How to Plant Canna Bulbs

My name is Hans Langeveld from Longfield Gardens
and I’m going to show you here how to plant cannas. The nice thing about cannas is they
provide backdrop color because they’re nice and tall plants. we’re going to plant these
right here in this corner, and as they grow tall and flower all summer they’ll produce
nice foliage as well as flowers. The nice thing about these cannas is they’ll create
a nice tall upright plant which is going to very nice for this walkway to the patio. Now
these cannas, they grow eyes, and the eyes produce the sprouts where you get the flowers
from. With these cannas you want to be looking for nice sturdy rhizomes that have as many
eyes as possible, in this case I count one, two, three, four eyes. So they will produce
four sprouts on this plant. This is nice and heavy one so it’ll give you a nice start and
a nice plant. The next step in planting is determining how to plant it and actually a
lot of people ask me how you plant a canna. When you plant cannas, you want to make sure
that you first locate the eyes on the canna bulb, on the canna rhizome, in this case it’s
relatively easy because the eyes are all facing pretty much the same direction. I’m going
to plant it like this, upright. In case you cannot locate the eyes very easily then the
next best thing is to plant it flat, sideways and the eyes will actually then find their
way to the surface. So, when we’re going to plant these cannas make sure the holes about
three to four inches deep. I’m going to plant this canna about two inches under the soil
line, so they’re about two inches deep, and then cover it up again. Ans remember that
cannas is a sun lover, so you’ll want to make sure they get enough sunlight, enough hours
of sun during the day to grow and produce the flowers. And you’ll want to plant these
cannas about eight to twelve inches apart, so they have some room to develop. The question
is when do you plant cannas, the best is to wait until the frost in the Spring is gone,
and plant it a week or so after that because in the end cannas are somewhat tropical pants
and they like the warmer soils. My name is Hans Langeveld form Longfield Gardens, and
I just showed you how to plant and grow canna.

15 thoughts on “How to Plant Canna Bulbs

  1. Hi Hans..thank you for the info about how to plant canna bulbs..great info! This year I planted 4 canna plants in my front yard and they are growing and looking simply beautiful. This plant is so gorgeous! Next year, if God's willing, I will plant some canna bulbs along the front yard against our fence. When they grow, I'm sure it will enhance the front along the wooden fence. Happy Gardening!..:-)

  2. Can I plant Cana Lilly's in clay soil that's been mixed with plenty of old compost from last years tubs , it's been cleaned of roots ect , and dug in to the clay , it's not perfect , but if mixed sand and plenty of gravel as well , I would intend to put a little grit , compost feed in the hole that implant the Cana in , I have a very sunny place for them , do you think they would be ? I hate to grow plants that struggle in clay , it makes me very sad, I like to see plants happy and thriving , that's what gardening so about, I'm very new to gardening , I spent the last summer sorting the soil and grass out , as the soil was water logged !! But this year it seems a lot better now we have worked hard to condition the soil and add plenty of drainage !!! So I think it's ready to plant in now !! If selected clay loving plants only , but not sure about the Cana Lilly , also is it best to buy the bare root bulbs , or is it easy to start from seeds?

  3. thanks. My first year growing them from bulbs and some from seeds. I love this plant. Easy to understand video.

  4. I can't use this video because I never received bulbs with the Sprouts growing out like that. I have no idea what the I is I have Tina's with a bunch of different nodules and little nipple looking things. I can never grow cane as they always die they never sprout. I wish there was more instruction on what to look for on the nodules because they come in all four different directions on the ones I received. I received from cave and Morganton, Michigan Bulb, and Horn Canna Farm none of them look as healthy as the one he's holding with that big of nodules or any Sprouts growing out. I need a more average-looking Cana.

  5. I wish when he planted the Cannas his hand wasn’t blocking how he planted the Cannas. That was maddening. But other than that, good info.

  6. Thanks for the video. I just got cannas bulbs and first time in my life will plant them. Let see what I get.

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