How to Plant Tulips

Hi, my name is Hans Langeveld for Longfield
Gardens and I’m going to show you today how to plant tulips. I’m going to explain how
to plant tulips, I’m going to tell you what you’re going to need to plant tulips, where to plant them, I’m going to talk a little bit about the bulbs themselves, and I’m going to talk
about when to plant them, and aftercare. What do I need to plant tulips? Your going to need
a shovel, bulbs, and some nicely loosened soil with some organic matter if possible.
How do I plant tulips? You can plant tulips with the pointed ends up, it’s a myth that
it has to be planted with the pointed end up, even if planted sideways or upside down
the sprout will still find it’s way up to the light, so it’ll be just fine. Then, the
planting distance is about 5 inches apart, that is center to center of the bulb and with
that space you can get about 2 bulbs in between the bulbs. Planting depth is about 6 inches,
and it will be about a rule of thumb of two to three times the height of the bulb. When you
plant you want to plant in clumps of 10 or 15 bulbs, and you don’t want to plan them
in rows or you don’t want to plant them too far apart because that’s not gong to give
you the show that you want in your garden. Where do I plant? You can plant in the full
sun, in the full shade, this is an open border that is ideal for tulips. You can plant in a cutting
bed, in small borders, or containers. Tulips are very versatile, you can plant them anywhere.
These are nice and healthy tulip bulbs. This is the tip of the bulb, and that is what you
want to plant facing upwards because that is where the sprout is coming out of. These
bulbs are nice and healthy although there is a couple of cracks in the skin, it doesn’t
really matter, they’re perfectly nice and going to produce nice strong stems with strong flowers.
This bulb doesn’t have a skin and it’s still healthy so it’s not going to effect the size
of the plant or the size of the flower, it just aesthetically doesn’t look as nice as
the ones with the skin. What you don’t want to plant is a tulip that is soft and mushy
or that has a lot of mold. This one doesn’t look all that good, it has a big bruise with
some surface mold so you don’t want to plant those. When do you plant tulips? In the fall,
in October, November, preferably before the ground freezes you want to make sure that
the tulip actually establishes itself and makes roots because it then has a better preparation
to get through the winter, and get a nice head start when it starts sprouting in the
spring. Any aftercare after planting the tulips, you can water your tulips after you’ve planted
them, but that’s only if you have very dry soil, in most areas and climate zones you
have enough natural rainfall for the tulips to get settled and form roots without any

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