How to Paint Tulip Leaves / Como Pintar Hojas De Tulipanes

and we are finishing all the little leaves and I only need one I was alternating each of the tones to make a light leaf a darker leaf Then we finish making our last little leaf I will make it clear Y Do not miss the first video where we paint these sheets the link I leave it in the part above Here I had done this first right now but I’m missing a little at the bottom then I come back notice the rest is that it is olive and I am completing the little leaf In the darkest leaves I put olive green base and shade with swamp green the light went with line and in the clearest leaves my base is pistachio green olive shade to intensify you green swamp and light with white two two We have ready the tulip leaves I was alternating the two colors we did in the first video and in the next video we are going to paint the tulips in red so see you very soon in the next video ok bye to

11 thoughts on “How to Paint Tulip Leaves / Como Pintar Hojas De Tulipanes

  1. Gracias miss por sus enseñanzas les deseo que todo ese amor que nos transmite en se le multiplique mil veces

  2. maestra creo q ya es tarde pero quiero pedirle d favor q si puede pintar unas piñatas ya no pude pintar mi mantel y yo lo quiero con piñatas muy mexicano no importa q sea para el siguiente año pero lo quiero pintar con tiempo

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