How to replace pollen filter / cabin filter AUDI A3 1 [TUTORIAL AUTODOC]

Required tools:
Flat Screwdriver
Fender cover 1. Remove the upper seal from the firewall. 2. Raise the waterproof insulation. 3. Disconnect the wiring harness from the engine bulkhead and take the wiring out. 4. Remove the cabin filter. 5. Remove the cabin air filter housing. 6. Insert a new filter element into the filter housing. Make sure that the filter edge fits tight to the housing. AUTODOC recommends:
Check out the correct location of the filter element. Do not skew. 7. Clean the cabin filter housing and cover. AUTODOC recommends:
Remove any debris from the cabin filter housing carefully to prevent contamination of the ventilation duct.
Do not attempt to clean and reuse the filter – it will affect the quality of air cleaning inside the car. 8. Install the cabin filter to its mounting seat. AUTODOC recommends:
Take care to only use quality filters. 9. Connect the wiring harness to the bulkhead and fasten it. 10. Lower the waterproof insulation. 11. Install the upper seal on the firewall.

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