3. Had a look today at my grandads Rover 45, the contents of the housing and filter was like a birds nest!! I've hovered the old filter out for now, along with the housing. Did find my vacuums nozzle wouldn't reach the back, but put the interior fan on full. An that blasted it out, into the car!! So a bit more vacuuming to do, but rather that. Than leave all the leaves and bits in there! no part numbers that I could find on my filter. But looks exactly like the one you removed, so will order a new one. Anyway great video, really helped me in doing the job. Thanks πŸ™‚

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