how to press flowers in a microwave

Hi there! Lindsay here, the Frugal Crafter, and today I’m
going to show you how you can press flowers
using your microwave without an expensive kiln, this is just using stuff
you have at home, here I’ve done some phlox the purple and pink flowers are phlox,
this is a daisy, unfortunately when I pressed it I had that petal fold over,
but you can see it pressed up nice and flat. There’s the backside. And here’s some
hydrangea, so the only things you need is stuff from around your house. Rright over here I have
a camera person my daughter Lila, thank you so much for
filming today, make sure you make me look thin honey, so we’ve got our flowers here,
these are phlox, daisies, hydrangeas, just some stuff I picked from my sister’s
garden today, you’ll need some paper, this is just some old letterhead, and I’m
actually going to use the unprinted side of it, you’ll need one piece, but
I have a bunch here, and a paper towel, and I have one of the select to size
paper towels and I’m going to be folding it in half, so what you want to do is
grab your paper and I’m actually going to fold this in half so I have the two
clean sides facing and then I’m going to hold it up to my tile here and actually
kind of tear it so it’s the same size of my tile, so I know exactly where I could
put my flowers, or you can cut it if you want to, then we open those up and if you
want to come a little bit closer so you can see exactly what I’m doing, I’m just
going to grab some of these flowers, and I can put the flowers individually on
the press, and I’ll make sure I have the petals spread out, so make sure you
take your time here on this, that one’s kind of a dud so I’m not going to do
that one, I can use a whole branch of them at once,
I could set that down there, I think I’ll do a bunch of these hydrangeas, now you
can experiment with your microwave and the settings that you have, but I found
that a minute and a half works pretty well for this, that’s a pretty big bunch. I haven’t done too much experimenting. I was so excited about this that I just had to
share it, I’m gonna put a few individual ones on here, hope you can see alright.
It’s night time in my kitchen and lighting isn’t the best, so there I have a
bunch of flowers laid out, hopefully you can see that, and I’m going
to fold this in half and I am actually going to sandwich this inside of my
paper towel like so. The paper towel and the paper acts as blotting papers and
it’s going to soak up all the extra moisture. Don’t mind my microwave, it’s
not the most pristine in the world, you may have remembered it from the glass
fusing video. And I’m going to put this tile with the glass side down, so I
have a nice flat surface. I’m going to put this in for about a minute and a
half, but I find it if I’m going to go more than a minute, I want to do it at
half power, so I’m going to put it for a minute 30 and at the power level at 5,
and we’ll be back just a second when that is done spinnin! Alright, as you
can see the timer’s counting down, almost time to reveal our flowers. We may need
to do a couple more seconds here, so what I’m going to do is take a little peek,
and if this is hot, I think I can grab it, but have potholders handy in case it’s
really hot. Don’t burn your hands, don’t want to burn your hands off here in
any of our crafting projects. I’m just gonna peek before I move it, see I think
I could do another 30 seconds there, it’s kind of sticking to my paper, so makes me
think that it’s not quite ready yet, so when I do that last 30 seconds I don’t
have to go half power I can go full strength, and just let it dry out a
little bit more, and we’re gonna check it in 20 more seconds, but I will pause it
so you don’t have to watch my microwave spin for 20 seconds and listen to me gab
for 20 seconds it’s really only 14 seconds now so I guess I could gab for 14
more seconds, so yeah, I’ll take you to have another look at these lovely
flowers here that I pressed mere moments ago, and our buzzers just about to go off
and we’ll get to see the exciting reveal. Right over here, Lila. Oh so nice
to have a camera person, I have to say. She’s trying to tell whisper to
me as I’m doing this, it’s very distracting, alright. So there’s my tile, very hot. Don’t burn your hands off, don’t do it. Wear a potholder, and I’m gonna bring out this and you can zoom right in here. We’re gonna
open it up and hopefully I didn’t burn or scorch anything, there we go. We have
our pressed flowers, so this one came out really well.
that’s another hydrangea. We’ve got people going, it’s Grand Central Station in
here. And I have no idea if these are
coming out and focus or not, but this one could go in a little bit longer, because
it’s not as crispy as I’d like it. This one came out pretty well. I’m going to
put it over on the counter with the others so we can see that we have a
lovely arrangement of beautiful pressed flowers that I can use in my cards, my
scrapbooks, my resin projects, whatever I want to, and if I mess a few up well
whoop-dee-do it took me like 30 seconds to do this. Well actually two minutes but
who’s counting, but you know they come out really well. My sister says she’s
pressed pansies before the old-fashioned way in the book and they turned out
really well, but these in the microwave are great too, and only takes a few
seconds, so do give it a try. Doesn’t cost you hardly anything and it’s fun, so
I want to thank you so much for watching. Until next time, happy crafting,

100 thoughts on “how to press flowers in a microwave

  1. I'm doing a huge project at school, and all I needed was the pressed flowers! Thank you so so much for this video! (It's also due Monday, so I'm in a huge rush >.<)

  2. one thing I do is pick fresh flowers, place them face down on my PC scanner, and scan them in, and you have excelent pictures of your very own flowers

  3. Thanks for the video. I like to know if the fresh leaves that are pressed can be laminated immediately!

  4. Got this link from a couple of other YouTube artists in the My life 2017 group. Thank you for this useful easy technique

  5. I placed my fresh flowers between 2sheets of folded in half 8 1/2 x 11" printer paper, and paper towel..then placed the flowers in the microwave first before setting 3 microwave safe dinner plates on top of the flowers for weight..I then set my 1200 watt microwave for 1 min and 20 sec.and it was perfect..if not sufficiently dry when you take out of microwave try a lower power level as she stated for about 30 seconds or less..checking each time

  6. Just found this video,so excited to try, i m trying to hang on to summer by collecting flowers on my walks…who knew you can press them in the microwave. .Thank you from the U.K. xx

  7. Very nice. My wife do pressed flowers but in usual way with newspaper and press. It takes about 2 weeks to dry flowers. And this method is much faster. You can see her items in her shop

  8. This is really helpful. I love pressing flowers but I am very impatient, so waiting weeks for them in between books is not ideal

  9. Lol this lady is absolutely adorable thanks for showing this I'm pressing flowers for my wedding invitations and this method makes it look so clean and beautiful 😊

  10. "Make me look thin" lol LOVED IT! Made me chuckle 😂 honey you're def perfect just the way you are and, this video saved me tons of money purchasing pressed flowers for nail encapsulation. Thank you!! All these beautiful tiny wildflowers that grows wild in my lawn is bout to find a home inside someones nails!

  11. Lindsay you have saved me so much money!! I have flowers everywhere but found that drying and pressing flowers to be so much time and energy! I did it this afternoon and it worked great! You are inspiration!

  12. Love it! I was so frustrated because my sun flower was not getting flat even leaving it under heavy stuff… now seeing it I’m totally trying this out!! 🤗 thanks!!!

  13. I love your bubbly personality. …and you are beauuful ….make me look thin LOL so relatable. love your video will definitely try.

  14. Thanks!! This was super helpful. I had a dried orchid flower in just 2 minutes! My white daisy ended up a bit brown though…white flowers are always a headache to dry no matter which way you do it I guess. But I'm so happy my orchid and my chrysanthemum flowers came out fantastic! I just got done gluing them into my scrapbook. Now we wait for the mod podge to dry.

  15. Hi, thank you for taking the time to post a video, could you explain what power level 5 is please, I have a 900w microwave and as far as I know I cant decrease the power…. was a little confused about timings and levels
    thank you

  16. Thank you for wonderful demonstration! Can’t wait to try pressing flowers in microvave for my art projects!

  17. You have a lovely attitude! “Make me look thin, honey!” Made me laugh and smile, because it reminds me a lot of my own mom whenever I take pictures or videos of her 💕

  18. Looking lovely! I have many traditionally pressed flowers and Would love a tutorial on flowers in resin and what kind you use. So many options online. Not sure where to start

  19. This is amazing thank you for posting. I just have a quick question, I can get the little flowers to turn out great but the big ones always seem to stick to the paper. Do I just keep putting it in for 30 seconds till crispy? Thanks again

  20. I tried bluebells for 1m30sec & they turned out limp + floppy not at all "crisp" or ridged as yours appear 😔
    I wonder if it was either timing needing longer or fact I used a plate as didn't have a tile, be good to know your thoughts. Bright Blessings xXx

  21. You are so adorably enthusiastic about this! 😊
    I love it! It seems so straight forward. I’ll definitely give it a try in the future.

  22. I just went out to my garden, picked a few of my roses, put them in the micro and Instant Pressed Roses or my journal, wow. Took about 2 mins total for each one. So I made a window tag, and it turned out great. I didn't have a tile, but I did have a piece of pressed wood I use for hammering things when I am working on my journals and adding eyelets and things. It's about 1/2" x 8×11 and it worked great. Thanks, Lindsay! Instant gratification. You daughter did a great job filming, and you look very trim and pretty! You still do, too =)

  23. Hi my flowers turned brown. When i looked 2 wks later. Some were ok but lost a lot of colour. What have i done wrong ?

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