How to Paint cherry blossom tree and love birds

THINGS U NEED- PAINT BUSH,ACRYLIC COLOR (blue,white,black),canvas spread water on the canvas start adding dark blue on edges and corners then move ur brush in circles towards center in the center apply white color and give round strokes of brush towards edges..repeat the motion till u get a smooth background take sponge and try to make an even smooth texture with slow taps make sure that centr looks lighter than outr edges give some final touches and let it dry use pencil to draw the birds and branch finali color them with black paint add wite flowers in the end……… and TA DAAAA……. its done…easy beasy PLZZZ.. SUBSCRUBE TO MY CHANNEL…LINK IS HERE……

99 thoughts on “How to Paint cherry blossom tree and love birds

  1. thanks kiara for asking…..and no i didn't apply any medium on my canvas… but still it came out nice .. im not a professional ,its my hobby ..i'm trying my best… thanks and keep watching

  2. Really wanted to see how you created this work as its great but so fast if gave me a headache and I stopped watching halfway through as I was really learning nothing. Sorry.

  3. wow!! cool i like it!!
    btw, did you use water on it, for the background from dark blue to white? and what colors type you use on it? thanks so much :))

  4. Love the video. If your looking for step by step how to do the love bird silhouette portion I created a video for that.

  5. I was surprising with this beautiful painting it's really
    so beautiful like an senery I like it

  6. Thanks a lot! I were really happy, when I found your channel, because I thought that there wasn't any artistic videos in Youtube. So yes-thank you a lot! You are brilliant painter! Good luck!

  7. How do you get the black to show so well the first time around? I always have to go back over it a couple times to get it dark enough.

  8. sir/ madam please fast drawing matt kro is tarh samj ni lgti kya kr rhe o aap…kya bnaa rhe ho aap

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