How to replace pollen filter / cabin filter on RENAULT CLIO 2 (C65) [TUTORIAL AUTODOC]

Required tools:
All-purpose cleaning spray
Phillips screwdriver
Clip removal tool
Fender cover 1. Remove the clips of the plastic cowl grille.
Use a clip removal tool. 2. Remove the cowl grille seal. 3. Raise up and remove the cowl grille. 4. Clean the cabin filter housing and cover.
Use all-purpose cleaning spray. 5. Unscrew the fasteners of the cabin filter housing cover.
Use a Phillips screwdriver. 6. Remove the cabin filter housing cover AUTODOC recommends:
Do not apply excessive force when removing the part. Otherwise you may damage it. 7. Remove the filter element from the filter housing. AUTODOC recommends:
Do not attempt to clean and reuse the filter – it will affect the quality of air cleaning inside the car. 8. Insert a new filter element into the filter housing. Make sure that the filter edge fits tight to the housing. AUTODOC recommends:
Check out the correct location of the filter element. Do not skew. Follow the air flow direction arrow on the filter. Take care to only use quality filters. 9. Reinstall the cabin filter housing cover. 10. Screw in the fasteners of the cabin filter housing cover.
Use a Phillips screwdriver. 11. Install and secure the cowl grille. 12. Install the fasteners of the wiper plastic cowl grille. 13. Install the cowl grille seal. 14. Switch on the ignition. 15. Switch on the air conditioning system.
This is necessary in order to make sure that the component operates properly.

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